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Going Green

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. I did and it leaves me going into the week on a nice running start. Well I don’t know about running but my mental attitude is very good. There are very few things as good in life as family time. Well at least for my family.

Classic Mustang GTA
Photo by Mike Hartley

Everything outside is turning green it seems. Even the muscle cars. Saw this beast when I was gassing up on Saturday. But back to the green. I love it. One it returns my home to some more privacy because I can no longer see the homes in the distance through the woods. I also love the sound wind makes through leaves.

I love the shade it provides from the hot summer sun when laying in my hammock. I love the birds that come back to dart in and out of the trees. Yeah its a grand time of year. Well there are a few people suffering with the pollen explosion. My sympathies are with them. Fortunately I’ve mostly outgrown those issues.

So what is on tap for the week? I got the cameras out today and did some family shots. Tomorrow I’m going to try to continue picking up the cameras and get a few new shots to use this week.

I’m also going to spend some time in the workroom with the wood and stone projects I’ve been slow on moving forward with. Also got to finish getting some prints made for my neighbors.

Oh no, just glanced at the to do list and they are getting out of hand. Got to start knocking some more items out each week.

Random Thoughts of the Day

There are two things wrong with the NBA game. They allow players to palm the ball which isn’t in the rules. And they allow traveling.

That pollen and wind has taken its toll on my ride. I believe a bath is in order for it tomorrow.

My basketball is pumped up again. Now lets see if I can get my behind out to the driveway.

There are few greater joys than holding an infant and having them smile at you.

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What a beautiful day here in the state of Maryland. Wish I had taken a little bit more advantage of it. But I’m happy with what we did do and that is all that matters. No I didn’t go fishing. But it’s not a bad idea.

Pack it in. Another day in the books.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Looking forward to a wonderful Sunday ahead.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I seem to hear more sirens than in the past around my home. More people, more traffic, more accidents and crime.

I think I’ve decided that spring is my second favorite season. But there is no challenging Summer.

You can’t always get what you want. (said a wise man).

I believe that the authorities have already lost control of the zoo. They can’t admit it or there would be total chaos.

Time can’t get away from you if your on the ride.

When you look inside yourself and the tank is full, you are living a good life.

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Go with the flow

I was sitting here thinking that I’ve changed my flow of writing and I didn’t even pick up on it till now. It used to be I’d always come up with a title of the post to start with. Now I find myself doing that well after I’ve written some thoughts. Sometimes going back and changing the title a few times.

There are a number of things I’ve done to go with the flow that I didn’t realize I’ve changed. For instance in the last few years I’ve stopped being personally invested with the work I do. Don’t get me wrong, I work very hard. I still aspire to succeed well in whatever task I have in front of me. I take pride in what I do and try to set the bar in the group. I just don’t think of it as my company anymore. Of course they never were, but when you worked with people who also looked at it like that it was easy. No matter who I’ve worked for, I’ve always thought and put forth ideas and solutions that I think would improve the whole company or my specific area. No more for a wide variety of reasons.

Who said fisherman can’t walk on water?
Photo by Mike Hartley

They changed the rules and benefits along the way so I adapt. If I have any grand ideas I’ll use them for my own gains. And today’s grand idea is to work hard. And work hard I did. Well until the weather moved in. But my body was starting to send me signals anyway that it was time to rest. And as long as I listen to it we get along fine. It’s when I get boneheaded and ignore the warning signs. Again I’ve changed my flow.

I’m loving the time I spend reading now. I’ve been a pretty avid reader. Mostly technical and news and hobbies how to’s. But the last 5 years of blogging I’m reading more all the time now. Some mental health stuff has been helpful. People with interesting and positive outlooks. This has helped my flow.

And of course there is my grandchild which has lit a happy fire under me. Something to wake up and wonder and think about. More positive flow.

Sometimes going with the flow is the easy way or obvious choice. Sometimes making your own direction and choosing the right flow to ride is critical in enjoying life. Which reminds me, I need to get the ladder out and make sure the flow in the gutters is good.

Not another one till May 18th. I think I’ll make this a monthly ritual, weather permitting.

April 2019 Full Moon
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

Only you, know yourself. But don’t underestimate what others know about you also.

There is so much to look forward to if you have a lot of good ideas.

Manual labor is good for the body and mind. My body sometime counters that argument.

When you work holidays, there is no such thing as holiday weekends. So says my bad attitude.

I see the NBA discovered defense again. Oh yeah, it’s the playoffs.

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Thursday Cuts

Decided to try to make this day a bit special. No other reason than making the best of every day. Got a lot of task but hope to enjoy each to its fullest. It’s a day of cuts. Hope to start off with an early haircut. Then its cutting the yard and cutting with the trimmer. Then I hope to cut up with some friends in the evening.

