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Watching all these close college basketball games and upsets is draining. Or is it the 12 + hours of basketball each day that has been on for the last two? 32 games by the end of tonight. I love it. I’m also exhausted. And so is my partner today. She is going to skip the last 4 games of the evening and rest up for tomorrow.

I’ll stay up hoping for another nail-biter ending to one or more of the late games. Watching dreams come true and hearts broken in the same instant of time. This is reality TV. Not all that planned stuff.

Rest Photo by Mike Hartley

Yesterday was a beautiful day. One spent with best and oldest friends. Doing one of our annual traditions, March Madness. Many words of appreciation were shared. We worked like a well-oiled team in food and fun prep and execution. But at several toasts throughout the day, friends that had passed were remembered, family members were remembered, and appreciation for our time shared together was genuinely felt deeply by all of us.

Relationships in that room went back 4,5 and 6 decades. Those are special. So was the confusion with names. In the small group, we had 3 Marks, 2 Mikes, and 2 Kims.

All I can add is, what a party it was. And we begin again tomorrow – GO TERPS.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Finally tried the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich. Pretty good.
  • As usual, I picked the wrong upsets in the basketball pool.
  • Whoever invented the heated recliner has my seal of approval.
  • It’s been a four-legged friend’s day today.

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