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Bang Bang

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Nope, not an article about guns or violence or mass shootings. You know the Doors song Roadhouse and the popular line “Well I woke up this morning and got myself a beer”, well I woke up this morning/afternoon and got myself Bang Bang Shrimp. The breakfast of champions.

Don’t know why just seemed like the thing to start the day off and begin the weekend with. Looked in the mirror and saw Grizzly Adams looking back at me so it was time to reshape the beard and trim the mustache which is probably capable of doing one of those handlebar impressions if I combed it to each side and applied a little wax they use. But no, I’m tired of it covering my upper lip so chop-chop.

And every Thursday, I start the day with music. An old soft favorite started the day off from the group War and the song All Day Music. Listening to some of your favorite music or exploring new tunes is a wonderful way to get your attitude going in the right direction. If you need calming it’s there, if you need inspiration it’s there. If you need something to get out of the chair it’s there. Just listen and let your body go.

Light and leaves. Photo by Mike Hartley

Almost overnight we have leaves on trees and that feels GREAT. One it gives me back a level of privacy I like on my property. I like the shade it provides on those really hot summer days when I’m working outside. I like the noise-damping effects they have. Still doesn’t drown out the bikers visiting the Woodstock Inn but I love the sound of Harley’s so that never bothered me.

Which got me thinking about this summer. I haven’t been more pumped for a summer in years. Our family expands this summer and the family name will be carried to another generation. I hope to take more trips to the shore than ever before in one year. I want to shoot hoops again in my driveway. I want to drive the wheels off the Miata with the top down. I want to soak up the beauty of nature and smell the fresh air.

Of course providing, nukes don’t start raining down in the coming months it is going to be a special one.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • When you think you don’t have the time you really do. It’s that next minute. Go ahead and use it and enjoy it. Then start stacking one on top of another.
  • I just had some of the best greens in my life prepared by one of my best friends. When he told me how he prepared them I was more impressed.
  • Sometimes it’s good to step away for a bit.
  • I have about three days of work to cram into one this weekend so I should get some rest now.
  • I’m trying to resist a big slice of apple pie I was sent home with. But the ice cream heard it was in the house and now is providing a chorus of chants enticing me to the kitchen.

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