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Sidelined till the sun returns

Had a lot on my mind today. Felt like I was sidelined with my writing today. Couldn’t get the positive vibes going till I got home this evening. Had a wonderful dinner with another couple of very good friends. That set a better tone to the evening. Going to try to turn this wet and grey weather on its ear and hope for a better Saturday but that looks foggy and cloudy according to the forecast.

Sunflowers Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

So I’ll leave with hope for tomorrow, it both the forecast for the weather and our country. I had a lively discussion on politics tonight and I think its healthy to debate issues. I wish we could talk about this in a civilized manner but it is far to difficult for some to tackle now. But I’ll give it my best to talk and see where we can find common ground. Because to stop listening to each other is a big mistake in my mind.

Speaking of tomorrow, its time for me to get back outside and take some new pictures. Not sure I can handle the heavy Nikon yet but maybe I’ll just keep it on the tripod and venture out with it like that.

Well, time for some pain relief and a good nights sleep. May you all have a wonderful rest of the evening. Yeah, some of us stay up all night at times.



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Gone fishing

My weekend is almost here and this kid is going fishing for a good time. I’m sure I will find it because I hope to spend time with my family and friends. I really won’t be fishing this weekend but in November we are scheduled for a trip on the Chesapeake Bay. So given I have some time, I hope to get back to posting something of value and pleasure here for your enjoyment.

Morning fisherman. Photo by Mike Hartley

Morning fisherman.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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Sleepy Sunday and a holiday Monday

Well, it’s almost Monday. What, a holiday Monday? I guess court won’t be in session today. No problem, people in my profession work holidays. We also work weekends and nights. We work all the time which is a major problem with this type of job. But its good to have work as they say. And if your work covers your bills and needs than your good to go.

County Courthouse. Photo by Mike Hartley

County Courthouse.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I do enjoy my work, but I really enjoy my hobbies and this is a big part of that. And in that vein I hope its a good week that is filled with new shooting and projects started being completed. I have gotten off my writing schedule and I plan on making up for that on Monday.

Random Thoughts for Sunday January 17th 2016

  • Up early and on the treadmill is a nice feeling each day. Well at least for a few minutes till my back tightens up.
  • So many interest, so little time, so little skills, so little practice, so much joy.
  • Not sure I’m interested in being a mind reader.
  • Wonder if I can capture what cold looks like this week in pictures. Should have plenty of opportunities.
  • Plan on working a lifetime. But get a lotto ticket to keep hope of not working a lifetime alive.
  • You know I used to struggle with gifts for my better half. But I feel like I’m starting to hit a grove with her after 30+ years.
  • Well, no reason to continue to watch football this year. The GB Packers made a good showing yesterday even though nobody gave them a chance.
  • There are few things better than a good weekend with family and friends. I like learning this lesson every weekend.

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A nice view for a Monday morning

Was out walking just before sunrise and found this and many other treasures I’ll share later. For the day is young and there is lots of shooting to do. Nothing like a morning on the water. Today is the walk around the lake. Hoping my back and the rest of the body makes it around the 5+ mile loop. May you all have a wonderful day.

Some morning vapor off the lake.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Some morning vapor off the lake.
Photo by Mike Hartley



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Yeah, I’m a Fan

Go TERPS Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

OK, my favorite sport is College Basketball hands down. And my favorite team always has been the Maryland Terrapins or just TERPS. Started out going to a few games when I was 11 or 12 years old. My first memory is a player called Will Hetzel and the way he could score. I believe Lefty (Charles Driesell) came the next year and proclaimed he was going to make the University of Maryland the UCLA of the East.

The Lefthander Photo by Mike Hartley

The left-hander
Photo by Mike Hartley

I loved it, bravado right out of the gate. And why not set your goals high. I was addicted right from the start. That win in 1971 (the slow down game) that was televised and went into overtime and Maryland had upset the #2 school in the country. I watched on a small B&W set. I was so pumped after that game I couldn’t sleep. The excitement the basketball program generates is a special thing.

Cole Field House was a special place. I enjoyed many a game there and continue to go to a few games a year at the Comcast Center and religiously watch every televised game even if I have to record them. I got my son and his fiance tickets to the Indiana game this year and they loved it. So I hope the family tradition I started carries on for years with my family following Da TERPS.

This year has been a special one. After a missing the NCAA’s the last 4-5 years, we are in and in a big way with a nice mix of a key senior and junior and some exceptional freshman. I believe 4-5 players transferred after last year and I’m glad they did because the chemistry this group has is kind of special and it has come from the start. The only thing I’ve seen close to it is Kentucky and its abundance of talent blend together for the good of the team.

One thing for sure. This coming Monday will either be a day where my friends and I are very upbeat and looking forward to the coming weekend with a spring in our step and another party in the planning or one where a half hearted effort will be made to watch a few more games and the finals but it won’t be near the same excitement or interest.

I love all basketball but College is special. That time where young men develop and learn some great lessons. Most are taught tough lessons of how to handle defeat. Most are taught how to perform under pressure. Most are marking the end of a career and leaving something dear to them. It’s where you see family in the stands living and dying with every possession. And even the most stoic fathers have a lean or teeth clench or small expression that can be seen. And then there are the things that can’t be duplicated in any other time. A father coaching a son like with Georgia St. And even though their run is over, you can see and feel the happiness of that family.

So many thanks to a special team and a special year for all the fans who follow this team year after year.

Oh, and before I get negligent here, lets not forget the Maryland Women. They have a legit chance at a title themselves for a National Championship being a #1 seed this year. It’s a big day for the University of Maryland athletics.


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Always an adventure

Snow in the DC/Baltimore region always creates havoc. And I anticipate that it will be the norm on Tuesday morning.  Think I’ll do some early morning snow shooting and see if I can steer clear of any of my skidding and sliding friends on the roads.

I'm ready for it. I think. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m ready for it. I think.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Winter shooting is on my radar of techniques I need to improve on. I’ve always thought snow is beautiful in transforming the familiar to something totally different. So I guess the first step is getting out in the cold.  I hate cold. But I’m going to suck it up because I want to be a good amateur photographer.