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Dawn of a new weekend

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As we all mourn the passing of another work week, we celebrate the dawn of a new WEEKEND. And this is a weekend I feel like celebrating a little bit. Finally had a doctor’s appointment that I walked out of with a smile on my face. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of that feeling. I feel renewed, I feel like there is opportunity in front of me. Which is kind of funny because opportunity is always there regardless in some fashion if you have the right outlook.

Dawn on the Atlantic Photo by Mike Hartley

Dawn on the Atlantic
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m excited that I’m back to work on this and some other important projects. Life kind of took over time of late, but taxes are paid, car shopping done, estate planning done (not really an estate, but that is the term used) and the job that pays the bills is in the rear view mirror for a short reprieve.

I feel better and my mind is full of a creativity that I’d been hoping for. I’m also focused on making the best of that energy and working hard to create both in my writing, photography but also my sculpture and etchings.

But the celebration is really for an old and dear friend who has reconnected. Some of my close friends I consider and treat like family and this is certainly one of the those. I read the glimmer of a man I love and call brother. I’m so glad were back on track.

Might be getting a new ride today. The family truckster is giving up the ghost. I guess asking for that 16th year of use was expecting a bit much. Thanks to Eakle’s for keeping our family motoring safely. You guys do great work. Been using this garage for decades and love their work and honesty.

And just to prove that life has a balance and not all is well. This guy sitting on the bush in the photo below, next to my home has taken a liking to my car. Well let me refine that. My side view mirror and side window. He jumps back and forth between the two spots for hours. At first I thought he was fixated on something inside the car because it seemed he was looking in the window. But then I noticed the sun reflecting on the mirror against the window in that spot where he seemed to be jumping down to and warming himself I bet. So I thought to myself I’ll put in the car the other way and reduce the reflection to nothing. Well it only partially worked. So instead of a ton of bird crap down the side of my car its down to a half ton a day. I have no idea what kind of bird this is but he has a digestive problem and is using my car as its toilet.

My adversary Photo by Mike Hartley

My adversary
Photo by Mike Hartley

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