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Mindless yard work as therapy

The mowing of grass, picking up sticks and branches, pulling weeds, putting fertilizer down, raking and filling in low spots. All chores most hate but I take some solace in. One it feels good to do some physical work. And when it’s summer I love it even more.

Yes, it would be easier to work on my tan in the hammock or lounge chair. But then I’d be missing out on the feeling of accomplishment. And sometimes when things are bothering me it’s good mental therapy. It can allow time for planning or reflection. I can revert to my youth as I drive the tractor, I can work out some physical aggression with a shovel or collect my thoughts with a rake. And even jump into the future with my star wars weed-killing spray canister.

It’s a multifaceted escape from phones, computers, and people. Nothing but you and earth. And that is kind of relaxing. And here we are at the brink of another day. The yard is almost pristine, just a little more trimming. Then the pool project will continue as today is dirt removal and cutting 6×6’s to shape for the retaining wall.

Well with the boys out of town I guess I’m going cruising sometime between now and sunset. It will be a comfortable ride and I just washed the go-cart so out we go for a spin.

Shooting Beauty? Photo by Mike Hartley

I did something unusual, I took a day off in the middle of the workweek. I got to see the NBA finals with best friends and catch my breath on a Tuesday night. Sometimes I don’t realize how tired I am unless I don’t have to stay up. I’ve discovered a day off is good anytime. I made it worthwhile in both chores accomplished and some fun mixed in. The balance is good.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The world may seem infinite in its size wonderment and beauty but we will soon realize its not.
  • A great time is when I can make a friend laugh so hard that when they catch their breath they say to me “you just aren’t right.”
  • We used to have such trust in each other. People that at one time would charge up a hill together in a blaze of fire, now they are more likely to fire on each other arguing who’s decision it was to charge the hill.
  • Music is the time machine.
  • Momements for oneself are sometimes very enlightening.

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Slipping through a Sunday

An early start on a Sunday morning always feels good, to begin with. But when I slipped on a muddy spot and thought I was going to do a butt plant, I wondered briefly. Thankfully I did hold enough balance to remain upright after what would have been a YouTube moment. A much better result than finding my backside in the mud.

I guess I got all the accidental spills out of the way yesterday. At least I hope so. It’s nice to see I was able to preserve a lot of that fresh topsoil and seed despite those heavy rains yesterday.

Sunday’s also remind me of Sundays in the Park at Northside in Ocean City. It’s a beautiful spot that is very well kept and highly used from sunup to sundown. I wish we could keep the rest of our communities as clean as we do the parks.

Northside Park Ocean City MD. Photo by Mike Hartley

While mowing the backyard today I thought about the weekend spent working. I’m not complaining about it and feel good about the accomplishments. But I do need to unwind and starting off the workweek tonight isn’t going to allow for that. So I guess I’ll have to mix in some fun during the week.

Tomorrow I hope to get out and about a little bit and get back to what I find beautiful about this area I live and grew up in. Maybe a morning ride if the sunrise looks good.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • July, a good month for a comeback effort.
  • I think I’ll try to grill out at least 2-3 times a week till it gets cooler.
  • I thought the deck we put up a long while ago would last forever, I was wrong. But that allows for a new design someday in the future.
  • When a company calls you to schedule an install and you say that day isn’t good and they reply are you going to be away on vacation? It sends up real caution flags. When that same company calls the day they are supposed to come and can’t make it more caution flags appear. When said company does come and does a sloppy job you throw in the towel. Well Lowes, you have now joined Home Depot and Walmart as big box stores I won’t shop at again. And for the record I never brought a thing from Walmart.

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A Shadow of myself

Some days I wake feeling like a shadow of myself. Even though age is just a number, it’s one that eventually turns where things change. But like the bike below I still I’m still proud of what cast that shadow. I’m not in optimum shape but with some work, I can be a classic like below. Just a little thinning of the midsection. Broaden the shoulders with those ape hangers. And it looks like this bike is prepared for my eyesight with extra lights because I don’t have the cat-like eyes I did as a youdth. (A little Pesci)

Ride tall, cast a big shadow. Photo by Mike Hartley

Back when I brought my first cruiser it was a Shadow 1100. And it was a ton of fun to ride anywhere. I could spend 8-10 hours in that saddle over a day and hop off with a spring in my step. As I sit here and wonder if I could do a couple of hours with my back now and if I did if I could lean forward enough to swing the leg over the saddle. Nah, I’m not that bad but closer to that than the long day trips of old.

How the memories take me back, if I did ride again it would probably be on a big cruiser like this one, but I feel I don’t have the reaction and durability it would take to ride and enjoy it safely. There are a few other things that better days are long past. Some sports, some dance moves, maybe a few of the yells our group did in the days of cruising and wearing a path in the local roadways.

I feel my memory is not as sharp as it used to be. I still have a lot of stuff in there, but my search tool malfunctions from time to time. And it leads to waking up in the middle of the night going “Connie Hawkins” as the answer you were trying to come up with for your friends 6 hours earlier in the evening.

My strength is a fraction of what it once was. And probably not a fraction I would like to see, but probably a good one for my age still. I look down at my tanned arms and chest but some of those hairs that would lighten up in the summer are now grey and that way year-round.

When I was stretching my hands from some cramps I noticed my skin isn’t as taught as it once was. But thankfully my better half still says I have soft hands.

Don’t worry, I’m not having a panic attack or concerned about the signs of aging, I’m fine with the changes and I hope to experience many more over a long time. I can find ways and work harder on staying mentally sharp. I’ve never been one to consider coloring my hair or cosmetic surgery. I do my best to stay away from doctors with knives, I’ve seen enough of them. I’m not taking up any fad diet or iron man workouts but will make an effort to be more healthy and respectful of the body.

I’m sometimes puzzled at the effort people put into looking so much younger than they are. I’d be uncomfortable with the thought that I would be uncomfortable in my own skin.

But I can honestly say the ’60s are when I’m starting to feel a bit older than the 40 I was pretending to be and thought I was. I guess I’m giving myself a little too much credit there. My better half says I’m a perpetual 18 year old.

So it’s time to accept a few changes of the mental and physical kind. Instead of pushing through to finish every chore on the list, I’ll listen to the body and do what is smart. I won’t beat myself up anymore if I can’t remember at that moment in time. And as always I’ll have an appreciation for every morning I wake and I’m granted another day.

But the thing that concerns me and that I thought of ahead of all the above crap, was that my better half and friends are all getting a little older also. And that scares me to death. It makes me want to walk upstairs and hug her very close and say for the umpteenth time today that “I love you” and then call my friends and see what they are doing and when we are gathering next.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Most days I’m flooded with random thoughts but remember very few to add when the time comes, so I wing it.
  • Cloud to ground lightning strikes can get your attention. Like the ones you see and hear at the same time.
  • We had our inground pool filled in. We kept the patio around it. But it very spooky to walk on it after all those decades of water.
  • Things are going to get interesting professionally soon.
  • I got a few new bits for the Dremel tool so I’ll be diddling around later. Watch out wood.

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Time & Lucky Man

Time – A great Pink Floyd song. But that isn’t what we are going to discuss today. My ever-increasing attention to utilizing time to its fullest because there is no time like the present. And time this week has been one wild ride. I think one of my best friends said something about me being a glutton for punishment. There is some truth in that statement but I can say I utilized the week well.

Time is the most precious gift you can receive. Well for anyone who enjoys living. Unfortunately, I know some are alive and don’t enjoy it, and I feel for them.

Photo by Mike Hartley

But I do and I’m trying to love every minute of it. My sense of appreciation and respect for time has been suspect in the past but I learned from it and won’t repeat that mistake. I’m waking with a more intense focus. Awareness that mixing pleasure with all the chores is a good thing. Taking a minute or two for the hammock or a day trip to the beach should feel great. That hard work the rest of the week enables a level of appreciation those who have this 24/7 can’t feel.

OC Sunset. Photo by Mike Hartley

Putting down and turning off those things that are big drains on time with little return when evaluated. Mixing things in that improve my day. Something as simple as putting some music on while working on the blog or editing photos.

Trying to work on the important things and put the minor stuff on the sidelines. Trying to be a better finisher. (stop laughing) It’s fun trying to top what I’ve done the previous day. I find myself even doing more on the job that pays the bills.

Speaking of that major time drain (WORK) I’ve got some vacation to schedule to build that momentum on my personal interest and crafts.

This weekend is a fine time to get going on those again being it’s the first one in a while that isn’t stuffed full of existing plans and commitments.

And the song I end this post listening to is contained in this lyric “Oh what a Lucky Man he was.” And if I’m given tomorrow I’ll be a Lucky Man.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Water the grass and it will grow. So says the guy at the hardware store. I think all my weeds are getting to the water first.
  • Favorite dress code standard = Retired. Wear whatever comes to mind that day and is comfortable and you don’t give a F what anyone else thinks.
  • Seeing best friends even for a short time is special.
  • I’m going to have a really cool patio area soon.

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Monday observations

After spending almost a week with my children and grandchildren I’m having withdraw, now that everyone has returned home. I miss that morning smile and wonderment of what the day brings from that 2 year old. I miss seeing my children relaxed and happy. The chance to have relaxed family meals together. Time for a walk on the beach to discuss life and many other treasures. I wish I had brought home some more candy.

I have not started the week out well with sleep. I’m getting a no soliciting sign and posting it because some people have the balls to pound on my door in the morning to wake me for a sales pitch. I wonder if that sign comes with permission to pound them?

And of course dealing with vendors this week has not started off well. A dishwasher was purchased from (a company to remain nameless for now) and they have 2 strikes against them already and if they don’t come Thursday for the install like they now say, that will be strike 3. Hey, it’s a big company, they probably won’t even feel that dishwasher being inserted in their backside.

And then there was work. The good old job that pays the bills. It’s not that I didn’t make it through the first night fine working alone, I’m fine doing that if needed. It’s just that strain of being up all night again and getting in that semi routine, 4 night and 3 day. I guess I’m like Blade. I do my work at night but I can also be a daywalker.

But hey, that is all small stuff. The kind of stuff that takes focus away from more important things. For instance I have to write a sick friend. One that reminds me how lucky I am to have my health which should never be taken for granted and is just about every day till we are sick.

Taking action to help others would be a better way to spend time today also. I’m going to try to help by starting at home and preparing dinner. Nothing to complex, going to try some new Caribbean spice on some shrimp with pasta. I need to cook more and I’m trying to get my time management under control better.

There has been a lot of success in reducing smartphone and tv time. I just need to keep that up.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Life is short, get to doing what you want to do, now.
  • The Eastern Shore of Maryland has the sweetest white corn in the land.
  • The fun part of editing is when the photo is coming out of the printer.
  • I’m going to try to take a few classes this week

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Surfs up again

By the time I finished editing, I had 89 photos so instead of piling them on here, I put a gallery up on my Zenfolio site, link below. The first 15 were posted yesterday. The first 2/3 of the shoot it was pretty dark out. Got some better shots as time went on. 6:45 am to 9 am between 33rd and 45th streets.

I didn’t know you could pull waves along. Photo by Mike Hartley

Wishing I was smelling that salt air but nope, back to reality and the thought of work tonight. Sort of like doing a face plant.

But not all is lost. A refreshed spirit. A renewed sense of hope and inspiration. Time is taken to reflect and plan. A relaxed mind and attention to the body. Learning to let things run off my back. Seeing things closing in and putting some distance between them and me. Learning to turn on a dime when called for instead of a straight path. Being mentally strong, taking a shot, and still coming out upright. Not letting highs and lows affect the focus.

Surfing has a lot in common with life. Maybe I should try it when this shoulder heals or is fixed.

Actually, I shot these on the morning of July 9th. I got up early to do 2 things. I wanted to see what damage that tropical storm had done overnight and I wanted a couple of minutes of solitude on the beach. I was thinking about my Dad who passed 55 years ago this day. I told my daughter I would be back in 30 minutes when I left. The sun had risen but you couldn’t tell with the heavy cloud cover.

I like the water and I believe my Dad loved it. He was a career Navy man till his medical discharge. A veteran of WWII in the Pacific on a Destroyer. Also a Korean vet and Operation Deep Freeze Task Force 43. I wish I had a chance to know the man much better and get his experience and wisdom, I hope he is proud of me.

