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A fan and Not a fan

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I’m a fan of classic cars. And someone is restoring the beauty in this one. But I’m not sure what the hell it is. The rear has a bit of styling from the 40s. Almost a Lasale or Special Deluxe style, but the front is nothing like those. It has a Chevy emblem on the front bumper but someone is going to have to help me with this one.

Photos by Mike Hartley

It seems to have the FleetMaster-style rear taillights from the late 40s. It also has some styling from a car called the Kaiser Darrin. I should have spent some time looking closely for clues as to its origin but we were celebrating some time together and had our own convertible to put the top down in and ride.

I’ve never joined Twitter and I don’t intend to because I’ve never been a fan of mosh pits. I’m sure it has its good points as almost all social media does. It’s when people twist it in the wrong ways that it becomes a detriment to some or a lot of people.

I’m also no fan of Elon Musk who appears to me to be a pompous ass. That is very unfair because I’ve never met the man but after reading the Forbes article in Feb of this year about his past donations I do consider him a greedy man. And boy do I dislike greed.

So to me, the best way not to help his new business is to continue to ignore it. So if you’re a news organization I don’t give an F about what anyone Tweets. I just don’t care. Especially the ones intended to just build useless drama or hate or division. Those take away focus on real problems and solutions.

Regarding this Student Loan forgiveness program, I’m not a fan. I’m all for giving people who have had circumstances beyond their control like floods, fires, hurricanes, and tornados destroy their family homes. Or things like serious medical issues or loss of life from cancer or pandemic of parents or other family members where life circumstances change for the whole family. There are a lot of individual circumstances I’d be accommodating in.

But to give this freebie to people who can afford to pay it back is BULLS**T. Total bull and I’m pissed off about it. Where is my free ride? Do I get 10s of thousands of dollars in tax relief? Better yet just send me the CHECK and I’ll cash it and decide what to do with the money my family spent on education. My kids took loans and paid them back in full and early. I took loans for their education and paid them back.

I’m not rich so of a bitch and I scrimped and saved and worked my ASS OFF so my kids could have an education. Would I love to have that money so I could have a secure retirement and maybe quit at a reasonable age? You bet your ass I do. So kiss my backside on this one, Joe. We have more pressing needs for that money than bailing out some irresponsible people. Not all of them but a big majority I’m guessing.

And while this rant might seem like some angry Republican it’s not. I’m a liberal Democrat. So get your act together on this.

I’m not a fan of all the wires running through Ellicott City. Photos would be so much better without all those polls and wires if they were buried.

Tunnel vision. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • There are only so many minutes of fun each day. Don’t let them slip by without using them.
  • I’m a big fan of leftovers.
  • The only bad day is the one where you don’t wake up. The rest just have a few difficulties to deal with.
  • Did I mention I hate cold? So waking up to no heat in the house again is pissing me off. My furnace company is on the thin ice with me so if I lose it again they are OUT OF HERE.

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