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Putting yourself in other shoes

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The last couple of days has been a reminder of a difficult time in my life. An old neighbor/schoolmate is facing the passing of her Mother. Just like ours, a stroke and seizure, a couple of days in the same hospital where they say nothing more can be done. A transfer to the same hospice care, where you say your final words and thoughts, holding their hand endlessly alternating between crying and laughing at some memories.

I think about this and so many other conditions that everyone is facing every day and I wonder where the compassion is. We are so rude and uncaring out in public now. There are so many people walking around who are very sick. Or may have a sick family member or child. So many suffer from a recent loss or being a caregiver.

Some wonder where their next meal is coming from or can they make the next rent payment. Many work multiple jobs or just a lot of overtime at one. And every time you think you have a difficult job think about a fireman walking in the house door not knowing what burning building they will be running into and if he or his partner will survive. Or an officer walking up on a traffic stop not knowing if he has a librarian or a convict with a gun. Or someone defending our country around the world or at home.

And do we give each other a break? No, not most of the time. We just assume everything is good with everyone. That is unless you’re walking through a hospital or hospice corridor or funeral home. But pull out of one of those parking lots too slowly and that horn behind you will remind you it’s a no forgiveness zone/world out there.

Where did the daily common courtesy go? Where did the first reaction to someone who looked like they were struggling change from instantly checking on them to diverting your eyes and walking quickly past? When did we stop talking with and knowing all our neighbors? Why did we allow ourselves to get so busy that time with family and friends is compromised?

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this other than I feel really bad for an old friend and her family. I know that when she passes that she will walk out of the hospice center hours later. She will see others going to and coming from work. Maybe on the way to school or the store. But everything looks slowed down and none of it matters. You’re in this tunnel of sorrow and all aspects of life seem to fade away except for memories, arrangements, and responding to people.

I guess I’m asking that we just be a little more patient with people and realize everyone has problems and issues they are going through. And if we all could be a little more supportive along the way I think the world would be a better place. And I’ll try to start with myself by being more helpful and patient.

Climbing off my soapbox now.

Give me the RAYS. Photo by Mike Hartley

I really wanted to make it to the beach this week but the weather on Wednesday and Thursday isn’t worth the trip. I’m busy Friday so while the weather improves my time isn’t there. Maybe next week. I promised myself I wasn’t going to miss another year doing a trip to the beach myself. If all works out well I’ll be taking a couple.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I wonder if I should rename these random thoughts of the moment? I used to collect some during the day but as of late I just pull some from some thoughts over a 10-20 minute period.
  • I don’t believe Matthew McConaughey was acting in that speech today on gun violence at the White House.
  • Every day I get a good night’s rest I feel like I’ve wasted part of the day.
  • I wonder if I can sneak in some grilling between the rain tomorrow?

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