I also know my father-in-law loved the beach. Also former military.

I was stunned by the crowd on the beach so I hung back in the sand for a few moments because I was having trouble with my composure thinking of my father and my recently passed in-laws. But as a few guys with boards passed by I heard their excitement and chuckled to myself. So I wiped a tear from my eye and proceeded down to the water where it was thriving with people much earlier than normal.

I’ve been getting in the habit of carrying my camera with me all the time now and using it more. I had thrown it over my neck when I went out just in case of dramatic damage from the winds. But I soon discovered a unique day. The winds were blowing offshore for a change of pace. The water was alive with hundreds of surfers. A very friendly group of people. Several came up and asked if I would be posting pictures. I told them my blog name and they also suggested a Facebook group called Ocean City Maryland Surfing so added them there also.

I completely lost track of time and 2 hours later I had a ton of images. I had felt as gloomy as the skies that morning when I touched the sand. As I walked off it the sun was shining through and my spirits were positive. Just one of the many times in life I feel like someone who’s passed is looking out for me. I could have easily gone back to bed in sadness, or just sat on the balcony and missed some great action in the water and interactions with friendly surfers. Maybe someone got my backside out there for a purpose.

Have a great day all.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • A cold Coke in a glass bottle always taste much better.
  • Only a few more years tilll every day is a vacation day.
  • Time to remove the beach unintentionally bright back from the shore from the SUV.
  • I think I’ll schedule a day off for a day trip to the beach soon in the convertible.

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Surfing OC

Went out this morning and caught a few waves. Well more accurately I caught some people on waves, I was onshore with the camera. It was so overcast early when the waves were good I didn’t get the sharpness I had hoped for. That and my slow lens and lack of skills kept things less than optimal. I’ll add more excuses later with the next batch.

I’ve got dozens more to edit and will post some of the better ones later today. I asked to join the OC Facebook site today so I’ll post some there if they accept my membership.

I learned surfers are a friendly bunch of people. I learned both old and young can surf. I learned there is some good from strong storms. But I also know that with a torn shoulder muscle I’m not strong enough to swing in that mess.

Have a good afternoon all.

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No Sun this afternoon

Tropical storm Elsa is on our doorstep this evening. I see we are under a tornado watch. The heavy rains are just beginning but the winds are still moderate. People have been bringing outdoor furniture in and I see some businesses closing up early.

A good night to stay in, watch the NBA Finals game 2, and see the storm go by. I love watching weather events, but I’m more partial to the good days. So here is to a quick recovery from the storm and a good weekend ahead. I’m going to be out early and I hope there is a good sunrise.

I have a few other thoughts, but I’ll check in tomorrow morning with them because the winds are starting to pick up and power might be an issue in the next few hours as the storm center passes over us. Good luck to those north of us and a peaceful evening to all.

Hoping for a beautiful sunrise tomorrow. Photo by Mike Hartley.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • If I achive nothing else in my senior years I’ll be a happy man if my children and grandchildren have good memories with me.
  • Watching a childs first ammusement ride is a memory I won’t forget.
  • I hope CP3 gets his championship.
  • A best friend went under the knife today. I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.
  • Time to warm up some leftover pizza.

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It’s going to be HOT

Here in the northeast, it’s HOT. My favorite season and I can take it. But I’m smart enough (finally) to be careful with the heat. I just read this morning that it was the hottest June on record in North America. To my liking but disconcerting still at the same time.

Water is needed on a day like today. Photo by Mike Hartley

Speaking of hot, it’s so nice to go out to eat and get a hot meal from the kitchen on plates instead of carry-out plastic. To have someone wait on you and take the order and bring you a drink. All the things we took for granted for so long no longer are. But for how long before we start to think we did before the pandemic.

I for one won’t forget that and hopefully, we won’t have to experience that again. Actually, I’m thankful for every meal I have be it being served to me, or carry-out or fixing it ourselves. So many people without the ability to eat well or regularly. This reminds me it’s time for a donation to the Maryland food bank.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Children are like learning sponges.
  • Weather comes and comes, whether you like it or not.
  • Ah the first tropical storm of the season, Free car wash.
  • I haven’t met a nap I haven’t liked.

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Working at resting

Soaking up some rays today and the tan is coming along nicely without any sunburn so far this year. A wise move I’m told and with some friends having personal experience with the ramifications of that I’m a bit more aware of the serious problems that can occur from it. Use SunScreen.

I’ve concluded I can’t keep skipping sleep. Hope it’s not too late in life for that revelation and that too much damage hasn’t been done. It also reinforces some decisions I’m making about my professional life. Like many people have been doing with all the events of the last few years.

Won’t be much longer till I’ll be doing some ZZZ’s here. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sometimes rest isn’t just sleeping. I’m trying to learn to relax my mind. It’s a much more difficult thing to do in my case and I’m guessing many others.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The generation that fought the early wars in this country have passed. Too bad some have forgot that we all are one contry. I just hope other countries don’t see our division as our weakest point and figure their chances of war against us could be won.
  • The dispartity of haves and have nots is a dangerous thing.
  • Going to resume going to the gun range. Hope I never have to demonstrate that skill elsewhere.
  • Personal opinion – Bill Cosby is a piece of crap.
  • We had better clear out all Americans from Afganistan, even Embassy and troops guarding it or it could be another slaughter. I don’t know why people can’t see this coming.

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Get where you’re going

Somedays I really miss riding. Yesterday was one of them when I saw many bikers out enjoying the good weather early. I’ll probably never ride again, but I greatly enjoyed the decades I did ride. I wish people respected them more on the road. I see massive tailgating of bikers. I think it’s a size thing because I have a small car now and people also feel the need to tailgate me.

Two wheels are more fun. Photo by Mike Hartley

I don’t miss the days of not being seen and run off the road. I don’t miss being hit with a cigarette someone flicks out the window. I know of at least one person who regrets that maneuver. When confronted they decided the bird was the appropriate reply. Too bad they had to replace their driver’s side window.

A short work week for most with the Monday Holiday. Those days off are so precious and go so fast. So I’m going to sit back and savor today and tomorrow because this is one of the few holidays I have off.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Boom Boom Day – a happy 4th to all.
  • I think I got a little too much sun today. Better than too little.
  • There is nothing better than seeing children happy.
  • Fireworks make me feel young.

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Friday Thoughts

Was an early start to a Friday and felt OK to boot. I’ve written to many friends and family that morning. I do my best to keep in frequent contact with people. But I’m human also and from time to time priorities change. Glad I’ve recognized I should do that and not feel guilty about it.

Paddle-boarding. Photo by Mike Hartley

Some people’s selfishness just blows me away sometimes. Had a rude example of it today that I won’t waste time on being negative about it but I’m seeing more and more of it. And I wonder if that breads more of it?

I have a test coming up this week myself. Sort of a personal one. Usually when I put my mind to something it works out. I’ll have a number of people grading me and let you know how it works out later.

May everyone have a wonderful weekend and here in the states may you be able to celebrate together without judgment on this coming 4th of July.

Favorite lyric of the Day

Hail-hail to the good times
‘Cause rock has got the right of way
We ain’t no legend, ain’t no cause
We’re just living for today

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Always feels good to get the yard cut on a Friday and have the weekend to enjoy.
  • Sometimes I lose track of what the advertised medicine is for by the time they finish listing off all the negative side effects at the end.
  • There is an unusual chill in the air.


Tomorrow is here

And the workweek is upon us again. I would like to make like this bee below and hide from it but that isn’t me. I have to admit it’s getting harder to start each week at the job. Once I log in and get moving I snap out of it but just that start of the week gives me pause.

I guess I long for the day where there is no beginning and end of the week, just family, friends, and my crafts. A day to ask me “what do I want to do” and not have a list a mile long awaiting that answer. Time to keep in touch more, time to love more. Time to do more for others. Time to think and reflect. Time to sleep.

So until those days roll around I wish everyone a successful week at the job or jobs that attempt to pay the bills.

Bee trying to hide. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m going to try to start something new. That little device called a smartphone I carry around isn’t going to get much attention anymore. If it rings I’ll answer it. If a text comes through I’ll read it. Otherwise, I think it’s time to give the rest of it a rest. For instance, I left it in the car yesterday and only checked for messages and texts periodically between events I was attending.

Hell, my eyes aren’t that good anyway, why do I need to be looking at a screen that small. Why would I bury my face in it when in a public place and there is a chance of meeting someone nice face to face? I no longer have the desire to hear the latest outrageous thing being said or happening at that moment.

Feeling overwhelmed in the last few days. Life can do that to me from time to time. And overwhelmed leaves me with an empty tank to deal with more. But somehow I find energy and power through. My better half is very good at that also, powering through.

It’s easy to give up and wave a flag. But that isn’t the right thing to do instinctually. But many of us ignore that and shut down. I’ve been guilty of that myself so I can’t throw any stones. I pause sometimes now wasting time by worrying that I won’t grow old. I worry about having to return to the office sometime in the future. I worry about the toll this shift is taking on me.

I read another post that leads off with “Life, it’s returning to normal.” You know what, I don’t want to return to normal because that wasn’t as satisfying as I thought. I feel the schedule getting packed tightly again and the free time per day disappearing. I don’t want to return to hours a day in a car commuting or the frustration of those who are trying to kill the rest of us with poor driving ability. I don’t want opportunities to slip away from seeing family and friends.

Only time will tell how it all plays out but I’m on guard against jumping on that fast train again.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Working outside on a day like today is best done in increments.
  • The pitcher for the LA Angles just redefined being a major league hurler. I hope the gentleman was OK.
  • As we age tough choices lay ahead in caring for friends and family who haven’t been as fortunate along the way.

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Saturday morning musings

It’s not the size of the fan its the size of the spirit in the fan. Photo by Mike Hartley

If water tasted as good as Coke it would be a lot easier to stay healthy with my fluid intake. And if tofu tasted as good as baby back ribs solids would be no problem. You know I think I could come up with an endless argument against healthy living if I were to go by taste alone.

I was so hoping to see the Philly 76ers collapse for the 3rd time in a row. I have to cheer for the Hawks, they have two former Maryland players.

I guess the trick in life as you age and experience more health issues is to keep that positive attitude and make the most of what you can in time and activities.

I think I’ll give up on the Catholic Church before they deem me not acceptable because of my beliefs. I guess it’s been coming for a while. That mixture of political divide getting into the church leadership and parishioners. If we can’t even worship together with some basic commonality then we certainly aren’t going to make it together outside the pews.

Sometimes when I’m pushing the mower now I think of the time I did that as a teen. I wonder how much time in my life I’ve spent cutting grass. And now that I think about it I don’t want to know that number. But I am happy that I’ve had the health to do it. Because about a dozen years ago after some surgery, I said just give me my health enough to get back and mow the yard again regularly and I’ll never complain about it again. Because if I can do that I can do a lot of other things also.

Every once in a while I get a real fear of not having much time left. And then I usually get up and pick up the pace.

Making a commitment to something doesn’t mean that if other priorities in life take over that you should feel guilty or remorse about failing to meet that original goal. Only if you don’t pick up again and get moving should there be ill feelings. And yes I hope I’m back more regularly in the coming months.

My best friends and I were sitting around the grill as we had some tunes on deck going and thought about how lucky we were growing up in the ’50s ’60s and ’70s and having such wonderful music made. I guess every generation has their hit soundtracks but somehow we felt blessed with an abundance of great ones we were given that seems to have endured the test of time.

I’m having my pool filled in. Will I be able to now say I walked on water?

You know what social media has really done. It’s pointed out how different we all are and that for as many people there are there will be that many different opinions. And that makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. And therefore the defenses/offences (depending on your nature) are up not just online but in face to face situations.

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In reading about blogs the recommendations for finding your niche and running with it. I guess I didn’t and did take that advice. While I use all my own images, it’s not focused on photography as I first thought when I started. Images always inspire thought and I just transferred that to rambling on in my blog. And I learned along the way I like to write and thought I’d pursue that craft also.

Fishing on the bay. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sometimes I still think I’m searching for my niche in life even entering my senior years. And I’m fine with that because it leaves doors open. For instance, I still think there is no good reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane in a parachute packed by someone you don’t know and go skydiving. But in a decade or two I might feel differently.

