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Down but not out

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Like this guy, I was down but not out. Some medical tests took a nasty toll on me today. Much more so than the past ones. I was so sick today that I didn’t even think about what the results are going to be. I’ll start wondering about that tomorrow.

This youngster has a favorite place to sleep in my backyard. Photo by Mike Hartley

Tomorrow I’ll be getting an early start and hopefully feel a lot sprier than I do now.

Well, the end to my favorite season (summer) came this evening and depression is already starting to creep in. I noticed it a few weeks ago with it getting dark earlier and earlier. It’s not like I don’t like fall and spring, it’s just a little cool for me at times.

I’ll wait patiently for that week or two that we get a late summer blast in October and store away the memories of the season past for coal to get me through winter.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I had an excellent tech at Advanced Radiology today.
  • There is no doubt I’m going to be hungry tomorrow morning.
  • I should have gone to bed instead of this late-night blast but I’m glad to keep a streak going.
  • I missed seeing my best friends this evening and that hurts.
  • I go to bed knowing in 7 hours I’ll have a 3-year-old saying good morning Papa, get up and play with me. And that alarm clock is my favorite sound.

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