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It comes back

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I was reading a post from GS – Be Inspired called Innocense and it triggered a few thoughts. In reading the first paragraph below

I love how that when you were a kid you used to believe in the most silliest of things such as Santa and birthday wishes. These were like our rays of hope. I still make birthday wishes to this day. I wish someone told that when I was going to grow up, my happiness would fade away into darkness until I would become a shell of what I once was. Now all my fun is replaced with stress, anxiety and responsibilities.

I related to that at first remembering the tough times from my teens to my early 30s. But then the miracle of my own children made those early beliefs come back to life. And then they began to fade again, but then the blessing of grandchildren came about and Santa and Birthday wishes are alive again in the minds of children which always inspires me to try to capture that innocence/happiness again myself. So I wish that someday you and everyone can recapture those wonderful feelings and spirits.

At the beginning of the week when I was feeling very weak I thought I would cancel going to Ocean City this week for the Cruising OC Weekend of classic muscle cars.

Manual transmissions, you got to love them. Photo by Mike Hartley

Who knows, maybe I’ll throw the towel and travel bag along with the cameras in the car in the next day or two or three, and put the top down and point the Miata east till I run into a very large body of water called the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ve always wanted to attend that weekend and see everyone’s rides. I dream about having my own muscle car there but those days are fading quickly. Plus I’m very happy with my little Sportster. I wonder if the price of gas will deter the attendance? Only one way to find out.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The easiest things rarely bring the most enjoyment or fun.
  • I think I’ll start off tomorrow with a little marching music. Maybe “Join Together” from The Who.
  • I saw a post from a sister of an old friend who passed 7 years ago. Doesn’t seem that long. So I reached out to a mutual friend that I have fallen a bit out of contact with to hook up again and maybe sing a few Who tunes together. One of the pictures she used was the 4 of us at the Who concert in Hershey PA many Moons ago.
  • Ah, the days of mooning. What madness. Like I’ve said before, I’m glad there weren’t many recording devices back then.

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