We are all searching for our niche, the right job, the right partner, the right home, the right inspiration, the right sport, and a gazillion other choices. Different interests take priority at different times in our lives. I’m just glad I’ve been given a long time to search for mine and each day I feel I’m getting closer to finding some more of them.

So let me get back to life and tending to my many niches.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s nice to have a local garage you can trust.
  • OC Police has a video out called see something, say something. Well, I saw something and I’m saying something because it looked like the officer doing the repeated knee to the midsection was abusing someone needlessly.
  • I wish Miss Scott’s donations would inspire more from others with so much.
  • Always searching for something better doesn’t allow you to appreciate where you are, what your doing, and who you’re with.

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The morning images

Took a short ride this morning before the resumption of chores and then work tonight. Overcast and cloudy with brief peaks of sun, but it was really nice just below 70 degrees. I did enjoy it because it was early enough where the cicadas weren’t swarming yet. Plus the roads were deserted for the most part and it was warm enough to have the top-down and the tunes on. Took a bottle of ice tea and relaxed stopping at a few spots for a shot or two.

Sunday mornings are the best. I remember when I rode motorcycles, it was Sundays that were the most enjoyable. I’m going to try to start getting back out in the mornings more. Work has been extra busy so getting off at 6 am the only thing I can think of doing is sleeping. But I’m going to adjust to seeing if I can improve some early morning opportunities and also my rest.

I’ve put together a shooting schedule for the week to try to get myself shooting more. It does have me excited and I hope it’s the start of more regular new work.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I feel like I keep misplacing my personal charger.
  • I’m enjoying seeing the joy in people’s faces in doing things together again. Be it a meal or ballgame or movie or trip it’s something that at least for now isn’t taken for granted.
  • A decade or two ago we used to have a phase that we would say when management would pull the plug on resources before projects were finished. It was “declare victory and move on” which I’m sure wasn’t coined there but if it was it was very accurate for some events in history. I just hope we aren’t doing that now with the virus.

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Tempting but no

They are tempting, but no. All the free images out there to choose from and I refuse to use them. Certainly, some and most might be better, but that would take away my inspiration to shoot and write. I don’t even look for inspiration, I like that to come from within.

Another tempting but no is returning to the pace of life before the pandemic. Yeah, it was productive, not always for the right things though.

Always tempting but no, is dealing with pain by taking painkillers constantly. Not that I don’t take one from time to time but I keep it to a minimum.

And as I approach Sunday night which is the beginning of the work week it’s tempting but no, I won’t use a sick day despite having a lot in the hopper.

Of course the daily tempting but no, thought of calling my children. I learned long ago that everyone needs space. But I do love them so and could talk every day.

As I walk back from the fridge I was wishing I could say to myself, tempting but no, when I get thirsty and go grab another Coke.

As I was driving home I saw a nice Vette and wondered, tempting but no.

I’d love another pet. My wife wouldn’t. I’d like to just bring one home, tempting but no.

I could go on, tempting but no.

My better half has the green thumb of course with an assist from Mother Nature.
I just record her work. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sometimes people say things and with no ill intentions at all, kind of infer something difficult in life experiences and don’t realize or reflect that is an exact situation that you yourself experienced or have had to deal with. I’ve had two such experiences recently.

If the body will cooperate, I hope to get out early tomorrow and grab some fresh frames. Maybe even some night shots if I get out there early enough. I do have the tripod by the front door.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The cicadas are louder than sitting over a 13HP motor cutting grass.
  • Some days I feel my age. I prefer the days I feel 30.
  • If you take good mechanical care of things they take care of you.
  • Weekends go by so quickly. Only a few years from the never-ending weekend for this kid.

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Friday Funday

Nothing like seeing your granddaughter after a hard week of work. So far I don’t think her 2’s have been terrible. Actually, a lot of fun, and I love trying to figure out what she is saying. Teaching her new words and other things is a blast. Children make the world a safer place. It reminds us how precious life is. And yet we see such suffering of children daily.

We could do without the rain today but everything needs water. So I’ll accept it and try to make the best of a wet day. Which reminds me I have to put a matt over part of my deck so I have a dry spot outside to sand and carve.

I was thinking about grilling out, but that will have to wait till Saturday or Sunday. The combo of the wetness and not feeling 100% will be the excuse of the day. But I do feel a wave of productivity today and I’ve gotten a good start. I’ve worked on a carving for my Son. I’ve got a number of prints made and I hope to pump out about 40-50 more.

Sausage, peppers and onions. Photo by Mike Hartley

This evening I hope to frame a print my Daughter gave me for my birthday a while back of PaPa and his grandchild but I do have to sort through my pile of frames and mats. Also, I’ll continue to build out my photo site because I found a large stash of stuff I haven’t uploaded yet. So it’s going to be a full evening. I even got both cameras on the tripods set up for some portrait and still life testing later.

So off to the crafts and creation process, which for me is learning at the same time.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • There is a new category to add to my retirement list. – Time in Hammock.
  • There are only so many days in a lifetime. Make sure to use the good ones wisely.
  • I’m enjoying the NBA playoffs. I just wish I could stay up and catch the late game.
  • Cooking shows are additive. Food is the drug.
  • I found another advantage of being a grandparent. If they skip their nap I don’t have to deal with the ramifications.

“Taking Time is the only way he knows” TULL

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An early start

There is an old expression I believe saying “burning the candle at both ends.” I was feeling like that at the end of Friday. Not from the day itself but the past few weeks/months. So I went and looked up what Google had to say about it and found this. That phrase was coined by the American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay in 1920. It comes from her poem “First Fig”: “My candle burns at both ends; / It will not last the night; / But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends– / It gives a lovely light!”

I had fully planned on staying up and just having a few minutes to relax and watch some NBA action, maybe do a post for the day, charge the camera batteries and finish setting up a studio shot. Well, all that went by the wayside when that flame at both ends met in the middle. At least I got a nice night’s sleep but I feel like I didn’t use the time wisely. Of course, that wouldn’t be truthful because my body has been sending me urgent rest signals for a while.

Rest! Photo by Mike Hartley

But Saturday I was back on track. Some hard work in the heat, some celebration with family, some good food, some sports, some shared love. What’s not to like about a day like that?

Well, some might say the HEAT is not to like. Personally, I can’t relate to that because I tolerate higher temps than most and I can cool down quickly. That is why I keep a garden hose outside. I would much rather sweat than shiver. I would rather get in a hot car and put the windows down for a few seconds to air it out than wait 5 minutes shivering for the heater to start pumping warm air and another 5 minutes so you can see through the frozen windshield.

You want to talk HOT. Photo by Mike Hartley

I rarely run the A/C in the car. I ride around the summer with the top-down baking. My favorite outfit is gym shorts and flipflops. I don’t have to spend time putting on layers or boots. If I get wet in the winter I might lose fingers or toes. If I get wet in the summer I say bring it on. If I’m shoveling it’s usually for a few minutes during the summer not for the hours during the winter.

The thought of going out in the cold turns me off while warm temps make the outdoors attractive again. Daylight is short in the winter which is depressing. Warm summer nights with late sunsets and libations in hand. If it rains in the summer no big deal. If it rains in the winter and temps are right you have a disaster.

All I know is I’m celebrating the season I’m most comfortable with. So this fine Sunday morning I think I’ll take a ride and capture a few new images before the chores take hold and starting the job that pays the bills tonight. I hope everyone has a great day.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s wonderful to have so many friends. It’s a lot of work keeping up with so many friends. But it’s always worth it.
  • My riding mower makes the noise that attracts the cicadas. A new challenge in cutting the yard.
  • I like making prints for others. Time to increase that activity.
  • I’ve discovered that cicada’s also like the sound of a leaf blower and string trimmer.
  • I love sharing a meal with my whole family. Sharing it out at a restaurant was a special treat. This was a great weekend.

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Memorial Day greetings

Finally a beautiful day on Memorial Day weekend. Too bad I had to sleep through over half of it and work parts of both ends of the day. I did make good use of the few free hours though and it was a wonderful time. Lots of friend’s birthdays, anniversaries, and occasions to celebrate this coming June. The month of May certainly flew by. Here in the northeast, it was a cool May which seemed unusual.

I’m thinking about the balance of this weekend. Far too many forget the sacrifices made too easily and only think of the celebrations, cookouts and time off. We ask very few to really fight for this country. But it wasn’t always that way. Early wars mobilized the whole country. Even those at home sacrificed working for the war efforts.

Burial detail at Arlington National Cemetery. Photo by Mike Hartley

I feel that the generations behind me are losing the history of my elders. Very few WW2 Vets are still alive. I saw a stat from March 5th, 2021 that said 300,000 were alive, less than 2%. Those actions, that service, that knowledge is soon to be gone.

I was telling someone how I never got that wisdom from my father. We didn’t have a chance with him passing when I was still young. I did get one message from my Mom about it and that was “war does horrible things to people.” And as I made more and more visits to Bethesda Naval Hospital over the years when I was young and then for her in her later years I’ve seen some of the results. From the ’60s when people maimed returned from Vietnam to the Gulf wars.

So today I consider myself a very lucky man to have been blessed with so many that preceded me who fought for Democracy. Thank you all again for your service. And also to those who serve today of course.

I’m going to be on a mission to capture some memories of a particular time in history at a place I was at soon. Before those people are gone along with the memories of some special times.

But tomorrow I hope to be out and about in the county recording some moments in time to share.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s always fun doing something you thought you might not able to do until that next thing that you thought you could do isn’t working now.
  • Mowing the grass on a Friday prevents having to do it on a holiday Monday. Especially when it rains all weekend.
  • Getting older is about acceptance. Yeah, you can fight against it for a while but time wins.
  • Love can get you through many things.
  • I’m very comfortable with Biden visiting Arlington. I was very uncomfortable with Trump on those grounds.

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Sunday thoughts and actions

It’s time to change up my routine. I’m not getting enough shooting in and unless I make an effort to change that I’m going to continue to be frustrated. Part of it is very easy. I have to take advantage of all the opportunities I already have. Commonly overlooked opportunities.

I’ve got to get out and walk the space. Observe the space and record the space. And when I’m not out and about create inside each day. I need to increase my study in the crafts I’m using. I need to open my eyes to so much around me every minute. That is one of the things I enjoy about photography, it helps me open my eyes and look for things I wouldn’t normally see. And it’s a blessing to have that desire and excitement to look.

Today I headed out to something long overdue. I usually get to visit my parents resting place a few times a year. But this past year I think I’ve only been once and that may be close to a year now. I know tomorrow would be the better weather day to go but I worry after working all night tonight that I might not have the energy to make the journey. Plus most of the ceremonial events are tomorrow and security and crowds await.

I’ve always liked going first thing in the morning on Sundays. The trams don’t start till an hour after opening. Fortunately, their grave is in the middle of the section so I don’t get many people by. Today this gentleman from N.C. strolled by and was looking for the Space Shuttle marker. I told him where I thought it was and exchanged greetings. Arlington National Cemetery is a beautiful place and a painful one.

Ocean Life Guards – One of my Nephews was an Ocean City Lifeguard for a few years. I see they took to their chairs yesterday morning to kick off the season. Please don’t make their jobs more difficult than it already is. Use common sense. Don’t go in the water drunk. Know your abilities in the water. Heed the warnings posted. Don’t be doing stupid stuff like fighting diverting the attention of the guards away from someone who may be in trouble in the water.

Guard tower at Inlet. Photo by Mike Hartley

Lets have a safe summer. One where we get along better than recent examples have shown.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Sunday mornings are the quietest of the week.
  • We seem to be entering this nasty pattern where it rains on my days off.
  • Even though sleeping well is the exception instead of the rule, it’s still nice to appreciate those few evenings.
  • Instead of the job sucking the energy out of me this week, I think I’ll turn the tables. Well, one can dream, can’t he?
  • If there is one constant in life it is that – “The rich get richer.”

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Do you feel like a nobody sometimes? I know I do. And that is OK with me. I’m somebody to the people that matter to me. And I don’t feel the need to be somebody to everybody. I’ll leave that to the Kardashians. The type of jobs I’ve had have pretty much been in the background or in the non-glamor positions. Again, I’m fine in supporting roles.

