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Soggy Sunday

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Nothing like a rainy day to step on one’s spirits. But instead of letting it get me down, I’m trying to get some things done. At the same time, I’ve been fighting a headache all day and I’m having trouble overcoming that.

Having a bad hair day in that weather. Photo by Mike Hartley

Don’t let it separate you!

Before this virus changed our world I had the joy of being able to see and watch my granddaughter 2-3 times a week. Talk about the good old days, those were memories that I’ve missed the most besides seeing my own children. My daughter said when she sees me in pictures that she puts her hand to her mouth and makes the funny noises we used to share.

After taking hundreds if not thousands of pictures of my grandchild’s first year of life I haven’t been able to see or shoot any in the month and a half of her second year. And that hurts me.

Well, I’ve decided in place of our personal contact each week that I’d try to make 2-3 videos a week to share with her and keep her grandfather in her mind as the funny strange old man she had started her first year with.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • OK, tomorrow I return to a seat that allows for proper posture while sitting at my work computer.
  • A new name for the guy at 1600 Pa Ave. Quacksalver in Chief.
  • I’m starting to find my rhythm again.
  • As I should be saying every day, thank you to our health care workers and those out taking care of all our needs each day.

Random Links of the Day

Kind of fitting for the state we are in. Times Like These

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