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Sunday Thoughts


It’s the start of the workweek. And yes I’m thankful I have a job where I can work from home. One income out of two is far better than none. Plus mine is the one with the medical insurance. Long term I’m worried about that gap of a few years between now and when we are eligible for Medicare. I hope I can stay employed for that timeframe.

This was my favorite plant to work. The old College Park facility. Photo by Mike Hartley

I might be wrong but I think my company will come out of this fine. I think it’s going to be a tough go for everyone and business will certainly change from this but I’m hoping to stay employed.

I feel for those entering the workforce in the next year or two. But with change comes some new opportunities that we haven’t even stumbled upon so far.

The Handshake/Handsqueeze

What to do. I’m sitting here this morning thinking about one of the favorite things my daughter and I have together. From a young age when we would hold hands, we would give each other gentle squeezes from time to time and look at each other with a smile. It was our secret for a long time. We never said anything about it, for it was just our special thing.

As she grew she would great me or say goodbye and grab my hand and squeeze it once or twice and kiss me goodbye.

Even now that she is married and has a daughter our hand squeezing continued when we see each other. We sometimes sign our notes and messages with “Hand Squeeze” at the end. But here we are in a new day and new rules and new realities.

It would probably be simple if everyone washed their hands frequently. Like after coughing or sneezing or before touching food or after using the bathroom but we all know people that don’t do this. The number of common surfaces we all touch is incredible. Doorknobs, elevator buttons, gas pumps, atm machines and on and on. We should really be washing our hands half the day.

As a society losing a handshake or hand squeeze is a tragic thought. I don’t know about you but I’m a handshake man. It’s an unconscious reaction if I see someone I know and like. It’s the standard when I meet someone new. Its a professional business greeting.

I hope we can return to the day of a handshake. I know I’ll be leading the charge is they say its safe. But rest assured, I’ll be washing my hands a lot more in the future.

No we are not going outside. Just talk to the hand. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • My daily appreciation and respect for those medical and front line responders to this crisis. Their bravery and dedication to cause are above and beyond.
  • My wishes for everyone to be healthy.
  • I felt guilty not doing a post yesterday. I fell asleep early.
  • My wishes for peace of mind to those who aren’t able to say goodbye to loved ones.

Random Link of the Day

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