I know how important they are. For instance, a world-famous Editor can take a Pulitzer Writers best story and make it magic, the Design teams can take stunning Picture of the year images and Video with gazillions of views and put that together in award-winning fashion. And all of that doesn’t mean squat if the computer system goes down or the network can’t transmit the pages to the print site or the computer to plate system goes down or the website fails.

I’m fine with being in the background. Photo by Mike Hartley

I take pride in being part of a group of people that keeps the daily and minute-by-minute machines running every day of the year. Doctors may perform life-saving surgery, but it’s nurses who day by day bring people back to health, give them hope and inspiration. Most all professions have many behind-the-scenes people that make it look seamless and easy and repeatable without fail.

If you have ever worked nights, it’s a whole other world that keeps the world we all live in moving, powered, fed, cleaned, and stocked. Many other things also and it’s a world unknown to many. Yeah while you guys sleep.

Anyway, I was just comfortable sitting here knowing that I’m in a large group of company of nobody’s and that is great with me.

And who knows, maybe in my senior years I’ll write a good story or book or take those remarkable photos or videos. But I’m great with the few that follow along today and if that never changes, I’m very good with that. I’d rather affect a few people genuinely than the masses superficially. So back to work I get after my short pause.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I know not posting looks lazy. Really I have been anything but.
  • Yesterday marked 10 years since my Mom left this earth. I miss her. When your parents are gone, alone takes on a new perspective.
  • The Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers dispute is about poor communication. And I understand his position entirely.
  • As the rain started yesterday I stood with my granddaughter and watched the reaction to the drops hitting her skin. As it picked up I said time to go in and she didn’t want to and said “Stay.” I think she might be onto something.
  • Getting older is like going to war. People are dropping all around you.
  • I’ve always tried to vote for the person who I thought was best for the job. Well, that has been modified. I will never vote for any Republican official at any level ever again.

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Starting gun

Starting the week with the right mindset is important. And this week I’m successful at that. A friend was sharing with me how much he dreads Monday mornings. I sometimes dread Sunday nights which is the start of my workweek and have for a lot of years. Sometimes now though it doesn’t bother me or it bothers me more than ever. I think it’s approaching retirement time that either allows me to think this is on the tail end of the long journey and enjoy it, or it puts me into a funk because I can’t dance around the house singing “I Don’t Have to Go TO WORK.”

Far from the productive day, I was hoping to have today, but I did do some editing and made some close friends some prints I think they will like. I’ll see them on Thursday and see if that assumption is correct.

You know sometimes I think my children can sense when I need to see them. And the nice thing is they act on it. Some of us are just fortunate fathers.

So much violence in the news. Maybe the blog post title was a bad choice. I wasn’t thinking of all the shootings over the weekend but it’s ironic. I think I heard a talking head saying that the summer is when gun violence usually picks up. Life is so cheap to some people or holds no value at all.

Honey, I’m taking the Dog for a Walk? Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s interesting the things you learn about yourself along the way in life. Sometimes these lessons are internal but also it’s important to take external ones. Sorting all the opinions out is the difficult part. But I’m good at adapting and making life the best possible, at least in my later years of life I’ve developed that ability.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Getting back to laughing more feels good.
  • Hats off to the inventor of shrimp tacos.
  • I’ve got to start grilling more this week.
  • I hope to start an important project this week. Well several of them now that I think about it.

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Station Break

Sorry about the absence but I took a couple of days for some outside work, a grandchild and also some fun. I get to see my granddaughter once a week and I can’t tell you the recharge that gives me. I also got time to spend with my closest friends and their better halves on beautiful Kent Island yesterday. Days like that have been a long time in coming. It’s like a sign of returning to the past times that made life special.

It also begins a new chapter in our lives. One couple is retiring in short order and is a bit apprehensive. One couple just got what I think will be their forever home and I’m so happy for them except it does change one dynamic. We all have lived fairly close to each other for decades. And by we, I mean my best friends. (except for our brother in Florida). And when I say close 10-20 minutes max. Now we have over an hour’s ride to one of the group. But things like that don’t stop us. We will just have to plan better and adjust. We always do.

The more I ride bicycles on the flatlands of the Eastern Shore the more I like it. I’ve always enjoyed riding bikes. From my days when I could first ride and then having a paper route, and to riding to a real job in high school just before I got my own 4 wheels. Riding in Howard County used to be fun when I was much younger. Traffic now prevents the kind of freedom and you either have to cart your bikes to areas that are also getting increasingly crowded.

Riding a bike around a coastal town or boardwalk and along a bay are some of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences. It’s the beautiful views, sounds, and smells. It’s peacefulness, mostly found in the offseason but you can also get it in season if you’re up early or late at night. But yesterday the 10-mile jaunt to the south end of the island was great.

The more I go across the bridge the more it feels like another world. And by a bridge, I mean this span below. It’s just a more relaxed life across the bridge.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I feel like I’m using each day better.
  • The smell of salt air is refreshing.
  • If you both appreciate your significant other more each day, life is easy.
  • This pollen season seems heavier than some past. Maybe because it’s been so dry this month.

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Barefoot pause

One of the things I enjoy doing once the warm weather is upon us is shedding the socks and shoes and going barefoot. Formal attire becomes flip-flops. Well by the looks of my front porch and sidewalk that will be on pause for a bit. I’ve got a cicada convention and it’s just starting. When I mow on Friday I might have more shells and cicada chopped than grass. Yuck indeed.

And it won’t be long till the noise starts. I believe I’ve seen figures of 100 decibels or more. That is friggin loud. Bet it still won’t drown out those roosters in the neighborhood.

Music is the cure. Well, at least it still works for me sometimes. I got to blow the dust off the speakers a bit today because the home was mine. There are times that I miss that but I’m far more glad to have the company. But it’s still nice to be able to cut loose.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Even small levels of power can go to people’s heads and be used for cruel purposes.
  • The 17-year cicada flock is here. This is the first time I’ve had the thought of wondering if I will see them again.
  • Time to explore the county tomorrow. This reminds me I better charge the camera batteries. I have a few projects in mind.
  • We live in a very dangerous world where you could hold up a stop sign and people would argue if it was red or not.

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A call

It was 10 years ago today that I got a call. It was from my Mothers assisted living facility. Not unusual, I’ve been getting calls and updates from them for years. But I could tell the seriousness right away. I was in the car on the way home from work on a beautiful sunny May afternoon and the woman said my Mom wasn’t responding. They tried to stir her and weren’t successful and that she was alive but on her way to the emergency room at our local hospital.

I was very familiar with the emergency room from previous visits but I wasn’t prepared for this. She had a major stroke and was alive but gone. After a few days, the doctors said there wasn’t anything to do and released her to hospice care for another week and a half before she passed. That is a tough memory to let go of because of the time spent with her in those final days. There were so many good times to remember and here I have this vivid memory of those last days.

I was a son who was raised by his mother. We were close. I still look at her picture every day and pause. We all miss so many things in life when our parents are gone. And I’ve learned that time doesn’t much dull the loss. It does allow though for more positive memories. And I keep those throughout the year. And now I have a granddaughter to pass along her many great qualities to. But days like today and later this month are still gut-wrenching at various times of the day. So to all those without parents any longer, may your day be a good one filled with good memories.

Mom. Photo by Mike Hartley

The workroom restoration is successfully under way which is a great sign for my craft work. I finally created a sufficient workspace for some of my Dremel and Engraving tool work. So instead of working on a pile of crap and around a gazillion things I’ve left scattered about from home projects, I picked up, organized and trashed enough to even impress my better half when I showed her.

I find I like cleaning periodically because it always spurs new energy and inspiration. Lots of times because I see an idea I started or half finished project that I end up rethinking and making better. I see new opportunities and now I can move forward.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m so looking forward to test driving my new mattress and box spring in about 7 hours.
  • Congrats to my neighbor who pretty much shut down the Yankees today and got the win.
  • If I keep working this hard I might impress myself.
  • NBA playoff time this week. Love me some TNT crew. And for a change of pace the Wizards are in the dance.
  • Some people need incentive, and I’m just the guy to provide it. Well at least in the case of someone who has failed to act in a timely.
  • I’m wondering if I’m one of those people who can sculpt with a chainsaw. I have one and lots of wood to test it on?

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Loved me some Friday

Little things are important. Doing something little or even significant for someone else feels good. I wish I had more time to do for others but the job that pays the bills gets in the way of a lot of it. But I did manage to fit in one thing today that took a few hours but it brought a smile to some faces.

Sunrise this morning wasn’t as warm as this. Photo by Mike Hartley

I was wishing my body was feeling better, but all I have to do is think of someone I know going through Chemo to blow any thoughts of discomfort away. I’m trying to wait patiently for my referral to the orthopedic but being it took a week for them to send me one for physical therapy which had just finished with me and they said I need to see the orthopedic doctor because it was most likely a tear and the pain wasn’t going away. Maybe they think it will disappear if they let some time go by? I left a nastygram yesterday wondering if they even listened to the message last week. Such is life. I’ll get seen someday.

We are moving on a couple of big home projects and it feels good. One will give us a lot more space outside in a private area. We are at an age where we might as well make this home what we want and enjoy it now and into the future.

I hope that good feeling I had on Friday and progress made is even better today with a little more fun mixed in. And I think I’ll accomplish that by washing the go-cart -Miata – put the top down and go for a cruise. I believe I have at least a half tank. But first, a workout battling Mother Nature in the yard and trees. Few things shake Mother Nature but mentioning a chain saw gets her attention. I’m busy cleaning up some of her pruning anyways so I thought I’d beat her to the punch with a preemptive strike.

So the mask confusion will continue. I’m guessing some stores and obviously some places (public transport, air travel) will still require them. I worry about our youngest now getting exposed. Those youngsters without a vaccine shot. So many unknowns yet.

All I know is I’m trying to simplify life and enjoy it more. Something like stopping at the snowball stand today. Maybe going for a walk. Just enjoying being outside in nice weather.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I saw a gas line the other day. I thought I was having a flashback for a moment.
  • Going to see what a new mattress does for my back. Can’t wait for delivery tomorrow. Kind of ironic though. I work all night on Sunday evening so I won’t get to test it till Monday morning.
  • If you take care of a well-built product, they last.
  • It’s time to pick up the camera today.
  • It’s Preakness day in Maryland. Boy was that a wild celebration many years ago.
  • Please remember that many police do many heroic acts every day that many are thankful for.

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That’s it

Inspiration in the professional part of life has risen again. Feeling a lot more motivated and relaxed on the job that pays the bills. I guess one thing that makes it relaxing is that time is short in that pursuit. A few more years and then I’ll start to pursue other interests. I have more than enough items to fill that void when it happens. I wished a few people I know would look forward to hanging up the professional shingle and moving on to other loves and pursuits. But I understand it’s hard for some to accomplish that.

I’ve decided to start one of those pursuits early and head into a project based on the time and courage of someone I know. I was wavering and I probably still will but I’m going to forge ahead. There are opportunities in life and I hope I don’t pass this one by. I got some positive feedback from people I respect and I’ve used that to get a good start already.

I’m going to have to fold a few minutes in every day now to get this moving faster and faster because timing is important. After all, so many involved with this are older now. An example is I have to call a wonderful woman I’ve known for decades who is 91 and pick her memories. I started working on the dedication and titles also. Also decided on what email address to use for all the communications needed. So off I go on another tangent. Of course, I’ll be making it up as I go because of time constraints.

Triple the Pleasure. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Sometimes people surprise you in a positive way.
  • It’s not that I get more done after a good night’s sleep, it’s just that I feel better doing it.
  • I swear there is heroin in ice cream.
  • Don’t concentrate on a person’s absence, concentrate on their essence and joy they gave.
  • The day I don’t learn something, is a lost day.

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A special day

I saw my 2 year old granddaughter make her mothers day special, just by saying it and hugging her and giving her a flower and card. I saw my children make their Mother feel like a million dollars today. I saw wonderful caring gestures to ease her pain of missing her recently departed Mother. I went with my better half to visit her parents resting place this weekend and was reminded how much a child misses their parents.

To the many who celebrate the memory of their Moms. I salute you. Keep their memories alive.

