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I don’t understand

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I don’t understand a lot in this world. I’m probably not alone in that either. Let’s take a simple one. If you polled all the people in the world that want war, I doubt you would get many takers. But for some reason, we have constant wars going on. If we took all the money everyone spends on war we could probably solve most of the issues of the world.

A man and his best friend. Photo by Mike Hartley

I don’t understand TV Reality shows

I have too much fun living in reality than spending time watching reality tv. Plus those shows are not really any true reality. They’re made to make money and drama which creates more money. Some of my family was into contest reality shows for a while like Survivor or the Big Brother shows. That has faded. I was about to say I’ve never seen any reality show. But then I realized I’ve spent a few minutes on those cops shows, but I’ve stopped that also. There are so many of these shows out there. How could you avoid not hearing about Kardashians or housewives of some city or bachelor or bachelorette shows?

Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who enjoy that entertainment, it is entertainment, I just don’t understand the popularity and hysteria about it. As I try to remember each day, to each their own.

I don’t include things like American Idol or those types of shows as reality. Those are talent contests.

I don’t understand management

So many management decisions have boggled my mind over the years. I’ve been in management and I’ve been the worker bee. After all these years I’ve figured out a great analogy. Think of professional sports. Management wants a team, they want spirit, they want your total dedication, and sacrifice, they want to win, and they want your best. You give your best for a decade or two. Then they will throw you out like that scratched helmet when you are not in their plans or direction or because you’re not the same or we didn’t win you have to go. The irony is if the team is still winning you might hold on. But if things go slightly off through no fault of your own, you could be out.

Oh, not all businesses are like this but the ones that aren’t are the exception instead of the rule.

And in a lot of ways, a general statement is kind of unfair. What I believe is that each individual manager I’ve had made it a good or bad experience. There have been some very difficult times and trying times but some managers can still keep the focus, inspiration, and fun despite the chaos around them. Others are chaos themselves and make for a very difficult ride even when the company may be doing well. The quality of the managers a company employs determines its success or failure many times.

I don’t understand drivers in this area

I’m started to come to the conclusion that the number of selfish F**K’s in this area may be starting to eclipse the sharing people. Is just staying alert and not texting or talking on the phone or doing hair or nails or reading or eating or fighting with someone else in the car too much to ask? Or if you want to air out your nice car do it someplace else than the beltway moving in and out of cars at very high speeds near rush hour.

And to those extraordinary pricks who pass on the shoulder or exit and entrance lanes and do exit diving routines on a regular basis or tailgate all the time. If there is justice in this world Karma will pay you a visit. And if you hit the wrong person I’m sure that may happen. Because many people are getting tired of it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes the lives of their loved ones seriously. So think twice before you hit the ignition next time.

I don’t understand why the weather forecast takes up so much time on the local news

Only in the time of pending storms should it take the time that it does. Otherwise, it should be a very small part of the broadcast. Now you ask why is it. Well, I’m guessing it fills time they can’t because they don’t have many of their own reporters. That is why most are partnered from time to time with other local news organizations. That is also why they run the same stories every 30 minutes because they don’t have the content to fill the air time is my guess.

Everyone has access to the weather on their phones or multiple 24-hour weather channels. I tend to do my old tried and true, step outside, and look up for precipitation possibilities. If cold put something more on, If hot take something off.

I don’t understand people in Waverly Woods

I don’t understand people who choose to walk in the street when there are pristine wide sidewalks available. Could be the same people who pull out in traffic from there without looking onto Rt 99.

I could go on and on because the list of things I don’t understand is long. But I seek to understand things. Because when you understand sometimes it enlightens you. But also be prepared to shake your head and move on at times.

Cold weather shot of the Morning Frost.

A very chilly morning. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s never too late to be what you always wanted to be unless you give up.
  • Nationwide isn’t on my side. They are behind me. Almost time to change positions.
  • Can’t wait to watch the Terps men’s basketball against a strong opponent today.
  • I wonder if I’ll have sticker shock when Xmas tree shopping in a few weeks?
  • My house is a relative term, even if you are finished paying it off. I have my spots.
  • Isn’t it interesting how families are redefined over time?

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