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A little rain must fall

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I guess we have been a little dry in parts of the mid-Atlantic region. I was surprised at how low the water level was when I wandered Ellicott City midweek. So the soaking rains we are getting now are probably needed and not going to stress our area’s waterways.

The Patapsco was a bit low mid-week. I should go down later today or tomorrow and check it again. Photo by Mike Hartley
Shallow waters. Photo by Mike Hartley

Unfortunately, that is not the case in many areas of the country. So if you are able to, please help those in need at this time. It’s what we do. Red Cross Remember for every huge boat you see or coastal mansion washed away there are hundreds and thousands of people who don’t have those resources or insurance and have lost everything.

I’m feeling inspired today. And it’s a perfect day for it. No plans, it’s raining so yardwork is on hold. There are a few things inside that need attention and I’ll get to them but I’ll have some hours to tinker and play at my hobbies.

OK – props out to the colors of Maryland and paint job below. Next, the detailing job on this is fantastic and on such a huge beast it must have taken a day. Here is a link to their site – The Auto Barn if you need a heavy lift. And how he got down either St Paul Street or College Ave. is something I would have liked to see.

Interesting that this truck is pulling off Maryland Avenue onto Main Street just as I was walking by. Timing is everything. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I can feel it. The sense that college basketball will soon be returning. Go Terps
  • Suggestion to gamblers this weekend. Instead of placing bets make a donation to a total stranger who could really use your help.
  • I think before I start anything new I should clean up all the previous things and messes I’ve made.
  • I had to pause a minute this morning when I realized it was October 1st. Not because it was that date but the realization that September went by in a blink of an eye.

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