You know when you see your own children step up at special times, there are few greater rewards in life.

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Ideas are great

Ideas are great. Execution of Ideas is Work. I think I had a good idea today but the work involved in it will be substantial. We will see, I reached out and touched a few friends today with it and look forward to their thoughts and interest. Sometimes ideas get better when shared. Sometimes though you might have to accept change going forward together.

I love ideas, I have a lot more of them than I’m able to execute, but I give it my best shot now. Which is the way it will be for the time to come. I’m inspired for today and tomorrow. And if you’re looking forward and acting on your ideas, you are living.

Brainstorm. Photo by Mike Hartley

But which ideas do we act on and what ones go on the back burner? What new ideas are spurred by revisiting old ones? Which are so large that they intimidate us from embarking work on them? Which ones do you work on for a great while and then say to yourself one day “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

All of us have ideas. A lot of those ideas that get crushed, make it harder and harder to have new ones. The ability to have an idea, act on it, share it, and have others refine and make it better. The experience of following the process through by working every step.

I have ideas I haven’t entirely followed through on but some things I’ve been doing along the way might lead to making some ideas a reality.

Mother Nature was providing some interesting twist and turns today. At least the day ended with a little sunshine.

A freight train of storms today. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m blessed to have children that do random acts of kindness for their parents often.
  • OK, who turned off the HEAT? I want names. Temps in the 50’s for a high? In MAY.
  • The New Yorker at Beef Brothers is a very good sandwich.
  • Dogs are so loyal. Humans should take some lessons from them.

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Plans change

I wanted to do a little shooting Tuesday but decided to spend some time with one of my best friends. I look at these meetings as very special now that we are getting older. After knowing each other for so long there is complete easiness in communication and deep respect. Also lots of joy, humor, and laughter, but sometimes some deadly serious life issues.

It sounds like I’m headed back to the Orthopedic office for the poorly functioning wing. I’m hoping I don’t need another surgery on that side. This body already is well into the double digits in surgical scars. But hey, what’s a few more to keep functioning. Luckily I haven’t developed a need for replacement parts.

Lets try flying the same direction for a change of pace. Photo by Mike Hartley

Oh, the days, those not so long ago, planning whose house to visit in what sequence and time for holidays and birthdays. This is the first year holidays and birthdays won’t be celebrated with parents. This will be a tough week because it’s Mothers Day and 2 significant parent’s birthdays. And each subsequent birthday or holiday or anniversary will be different. Plans change.

I guess we are now the elders in the family and so the cycle continues. Both my better half and I will be visiting the resting places or our parents this weekend. Our families gave us some really good examples to follow. Were they perfect, nope but they were very good people. So the bar is set high for us to improve on and we will do our best.

Time for thought. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m sitting here listening to some of my favorite tunes and appropriately the song “Time” by Pink Floyd came on. I remember that surround sound at Meriwether. No wonder my hair stands on end when I hear some of my classic rock. It seems like yesterday when I hear it and it makes me feel so young, but hell, it’s almost 5 decades ago.

And it’s time to stop obsessing about time. You got to live. And that means rest and relax sometimes. But at the same time, I want to live every minute to the fullest. It’s funny saying that and at the same time thinking about going out and doing yard chores. How is that living life to its fullest? How is cutting the grass living? Well, it’s all part of life as it is now. At one time I would spend extra time for that home and garden look, not that I ever got there but now it’s just keeping it presentable.

And I thought cutting the yard today would be boring. Little did I know I was going to get a wave from my granddaughter each lap around the yard. I wonder if I can rent her each time it needs cutting, it sure did make it more enjoyable.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I can’t help but feel disappointed in some of my local government agencies recently.
  • Breaking a sweat feels good. A shower feels better.
  • Kind of interesting that the older we get the less we like change but that is the age at which most of it occurs.
  • Well, let’s get this weekend started.

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Off and running in May

A flying start to the month, pretty much the whole cycle. One mixed with a little work and a little fun, as all days should be. But also the elation and disappointment highs and lows that life sometimes brings. The work part thankfully is around the homestead. Those winds created quite a mess of sticks, branches, and whole trees. Yep, one of the neighbor’s trees fell onto our yards. Our back yards go into the woods and he doesn’t cut his lower back like I do which is no problem but I’ll have to clear the top part of the tree that is on my side where I still do cut my lawn. I have a few trees in the far lower back that I’ve let go back to mother nature.

There are as many views of how one should take care of their property as there are people. We have a significant variation in this small neighborhood alone. At the entrance to our neighborhood is what I call the Halfway House. As you can see it’s halfway torn down. Rumor says it’s just been sold and I’m guessing someone is going to finish tearing it down and build anew. We have small homes and small mansions along with most things in between. Just across the street from this are million-dollar-plus home homes being built. Not good for me, just going to raise my property taxes.

It’s a mixture of different views, different nationalities, different beliefs, and different perspectives. I was going to say “you know, just like the rest of the world”, but no, it’s not really that way in some areas and that is by design in most cases.

I think I’ll start this as a photo project this week. Homes in the Hood. I need to get out and walk a bit and get that heartrate up so why not elaborate a little more on the diversity and delema I’m faced with next door.

I was hoping to start the week off in good mental and physical shape, hopefully, the body will recover tonight and the PT tomorrow will get me back on track. Mentally we will see but the outlook is not promising. One can’t be on top of the world all the time anyway.

Trees and Clouds in Red

Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • How does one not move when music is playing?
  • I wonder if those birds of prey circling over me while I mow the backyard know something I don’t?
  • Had a great dinner at Bolder food/drink on Rt 144 near Mount Airy Saturday evening.
  • Setting boundaries can be a good thing.
  • Those days that you feel distant from someone can be unsettling.
  • Sometimes you can send a message without saying a word.
  • Maybe rain on Monday is appropriate.

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Where will the mind wander

A great week so far. I don’t know if it’s just my optimism of some temps in the 80’s here for the first time in many many months. I’m soaking up some rays because I’ve spent some time outside and it feels great. I took a ride in the Miata with the top down for just a little over an hour the two warm afternoons and that really made living worthwhile.

Blooming good ride today. Photo by Mike Hartley

So where will the mind wander? Well on that ride it started out thinking about parents. I took a ride past both my home and the inlaw’s old homes and neighborhoods. That had a nice feeling to it. I would always look forward to visiting both so just that familiar streets gave a sense of calm.

There were some back roads and some highway time put in. There was Main Street in EC and the business district on Rt 40. Some ballfields at Wallace Park and some agricultural fields on Folly Quarter. There were a few exotics out cruising. A few people testing limits flying down Rt 29. I wasn’t in any hurry because it was a total pleasure cruise. And I’m rarely in a hurry now for much of anything.

Perfect weather and a beautiful time of the season for gardens and trees.

Another thing my mind wandered to this fine Friday was my neighbor was going through a Karen episode this past Wednesday. The nice thing though is I couldn’t understand one word of what she said. But she was excited, and still is I believe. She found out where the property line really is and she is very unhappy and from what I could tell still doesn’t believe it. Even after it was all staked out she was trying to tell me where it was. It cost me for the survey, but every penny was worth it just for seeing how pissed off she was.

I guess she wasn’t happy that they have to move one of their homemade building which is on our property. Oh yeah, they have to move their animal pen which is about 10-15 feet into my property over a 30-foot length, and oh, their garden out front into my property about 15 feet also. I started to throw the trash back but told them I wanted it off my yard. I doubt any of this will be done without county intervention which I sought out today.

This has been coming to a head for a long time now and the battle has been joined. Zoning and Licensing/Permits were contacted today. Animal Control gets a call and all the video I’ve shot on Monday about the birds being on the loose every day. This weekend when mowing the front which includes that garden. Also next week I call the EPA about the runoff into the stream behind our home.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Nature is surely doing some trimming this day. Luckily we have only lost power once today for a short bit.
  • I’m working on increasing the fun hours of the week.
  • Just lost a fairly large tree out back, the wind snapped it right in half.
  • There is no greater joy than a young child’s joy.
  • I know I’ve been slacking here. Some reasons are good, but for a few days, I’ve been lazy also.
  • I’ve been attending lots of live concerts this past year. Yeah, it’s YouTube videos of my favorite bands playing live, but the feeling is still great. And now with Merriwether opening again this summer it’s time to R&R for real.

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A child’s laughter & other stuff

I had the pleasure of listening to a 2-year-old Friday. My favorite 2-year-old in fact who’s my granddaughter. You really have to listen intently because they are in the process of learning words and meanings. So their pronunciation is just forming and just their excitement at communication gets them going faster and faster which is harder to pick up everything they are trying to say.

The experience of being a grandparent is wonderful and I’m blessed to be within driving distance to both my children’s homes so life is great. I so look forward to watching her each week. We aren’t the full-time support but we take a few days. This is going to be a special year at the beach. She was only 1 last year so it was pretty subdued. This year will be different I’m sure. One she has wheels. Those little legs propel her quickly in whatever direction her mind takes her. The water and sand will certainly get a workout.

Grandchildren are also a good reminder of how fast time moves. I hope I have a lot more healthy years to give them. For I have lots to pass on and many more laughs to share. I guess I should get on the treadmill and get some cardio work.

Some are slow to unravel. Photo by Mike Hartley

Storage shed sorting trip of parents belongings. I find it discomforting and comforting looking through our parent’s things. But that is the task when they pass. Making the calls on what to keep, what to trash, what various people would like as keepsakes. It’s very personal and raises many feelings. Are we doing it to their satisfaction? What would I want to be done with my own things? Are there special things we didn’t know about that will be lost?

It’s close to being cleaned out. Photo by Mike Hartley

Then there is just the discomfort going through someone’s things let alone a parent or loved one. Then there are the emotional pitstops. Those items that stop you in your tracks. Notes from the past, a rosery thought lost, a journal, a favorite hat, or fill in your own treasure here. But there are a great number of them in most cases that will bring tears.

I’m of the belief, that I can change things. That is a rather recent revelation to me. I’ve talked myself out of so many things over my lifetime. I just wished I had these thoughts and confidence earlier in life. I guess it’s just the confidence that comes with time, experiences, and wisdom. I won’t spend time worrying about what could have been different. I’m just trying to do something each day now and it feels great.

I don’t have to fix the world to make it better, most of the time it’s one person or thing at a time, which I hope in turn spreads to others. So take the time to talk to someone or pick up that trash.


Treats from Stella Notte last night were a welcome sight and very tasty. Some stuffed portabella mushrooms with spinach/artichoke and cheese in a wonderful sauce. Some fresh moterzella cheese and tomatos with balsomic vinegrette. Scallops and spinach and the diet killer Seafood Mac and Cheese. This is one of our go-to Italian places along with Facci, Pasta Plus, Anthony’s, and Maggianos. And a shout to a past favorite no longer with us Luna Bella.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Roots that have been dead for 5 years are still tough to extract from the ground.
  • It’s amazing what you can make fit through a doorway.
  • Panara flatbreads are good.
  • The rain didn’t do its job in helping me sleep last night.
  • Any day you can spend with your grown children is a blessing.
  • First time I’ve used some photos I’ve taken from an iPhone. My brain still hasn’t connected the phone and camera combination because I’m so used to picking up a camera.

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I’m hoping

I’m hoping with more time in the future I’ll be able to significantly improve my writing and photography. I see so much inspiring and quality work and I’m hoping that with more time practice and experience I might be able to create something special.

I’m hoping it warms up because I saw snowflakes yesterday morning and I won’t have that in April. Someone forward me Mother Natures’ digits so I can call her and personally voice my complaint. If you don’t know by now, I HATE cold. I despise temps this low in late April. I have an attitude when I step outside and apologize to those in earshot of me for the colorful description of

I’m hoping my better half feels better.

I was on my way home yesterday morning from a Funeral service and stopped by Dunkin Doughnuts at Marriotsville and Rt 99. In the parking lot were a heard of Harley full dressed bikes. And a crowd of black leather individuals outside the entrance. It turned out to be the Motor Maids from New Jersey out for a spin. A group of very friendly women out for a group cruise. They were trying to do a group shot on my way out of DD so I offered to assist and got my camera and snapped a group shot. Thank you for visiting ladies and ride safe.

