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A Good Start

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I decided to listen to an old tune I liked called “Lucky Man” by ELP. I’m feeling like a lucky man today. And then I turned on the live version of “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors and Jim ask the crowd “how you doing?” Then he says “looking good” followed by “everything is F’ed up as usual” and then busts into the song with a primal scream.

Kind of symbolizes my start to the day. I always feel like a lucky man when I wake especially when it’s a nice day outside and those important to me have our health. Then the reality of life hits you in the face and you greet your fellow man with a hello and compliment to begin the day with a “let it, roll baby roll.”

My home away from home. Photo by Mike Hartley

And then you blink and the day is behind you. Well, I have to change that up tomorrow. I think I’ll start my weekend early and treat it like a day off.

Best wishes

I’m sending best wishes out to our southern neighbors in Florida. and Georgia. We went to Tampa/St Pete once a long long time ago when my sister-in-law was working there. We have also visited Sanibel Island near Ft Myres and its beautiful white sand and shell-filled beaches if I remember right. May this storm pass by quickly or be of low strength and not punish the area.

I’m overdue for a Red Cross donation anyway.

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