A dozen or so other things to cram in between those items. So that is why I’m getting an early start on this. Yep before daybreak. I thought I’d mix it up a bit. Who knows, maybe something better will come out at this hour? Plus I can tell I’m only going to have a few minutes here and there through the day to contribute to it.

Reached the top.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well the few minutes I hoped to spend are quickly winding down as is the duration of this day. I liked the days physical work. I powered through a few issues with the mower and the yard is done. I even just took the camera out and hope to do a few shots this evening. Also hope to do a few more power uploads to the photo site.

Random Thoughts of the Day

When people aren’t acting responsible, consider your own failings at that same thing.

I was a mulch moving mule today.

Cutting grass is a type of therapy.

They play the games because sometimes the unexpected happens.

Progress improves my attitude. So would some dinner.

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Power Posting

Sometimes I’m so pumped when I finally get time to create a post that I’m bouncing in the chair to the music I have in the background. It’s like a part of the day I take some pride in doing what I would like. As you can probably tell by the content, my minutes are limited to devote to it but we move on and forward.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Got to spend some time with my daughter and grand-daughter today. I used to be a bit skeptical of three very good friends and how excited and transfixed they were about grandchildren. I now understand that energy. I understand the reward. And it gives me another very important thing in life to appreciate.

This weekend I hope to change my pattern to a much more productive one. I’ve had 3 days in a row now of feeling fairly well so its time to test some limits. That walk today even felt OK. I’m hoping to put more images in my post again. These single ones along with the rambling I do creates too much grey. Time to break that up. And pictures usually inspire some more thoughtful words from me.

Random Thoughts of the Day

This has gotten to be one crowded state.

I was glad to see the DOJ’s work on finally taking some pill mills and doctors pushing out opioids out.

Change is coming to Ellicott City. It’s bound not to make everyone happy. Regardless of the plan chosen it’s got to be better than the limbo the town has been in for some time now.

I don’t have time to work on artificial intelligence. I have a hard enough time working on my own.

I’d purchase a Fitbit if it would lose weight for me.

I could hear Mother Nature laughing as I stepped out the door today. I’m looking around and wondering what she is busting a gut over and then I see my car that used to be red and now is a shade of orange. I suspect it may be yellow by tomorrow morning. Very funny.

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Dog house

I don’t see many dog houses anymore. Most of the animals in this area have our home as their home. Remember when people would let their dogs roam the neighborhoods. It was a common thing. Some taught boundaries but a lot didn’t either. Even if a dog was on a leash, people didn’t carry around plastic bags with them. Times change.

Dog House
Photo by Mike Hartley

Seems like I was in the dog house a bit as a youth. Who knows how many times I’ve been in it through almost 4 decades of marriage? I’m kind of glad they are going away, but I wonder what new term will replace the phrase “Being in the dog house” when referring to being in trouble?

I missed my walk I wanted to do today and I’m kind of disappointed in myself. The hours in the day just get lost at times. Seems like these last few weeks have been busier for some reason. And as soon as I correct for one thing like rest, something else gets cut short. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. Maybe I don’t have to mix everything up in the same day?

I wonder if a schedule would help? Then again I have so many schedules for so many things I think that might just be a waste of time. As Nike says “Just Do It”.

Which leads me to Hump Days objective. Photos of my grand-daughter and maybe a few outdoor shots on the way home.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I think you can physically feel the pain when history is destroyed.

I’m still stunned by some of the stupid driving I see. And with the volume of it out there you would think it wouldn’t be as shocking. I had two people going at it behind me this morning and I thought I was going to hear gunfire because these two were playing chicken with each other, driving into oncoming traffic lanes and in and out between parked cars. And after that it makes it especially satisfying to work from home today.

Utz makes a very good potato chip.

Isn’t it exciting to cook something really good?

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It’s Green Again

The drive to work today was special because there is a day during each year that you can really notice the transition from grey and brown tones to a bright green. It’s a wonderful site and has made my day. There are so many positive things that I love about this time of year. I know my car will be a bright yellow for a few weeks. Yeah I know the grass will need cutting each week, especially with all the rain we keep getting.

Breeze in the treeze.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Summer and spring are my favorite seasons. It’s going to feel good to get back outside regularly again. I think I’ll get out for a walk tomorrow. I’ve felt good today and maybe I’ll string another day together with that.

One of natures Greens
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve driven a stick shift for so many decades I think I have clutch foot.

Realizing how special some people are is a true blessing.

Telling someone they have to change and helping them change are two different things.

So its tax day. Like Mondays aren’t depressing enough.

6 hours sleep in 2 days, not good. I sense a restful Tuesday.

You ever have those days where there just isn’t enough time. Today is one of those for me.