I was hoping to ride again someday but that wish is fading. Not that I wouldn’t love it but risk-reward balance is tough to justify. I’m not young and cocky enough anymore to think my driving skills can keep me away from every dangerous situation. And with the way people drive now, it’s just not good unless you are in a pack of bikes where people will give you some room because they don’t want issues with a big group of bikers.

I’m hoping as always to leave this world a better place but it appears I have a mountain of work ahead to accomplish that goal.

I’m hoping to get back on track with some better eating habits, exercise and proper sleep. Stop laughing at me.

I’m hoping that the huge number of police, medical and teachers, and other professions under huge stress and fire don’t quit their careers. But I understand and see your pain in these difficult times. We need you and we will step up also. Don’t let what led you to those careers fade away, please.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Writing is a conscious effort that you have to make time for.
  • Wow, I got to see two very old friends today and hug again. Funny how you appreciate that much more now, being they haven’t been in great supply this last year.
  • Eating dinner out for the first time this coming weekend. I wonder what the dress code is on pajamas.

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Printing fun and a mirror

I feel so old school making prints for my kids and friends. I guess I grew up in the time of photo albums, framed prints on the walls, and tables and slides in a projector. But people seem to like them. I guess they could be humoring me but I don’t think so. I enjoy so much sharing family images and videos with them through email. But I make them prints quite often.

Giving a print I’ve noticed gives a different reaction most of the time than online viewing. The most common thing I see is a smile and pause when they look. Even when they are in a hurry, they slow down and look intently at them. They smile and share them with their spouse or say thanks with a smile. I’ve also noticed some people will turn and pause or take a few steps with them. Like some memory or new thought has been triggered. Sometimes they might shuffle through them again and smile.

I make prints because I like seeing my work like that instead of on-screen. I make prints to share my work in my home and office when people visit. I make prints to give in hopes it makes someone else happy. I make prints that someday my kids will hold and have a vision of what their father was seeing. I make prints that my friends will have the shared memories I had of us living and having fun. I make prints that might put a smile on a friend’s face maybe when they need a lift.

I remember the excitement of developing my first rolls of film and pulling prints from the baths that would make the image magically appear. That physical print, be it alone and just with a white border, or in a cardboard frame or a nice glass frame or just taped to the wall or with a pushpin is a thing of great joy for me.

I could inspect prints all day long. Photo by Mike Hartley

I saw a question of the day on Pointless Overthinking asking “what do you see when you look in the mirror.” I see a relaxed smile thanks to my better half, children, grandchildren, and wonderful friends. I see a grey beard that hides a firm jaw from many decades of hard work. I see naturally curly hair that is getting thin in spots but still has the spirit and youthful mindset. I see eyes that look tired and hide the pain. I see a body that is scarred from the surgeon’s scalpels but looks good for its age. I see a nose that loves the smell of food and in the last decade has been holding up the eyeglasses. I see a pair of ears that I always try to encourage to do a better job at listening and not speaking. I see a neck that most mornings sounds like a big truck going down a gravel road till I’ve stretched it out for several minutes. I see legs that have propelled me through life. I see a chest with a heart with a lot more love to share.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • You could sense the unspoken tension before the verdict the other day.
  • Like the pollen was having a problem making it to my respiratory system, mother nature thought a 30mph wind would get it all the way up there.
  • Can we continue to make good decisions as a society?
  • I washed my car on Sunday and was so pleased with how clean it was. I took it out for a spin on Tuesday and saw that mother nature was turning it orange.

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Questions answered. It was a weekend that began with a few question marks in regards to the homestead. Would the battery take a charge and would the engine turn on the tractor over if it did? Would I make it through the push-cutting part of the job without a lot of pain? Would the wounded wing behave? Would I be able to spot the box turtle before I hit him?

The answer was yes to all and the grounds look nice. So the season of yard work is off to a strong and successful start this weekend. My better half also does wonderful work with gardens so I’m proud of how the place looks to start this season.

Most all our neighbors use landscaping services. Photo by Mike Hartley

Lots of those big industrial mowers have double the mowing deck size of my old rider of 38″. I’m just happy that after more than 2 decades it’s still starting and finishing the yard strong. But watching those guys descend on the neighborhood got me thinking.

My 2nd mancave. Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s interesting to me how the industry has changed. When I grew up everyone cut their own yard or had one of the neighborhood kids do it. And that was a competitive business among the kids. Now companies roll up in trucks and trailers and people not of the neighborhood roll in and in a few minutes have the place cut trimmed and blown.

I had a try at a few of them when I had some health issues for 2 seasons. One was very good and the other was very bad. I wish the neighborhood kids still cut lawns. Then again we don’t live in a big neighborhood but you would think there would be some enterprising youngster around. I guess not because none have made themselves known in many decades.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • My car is red most of the year. Except for April and May when it is turned orange by pollen.
  • Hard work feels good. Well, most of the time it does.
  • Beef Brothers on Rt 40, had a really good meal from there. Oh yeah, can’t forget Ernesto’s the week before.
  • Looking forward to accomplishing a lot this week. I at least put the cameras to use this past week for some good family and people images. I hope to keep that going which reminds me, let me go recharge the battery in the Nikon.

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Random thoughts and random thoughts

If anyone could come up with a way to block all unsolicited phone calls and put all types of scammers in jail forever they might be the next Billionaire.

Racism won’t stop till it is no longer passed from generation to generation. Now figure out how to do that on a mass scale.

New ways are needed to feed everyone and have enough clean water if we are going to survive in the future. Either that or war.

It’s not just a matter if new technologies can be developed fast enough to deal with the worlds problems but will we accept or fight them also.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I wonder if the number of telemarketers and scam calls go up because I’m older or that I’m just home to get them now?

As neighborhoods change, some borders that were shared in harmony are no longer. True on a small and large level. But as long as peace talks can be had there is hope.

Despite the cool and cloudy start that sun was beautiful this afternoon.

I’m of the belief that watching grandchildren slows the aging process.

I get the distinct impression some states would rather not be states.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Thinking of a brave individual this day fighting a difficult battle.
  • I got the J&J vaccine. But thankfully too many other things hurt so I can’t worry about blood clots.
  • Logic has been a casualty of the last year or more.
  • We are all one giant ongoing medical experiment. But at least we are trying. Well, most of us.
  • I knew the feeling was going to be wonderful and uplifting when I started to see my best friends again.

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Lasting work

I think of something that is timeless. A song, a story, a movie, a poem, an image. Timeless is unique to all of us but none of us are timeless. Maybe for a generation but not forever like a classic painting or building. And what the hell describes timeless. I mean humans haven’t been around all that long according to some in the fields beyond my knowledge.

If I’m a lucky man I’ll create something timeless for my friends and family. Be it a memory, love, laughter, stories, pictures, or carving/engraving. Maybe I’ll do it and won’t even know it. Maybe I’ve already done it. I hope so because I’ve been working hard at creating memories. Sometimes not always intentional.

Twist and Turns of Life. Photo by Mike Hartley

I certainly know the children will always be the pride and joy of my life. I hope I’ve created a lot of memories for them.

One of my best friends and I were reliving a few memories on the phone today. Having such good friends for over 4-5 decades is a blessing and one that sometimes seems like it may be timeless. Of course, my better half and I are timeless. We will be with each other till we can’t be.

I just remembered that Mother Nature is timeless. Isn’t that a beautiful ending.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It felt good making someone laugh who is having a very difficult time.
  • The rhythm of a great tune can carry you through a day. But a stick shift will put a smile on your face.
  • I really feel much younger than my age now. It’s funny because when I was young I felt much older than my age.
  • My wounded wing is not improving. You don’t realize how much you use your dominant hand/arm till it’s not functioning 100%.

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I was a little lost today

Sometimes you just have to get a better look. Today when I went to open the shed, I found a new friend. Now I’m going to be paranoid about cutting the grass. I’ve never hit a turtle. Came close a few times but luck prevailed. I don’t let my grass get real tall anyway. But it certainly took off the last few days.

Flowers even for the frown. Photo by Mike Hartley

It was a wonderful week filled with family visits and as I sit here with only a few minutes to go in the week, I’m a very happy father and husband.

But this week I have to get stepping faster. So here is to picking up the pace. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • There are few things as loyal as pets.
  • Pets know where the ice cream is kept.
  • I started 4 different posts today and only finished one.
  • Our local snowball stand is open and life is good again.
  • Most of the family is vaccinated, so I’m resting a little easier.

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I’m of the age where my friends and I have grandchildren. I’m in awe of a child’s innocence and I see it in the faces of other grandparents. I wish the world could be infected with that feeling. Of wanting to make their world the best possible one. The kind, ripe with opportunity, experiences, and love. One of safety, peace, and people working together. One where life is cherished, and hunger and poverty are the wars fought.

I wish we all would remember the innocence we all had in our youth. Able to find joy in the simplest things. Optimism about the next day and the next 5 minutes regardless of what is happening in the world. Boundless energy accompanied by boundless curiosity.

Well maybe if just a little of that innocence invades my spirit today I’ll be a better person for it. Lets hope for a lot of it.

Color through the clouds. Photo by Mike Hartley

I took a little mental health break the last few days. Collected some thoughts, threw some others away. I shared some thoughts and hid some from others. I remembered some important people and spent some time trying to help some others. I thought about priorities but I wasted a few hours. I enjoyed a sunset and sunrise. A few conversations with my children and some thoughtful emails sent. Movement on some projects and drawing up plans for more. Even though no production was seen here the behind scenes was busy.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s very nice to hear the roar of the crowds again at events. I just hope we hear the roar of all those voices silenced by the virus saying be careful.
  • A few days of rain won’t dampen my spirits.
  • If you’re having a tough day – Insert Music.
  • The earlier you rise the more opportunities there are.
  • It’s funny when people decide they just don’t have time for the family anymore. Well, let me choose a better adjective. I think sad, might be the better choice.

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Guarded optimism

Having got our vaccine shots on Friday, I still have a sense of guarded optimism. I didn’t think about it much in just waiting for the vaccine, just tried to be as safe as we could. But the thought of just going out and being in large crowds is somewhat an uncomfortable thought.

Plus I believe I have to wait about 2 weeks for it to build the things in my body to make it less severe if I do catch it. With the numbers continuing to rise again I worry for others and encourage everyone to get the vaccine. I was skeptical of flu shots for years and then I started getting them over a decade ago. It hasn’t caught every year but most have been good. And I hope science will protect us again. Having spent time in hospitals for other things, my goal is to stay out of them as much as possible.

So back into society slowly but at least my spring and summer are looking up. I guess we now wait to hear how long these shots are effective for and when the next one will be needed. That’s not a complaint, just a wonder? Actually, I should be feeling good but with the CDC and officials throwing up big warning flags of another spike I have guarded optimism.

Another tragedy at the Capitol with an officer killed and one injured. Then again there is one every day, almost in every town be it an officer or citizen. So much hate in the world and these events just keep coming. It’s hard at times to stay hopeful and optimistic. But those are the things we have to do and find ways to combat this senseless slaughter.

Changing of the Guard. Photo by Mike Hartl

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I hid Easter Eggs in the yard for the first time in 3 decades. It was great watching them being found by my granddaughter.
  • I thought about it this weekend but decided next weekend will be the first cut of the yard this year. So let’s hope for rain.
  • A few good photo opportunities didn’t sneak by me today.
  • I wonder if I had been a reader all my life if I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do now.
  • A family is like a play. Full of characters, sometimes very joyous, sometimes very sad, sometimes both within the same play.

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Long time gone

I was listening to Crosby, Stills, and Nash, this morning and the song (Long Time Gone) played live at a concert. It got me thinking about time.

Time is a gift, time can be a torcher. Time flies, time crawls. Time to each of us is unique. Time to plan to act, or no time is given and just reaction time allowed. It seems like everywhere you go it’s a different time. People can have a wonderful and horrible time at the same event. Time is appreciated and disrespected. Time is a gift each of us has but can be a gift to someone else also. Time is something you don’t think about much till you realize that it is finite. And then again it seems infinite also.

