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Waiting for the grass to dry

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I would have got mowing but the morning dew had yet to release from the grass this day. I was going to wait till the sun got a little higher to burn it off. But, I said the hell with mowing and washed and detailed 2 cars before my family came for the day. Cutting grass is a chore I rarely regret pushing off to the next day.

Morning dew. Photo by Mike Hartley

That morning wetness didn’t deter the commercial service guys who have fired up their big mowers this morning at 8 am at a neighbor’s home across the street. I’d estimate more people have a yard service than don’t. So I’m in the minority.

I thought cutting the grass when it was wet was a bad thing. If nothing else it gums up your mower deck. While I appreciate the business these guys have to run, 8 am on a Saturday morning is a tough time for it. But it’s the law so we deal with it.

Most of the guys with those big mowers won’t touch my place because of the hill in the back. I’ll find someone because while it’s fairly easy in these nice 70 and 80-degree temps those 90s and 100s won’t be welcome at all. No problem sitting on a rider in that heat but a push mower on a steep hill is another matter. No problem, I can’t afford the prices these guys charge.

There is no better way to spend time than with people you love deeply and I was blessed to spend it with my family. We went down the street to Facci in Turf Valley and had a wonderful meal. The full-length windows were open and it was a beautiful day with a slight breeze that would sometimes move the flavors of people’s meals and the kitchen around.

Then back home to play with the 3-year-old granddaughter and the 2 -4 legged babies. Before I knew it desert was finished and people were hugging me goodbye and the day has turned to night. And here I sit writing out the few day’s events because I’m trying to think about what else to write about. But the day is about over so that thought will wait for tomorrow.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The more you take pride in whatever you do the better it will be and the better you will be.
  • Thank goodness for cough drops.
  • I was unaware that yesterday was Gun Violence Awareness Day. Not that I was unaware of gun violence. Kind of hard not to be aware daily, unless you LIVE UNDER A ROCK.
  • It’s tough to have a bad start to the day if you see the sunrise.
  • I always have a good feeling after I finish washing our cars.

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