I was thinking about a time the other day when a very sick friend came to mind. I remember being faced with some hospital time and recovery time which he is experiencing now. That time drove me nuts. I’m not one to want to just sit still and let my body heal. I don’t know which was worse, the pain or not being able to do much. I was recounting looking through my family room window looking out at the people I had to hire to cut my yard. The first time I hadn’t been able to do it and it drove me insane. A task I never really liked much except that I do like a nice-looking yard. From that day forward I have been nothing but happy and appreciative that I have my health, that I’m alive and can do it again. My neighbors must think I’m a little nut because I smile while walking and sitting behind the mowers or raking.

His struggle also reminds me to love each day and everything around me. Those messages were sent loud and clear each time I’ve faced a health issue but I get lazy and fall into old habits. I don’t want to do that because that means I’m wasting time, don’t have the right attitude and I’m not living life to the fullest.

It was Giving Day at Jersey Mikes on Wednesday and I love their subs and I love giving to charities. So the misses and I ventured up to Eldersburg. Mmmmm, Cheesesteak subs. Didn’t even bother me that it was raining the whole time.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The difference between concerts now and back in the day. We had our hands in the air also but they weren’t holding cell phones.
  • I’ve really got to clean up my drafts folder. Also my office.
  • Take the time to do something for someone who needs your support.
  • The greatest blessing is good family and friends.

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No more

No more excuses for not doing what I want. I have the opportunities and I just need to utilize then.

I would like to be able to say I’m strong enough to say no more Cokes. But I’m not so I cut it down to 3 a day. I know that still seems like a lot but when you can polish off 6-8 with no problem that is progress.

There are no more, just another day, in my life


This year its no more thinking about going to the beach, it’s getting in the car and going to the beach.

No more sitting at a ballgame. Remember that youthful spirit.

It’s not the size of the fan its the size of the spirit in the fan. Photo by Mike Hartley

I have reached a breaking point with my neighbors. Their place looks like hell, it smells like hell, and it’s noisy as hell. And for the umptieth time, their livestock is loose in the neighborhood. At one count today I had 8 roosters and chickens in my back yard. They were out in the court, they were in another neighbors yard. Well, I’ve heard sorry so many times it doesn’t mean anything anymore. And that is all I’ll say about that and no more.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I hope to participate in Jersey Mike’s day of giving on Wednesday this week.
  • Tuesday is Doctors Day. I’m thankful for my primary physician and my cancer doctors at UMMC. Which I will donate to later this morning.
  • There are only so many minutes in a day and there are only 10 left in this one so I better hit publish soon.

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Good and bad

I always feel good when I have utilized a day well. I may have overutilized the body though. But that always happens coming out of winter hibernation. I might get less exercise than a bear sleeping all winter. Well not really but the change in types of chores registers quickly.

Anytime I make my way back to the lower hill the calves and thighs get a workout with that steep incline. Just working the stiffness out of the long idle muscles used for bending over picking up a million sticks or weeding. Maybe that repetitive raking. Or the dead lift of big bags of mulch. I’m just glad it felt good to do while I was doing it.

Before and after. Photo by Mike Hartley

It was a nice day out and I spent a lot of it outside. A little cloudy late afternoon but dry. Today looks less promising. A day for the inside task. I had the printer rolling this morning and cranked out about a dozen prints. Also hung a few framed ones. Progress is slow but steady.

The job that pays the bills will start shortly and the weekend will be behind me again. I got to thinking and I’m down to far less than 200 work weeks ahead if all goes well. That is a manageable number but one that still looks like a long way off. Hopefully, I’ll have some time for my personal pursuits as well. If so I hope to show some of the efforts here.

Random Thoughts of the Morning

  • I’m finding it easier for my purchases at hardware stores to get ahead of my ability to get the projects done.
  • I miss the days of walking down the drive of the family homes we grew up in.
  • And I really miss the people that raised us in those homes.
  • Nothing like a warm cinnamon bun being delivered to you as you write the morning blog post.


Little time but productive

That rainy day allowed for some good sleeping yesterday. Longest I’ve been out in a while. And even though I rose late, I remembered it was a Giving Day for the Red Cross and American Cancer Society. So I pried my wallet open and gave some to each. They were doing a matching funds day. So the day was a success before the workday even started.

My best days are always when I can help someone else. Giving money is the least of them. Not everyone can afford to, but everyone has time. The giving of time is the most precious gift of all. Well, I guess blood and organ donation might be up there also. But I need to do better with my time in helping others.

Anyway it felt good to help a bit.

Of course, I could not let the day pass without acknowledging that it is Maryland Day. Too bad all the events were this past weekend according to this Maryland link. Well, the state doesn’t have a corner on the market for celebrations and events. I can have my own because I love this state. Plus it’s the start of my weekend so let the party begin.

Ocean City Maryland Beach and Parasail Photo by Mike Hartley

Yes, it’s probably going to be expensive to retire here. Yes, it’s way too crowded now. Yes, we have problems like every other state. But we have Maryland blue crabs and Old Bay seasoning and a great flag to start with. We have some really cool highways if you like driving at 3am. Otherwise, we have a lot of parking lots.

Just some sun and the two most important flags to me. Photo by Mike Hartley

We have some great people and some idiots. We have oceans and mountains and bays, rivers and lakes. We have history and historic sights. We have all 4 seasons. There are big cities and large farms. Beautiful state parks to bustling industry. Anyway, I like it despite its few flaws.

I’ve finished the workday and caught a few ZZZ’s, it’s time to shower and throw on my Maryland tee shirt and hat and kick off the festivities.

Oh, I can’t go without mentioning the Lady Terps in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. That is one well-coached and well-run program and we are lucky to have the consistency and excellence they have shown. And I think they have a great chance of going all the way. I go to Maryland games with my Son. Maybe I should start taking my Daughter to see the Lady Terps next year. I can’t wait to get back in that stadium and hear the roar and see the Maryland flag come down through the stands. of the student section.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • If a majority of people hate having to cut grass why do we buy so many products to make it grow more?
  • An old friend just retired. I’m jealous.
  • I’m also dreading the day if I ever have to return to the office.
  • I used to enjoy the sound of a clock ticking. Not so much as I age now.
  • The search for a shot begins.

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Going Green

Spring is ready regardless if I am or not. With the return of the nice weather, we have to mix in the outside work into the weekly mix. And that is no small task out here in spacious Woodstock. No, I don’t have an estate but I do have an acre of land. Well, I guess someone in an apartment might consider it an estate but it’s not.

Walk through the gate and you find yourself mowing grass. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m not rich (in cash terms) so I can’t hire a yard service. Or the guys to do the landscaping or fill in the ruts from some erosion. There are a few big trees that I’m going to have to have dropped but we will cut them up and haul them. There are a half dozen major projects we have to do this year. Like that hole in the ground that used to be a pool. That will be filled in soon.

I believe next weekend is the mulch delivery and the weekend after that will be the tons of fill dirt. That cart and tractor are going to get a workout. Hope that 2 decades old John Deere keeps starting up.

Nice cut. Photo by Mike Hartley

All of that is OK for now. I’m still up and about and I hope to keep it that way for a good number of years. I had a longtime neighbor who worked out in his yard well into his 80’s. And to be honest I hope it helps keep me healthy if I’m smart in how I go about it, I believe it will help me.

Accomplishments abounded yesterday till the shoulder and back decided to put a halt to activities and for me to get horizontal for a while. I didn’t think picking up a few trash cans full of sticks or vacuuming the fleet of vehicles from their winter waste would start the pain but it did. Oh, I know what it was, cleaning those gutters did it. Regardless, forward we go. All I had to do was think about someone I know who is not doing well and the suffering he is enduring to feel like I’m on top of the world again, at least mentally.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’d like to run electricity into my new shed. Of course, I haven’t even broached the topic of a new shed yet.
  • Each year I have to look up which cable to take off the mower battery first when removing and then which one when installing. I think I’ll write it on the shed wall this year to save myself the time.
  • Life is tough even with a good family support system. I have trouble thinking about what it would be like without it.
  • Sometimes people give a lot more than 100% of themselves but don’t give themselves the credit for it.

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Yes, it’s that time of year for the mother load. A basketball junkie’s dream. More bounces of the ball than the eye can keep up with. One and done. You lose you go home. Tension to the max every game. Kids’ dreams being realized. And at the same time, huge fan bases crushed.

And as I rose this morning I was distressed to see the usual crap that ruins a great contest like this. Overzealous people losing complete perspective and sending these young athletes crushing messages and threats. And when I say Overzealous I mean F’ing idiots who should serve jail time for making threats like that. So, way to go Ohio State fan, you have shown what the problem is for a lot of Universities who haven’t sent the right message to their fan base that that is unacceptable behavior.

Remember people, “IT’S JUST A GAME”. Come on, I’m a huge college basketball fan. Been going to Maryland games since the mid-’60s. I live and die with this team each year. But I think we need to start standing up to these people when we see and hear them. Or report them if we see social media comments that are threatening or wrong or mean-spirited.

College sports are a wonderful thing. A fairly closely matched age group. Young men and women learning new teammates and systems and competing at the highest level of skill while getting paid NOTHING for the pleasure of doing a sport they love. Yeah I know some of you will question the “play for nothing” and you are right in some cases but it’s still the closest thing you can get to a highly competitive game with great skill in a group that isn’t professional. And the way tournaments are done the drama can’t be matched.

Go TERPS Photo by Mike Hartley

Like yesterday when we said this game is over, it’s going to take a miracle for Va Tech to win. Down by 3 with 7 seconds left and the other team shooting 2 free throws to ice the game. I then said it’s going to take 3 miracles for this to happen. I said he is going to have to miss both free throws and then they have to hit a game tying 3 pointer, to send it to overtime. And then they flashed what the player shot for the season at Free Throws 52% and we all had a head tilt. And then he missed the first. And then he missed the second. And Va Tech rebounds gets down the court and swisch, tie game and OT. And I was wrong also. They needed 4 miracles, because they lost in OT. But talk about your excitement.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The handshake and hug are not things of the past.
  • A very special day that puts a huge smile on my face for a very special loved one.
  • On the verge of being eligible for the vaccine feels like a comforting thought.
  • At least once a day you should feel like you’re living life “balls to the wall.” It might be just listening to a classic song and dancing to maybe putting your right foot on the accelerator a little more than normal. Maybe just stepping outside at night and howling at the full moon. Start a new hobby. Do something to make yourself feel alive.
  • Wow, a post before lunchtime. Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf.

After I saw some comments to the player that was targeted I saw a reply from a speech by former president Teddy Roosevelt, I had never read but its fitting.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

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I’m finding it takes longer to recover from the workweek. It’s different than the past. It didn’t seem to take a physical toll before. Not that I should complain. One of my best friends is still doing very physical work into his mid 60’s now and what he deals with is punishing. But I’m still tired and my body doesn’t seem to just tolerate it anymore.

It seems to me life is about recovery. Be it a hard night of partying or stress or toll from a job. People are all the time recovering from personal loss. Recovery from tragic events from Mother Nature or just a long drive home after a long day at work. Recovery is constant if you’re trying to move forward. For that takes energy and devotion and strength. All of which need time to recover.

The wind is coming Friday. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sleep is one method. Unwinding with friends. Dinner night with your significant other. Maybe sitting in front of the TV with it watching you instead of the other way around. Reading a book, or going for that run. We all know these things but we get out of practice. Sometimes slipping into bad habits.

For instance, looking at grief. This is a very individualist type of matter. Everyone grieves differently and even for different periods of time. And yes it’s OK to grieve forever. I will never stop missing my parents just like most people in the world. I will miss pets I’ve had forever. But grief not balanced can be difficult to recover from.

Some are recovering their whole lives. Think about injured soldiers who have to live with huge struggles. Or the children born with defects in their bodies. All the people recovering daily from fighting cancer and other huge medical battles.

I’ll always be a recovering alcoholic. I spend time trying to recover my youth going for a spin in my little go-cart of a car. I’d love to recover some more time with my children when they were young. Sometimes going to my parent’s grave is a form of recovery.

I spend all day having random thoughts and then try to recover them when I sit down to write. I spend time going through old family things in hopes of recovering some heirlooms. I hope to recover from this dry spell of posting infrequently and recover an audience. But then again I blog for my own sanity and therefore I’m recovering some of the brain cells I seem to be losing.

It’s a shame we aren’t more kind to each other because we are all recovering from something each day.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Days you feel creative are really fun. When you get a chance to act, it’s even better.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a day free of insurance and drugs to fix whatever ails you, commercials?
  • China Taste never disappoints.
  • The more birthdays that are more special than your own are a good indication of how rich you are.
  • Thinking I’d like to finish more things than I start tomorrow.

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I’ve been fighting a few small injuries of late. But a couple of things are making me feel very appreciative of the health I have today. One is for a grandson of a brother from another mother as he likes to say. Kids facing medical challenges are just the toughest thing a parent and grandparent can face. The second one is an old co-worker who is fighting some very tough cancers. The third was a sister from another mother who was in the hospital. All these recent events make me give thanks that my family is good today and that I can easily move on from a few aches I have.

It also gives me the desire to think about these people regularly, to wish for their comfort both mentally and physically, and to check-in or act on something. And I think that something being I can’t see them is to make a charitable donation or two.

I’m blessed that life has always found a way to remind me to be appreciative of the health I have every day. When I was young and my father’s last stations at Bethesda Naval Hospital I saw troops coming back from Vietnam and going through surgeries and recoveries. I’d see these young men walking through the halls or in gurneys with nurses that had been maimed badly. And I remember my Mom holding my hand saying always remember there is always someone worse off than you.

Counting on a good week ahead. Photo by Mike Hartley

It reminds me of a time a few years ago when I was feeling down. I was getting radiation treatments after the surgery didn’t get all the cancer. This young girl maybe 5 or 6 years old, hooked to a mobile tree of medicines hanging from it running into her sat across from me before we were called in for our treatments. She was so happy despite this. She had obviously been treated for a while already because her hair had gone but she was as proud as you can be. She was with her mother and she was so polite with her. She never stopped smiling. I wanted to say hello and ask her name but she was so busy with her Mom that I didn’t want to interrupt.

The courage of the child, enjoying life despite what looked to be very big challenges was something I will never forget.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Every day I spend more time about thinking how to help others than myself, the happier I am.
  • Congrats to my daughter’s alma matter Mount St Mary’s for getting to the Dance.
  • I was letting isolation get the best of me lately but I’m snapping out of it.
  • Working with wood is fun. I got a lot close to finishing a piece today.

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Creating each day

I look forward to the day I can spend more time writing, carving, photographing every day. But in the meantime, I’ll do my best to utilize what little time I have. And the coming days are ripe with opportunities. I’m starting today with a few hours of shooting after a 10 am meeting.

Yeah, it’s College Basketball season so there are priorities. Not much trumps my artistic endeavor’s but the Terps playing got my full attention the last two days. Thankfully I was off and caught both games live.

That’s right, March Madness is upon us, and while it’s not the same it is a victory they made it this far.

Yes, it’s about money for both the NCAA and networks, but I always look at it from the kid’s perspective. It’s the highest level most will achieve in their lifetimes in a sport. It is a special time that teaches them many lessons along the way. The team is one of the important ones. Also hard work. I salute the Coaching staff and kids. We will probably see some great creativity in the next 3 weeks.

Go TERPS Photo by Mike Hartley

I see Duke will probably miss the dance for the first time in 24 years. That is a nice run. And speaking of Duke (the most hated Maryland foe for decades) I believe the Michigan team now holds that current ranking. With Michigan State running second. Anyway, it should be an exciting event if people can stay healthy. And that is still a big if, even though it’s been impressive they have played so many games this year already.

Even watching it this year will be different. This is usually a big gathering of my friends. Sometimes we spend the first two days of the NCAA Tournament watching about 24 hours of basketball, gorging ourselves and laughing and cheering and sometimes dying as our teams might go out. Well while that might not be the case this year at least we have something to view, unlike last March Madness which was canceled. I just hope for the safety of all involved and for the University of Maryland to play and do well.

Friday I got some wonderful shots of my granddaughter. It has inspired me to shoot more today. I spent an hour or so making prints from that visit and her birthday. I’m old school, I like prints. Think I’ll see what I can find around the county today when I venture out and about

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Selection Sunday (NCAA basketball tournament selection show) is really like your belly button. Your either an inny or an outy.
  • Given the current state of elderly care and being somewhat close to it makes me very nervous.
  • I wish the rest of my body would feel as young as my heart does.
  • I have a wonderful family which makes everything else I face in the world manageable.

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I had shorts on earlier today. The first time this season where I could step outside comfortably. And as is usual for March I’ll probably have to put them away for a week or so before the warmth returns. It’s just like that in this month. NIce one day and then cold the next.

I’ll take it though, the nice weather that is. I will allow a gathering of my best friends tomorrow outside for a quick Happy Hour. And for that, I’m thankful and excited about it. A few months have passed since we all gathered and flipped the laughter switch in person. It should be a hoot.

Also tomorrow I sense a top down day on the convertible. I haven’t been out for a joy ride in some time. Maybe my better half will keep me company and travel some back roads and soak up some sun together.

Another fun bumper sticker. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The past 4 days have taught me the importance of the calf muscle. Who knew mobility depended on them so much?
  • I’m glad music still causes me to get to my feet. But some of the gyrations I used to do I have to be careful of now.
  • Old is a state of mind that can be overcome. Unless your body disagrees and reminds you who is in charge.
  • Bags of jelly beans should come with a warning label not to eat in less than three sittings.
  • Getting into my Miata reminds me of jumping into a go-cart seat in my youth. Getting out of my Miata reminds me I’m a few pounds over optimal weight, have a bad knee and bum shoulder, and over 60.

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It was a bit chilly outside this Friday and Saturday. The wind chill is significant. I’m a little bit chilled out after my physical Friday. I really enjoyed chilling with my granddaughter. What a wonderful chilled day. A few more days of chill ahead and then warmer temps.

Frozen in inactivity. Photo by Mike Hartley

And warmer temps will bring us all outside. And the park we visit will begin to thaw and accept the crowds again. Let’s all be chill with each other as we gather again. Share a path and a smile. Oh yeah, you can’t see the smiles anymore, maybe a wave or head nod to each other.

Centennial Park. Photo by Mike Hartley

Life was teaching me a few lessons the last day or two so that is why I’ve been absent without leave. I learned my furnace and A/C are getting near the end of life after this last repair. Seems like it was just yesterday I was paying for new ones. It’s actually been over 2 decades so that isn’t bad. I’ve been lucky that we have been able to endure things like that. So many people struggle to make ends meet month to month. A lot of time due to no fault of their own. Life is tough for a great deal of the population. I think I’ll find a way to help someone or a few people today.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m hard on myself on how I use my time. But that is in hope that I make better use of it the next day.
  • I love the smell of bacon on a weekend morning.
  • If you laugh and pause and laugh again at a Dilbert cartoon it reminds you of your job.
  • My doctor reminded me that regular checkups are part of remaining healthy. And in looking at my life they certainly have prolonged it a few times. So I encourage you to get to the doctor if something is ailing you or if it’s time for your annual checkup.

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It made no sense till it was explained. I was looking at a report from CBS News on traffic deaths this past year. It seemed to be saying driving deaths increased last year during a pandemic when people were driving less. And it seems to be something I noticed a while back when the roads got empty. If there were people out, they were flying. So the open roads increased our speeds. There you go. Face it, most people can’t handle speed. They don’t do it often enough to have control of it. Horsepower in cars far exceeds most driver’s capabilities and as someone in the report noted our cars aren’t crash-safe at 100mph. I noticed that in the 1980’s when I was riding motorcycles. They were at the time going through a performance revolution and the bikes were more capable than the driver’s abilities.

Check out the bumper sticker. Photo by Mike Hartley

It proves a long-held theory of mine that speed kills. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go fast. I don’t do it much at all now. And not the kind that where I’m going in and out of traffic on highways. That was never my idea of good driving. Maybe just a quick sprint from a light on a divided highway to the speed limit and that is about it. I don’t have any horsepower machine to do anything crazy. As alluded to there were times in my youth where stupid chances were taken. My circle of friends all loved muscle cars and I had a mild one myself for a bit before I switched to two-wheel performance.

Driving a vehicle is like owning a gun and using it. It must be done responsibly.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I know why Texas canceled their mask mandate. They need them to filter their water to drink.
  • I see today is the National Day of Unplugging from our electronic devices. I say if you need a specific day of the year to do that you are already way out of control. Try practicing it often, life is a lot more enjoyable that way.
  • Life in the Fast Lane is just a good song, not an inspiration to stay out there.

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Go with the flow

I believe I can see the difference in the flow of water when it’s cold. No not frozen but just cold vs the middle of summer. It looks like it’s moving slower. Probably just my imagination. I know I don’t move as well in the cold so that’s my logic and I’m sticking to it. I felt like taking a ride today and had an errand to run anyway so it was good to stretch my legs for a few minutes and grab an image or two.

Keep on flowing. Photo by Mike Hartley

I keep peaking ahead at the long-range forecast and next week is looking like something that might draw this bear out of hibernation for the year. I think I’ll put my better half in the passenger seat and explore a bit again if it does warm up next week. I hear tomorrow is looking good also so maybe a walk in that new plush neighborhood across the street. I saw some new gates at the entrance, they weren’t closed but I’m wondering what might be to come. I believe it’s a county road so not sure that is possible. He with money anything is possible. Greed and excess make me sick.

A shot from Journey from Junk in EC. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m ready for some hot summer nights.
  • If you’re not looking for more time in the day you’re not living.
  • If I’m at peace with myself there is a lot less turmoil to start the day.
  • Really missing a lot of friends. We talk, we zoom but we don’t do the things we used to.
  • You learn about the effectiveness of your insulation when your furnace goes out.
  • Don’t get lost in planning retirement. Just make it there and live it up.

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Today I learned who wrote “Into each life, some rain must fall” and that was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from the poem “The Rainy Day”. I was thinking of that line for two reasons. It was raining all Friday night and morning. It’s raining again today. It’s going to rain tomorrow and maybe on Wednesday.

I’m also thinking of some people I’ve been talking to that are fighting cancer. Some holding their own and some not. That is the kind of rain I believe he is speaking of. Something bad and difficult happens to everyone in life. It might not seem like it but that is pretty much the rule I’m thinking.

Uncle – I’ve had enough rain. Photo by Mike Hartley

So I went in search of rain photos I had and I’m woefully out of stock of personal images. The only ones I found that I liked were above at a gas station and below shot of my neighbor’s sunflower patch. So what an opportunity to reverse this limited selection and see what this inspiration and coming days of wetness can bring.

Sunflowers in rain Photo by Mike Hartley

So I got busy thinking of how to illustrate rain. The good old umbrella images I guess. People running with them or rain bouncing off of them. If it were summer I could find a spiderweb with raindrops on it. Maybe droplets in a puddle? Or road spray from cars and trucks. Rain rolling off gutters or running down cars exteriors. Maybe someones pet with a raincoat out for a walk or boots in a puddle.

But these seem so obvious and probably done better than I can so I’m trying to think of something different to represent rain. I’m not sure what it is or if I’ll accomplish it but there will be time to practice it this week it appears. Here is my first shot from this Saturday morning below attempting to do something different. Then again, all of my work seems to have holes in it. Ha Ha.

The patio table reflecting the woods behind the home during Saturdays morning rain. Photo by Mike Hartley

More Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I kind of like rain. Don’t get me wrong. I love sunshine and warm temps but I’m not into desert conditions.
  • I think I hear the grass in the yard starting to wake up.
  • I’m going to have to write a book of expressions related to trying to stand up or sit down some days.
  • My new bookcase looks good. Now my goal is to read everything in it.

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Opening the door and stepping out to the porch and soaking in 60-degree temps (the warmest day of the year so far) on Thursday was a revival of sorts for me. It allowed me to drift ahead in my mind of being outside regularly again. Soaking in sunshine and nature and life again is on the horizon. It gave me hope. Winter is depressing to me. A struggle to power through but we’re almost there.

Life sure has a schedule of its own and I’m trying my best to adjust but I’ve missed time here again. I’m trying to not let that bother me but it does. Sort of like a day without something that matters to you. Not that I haven’t been busy and productive with other parts of life but just not so much here behind my eyes.

warmth Photo by Mike Hartley

Today though, I got that special warmth from my granddaughter. The first PaPa of the day and her laughter warm my heart. I love being able to make her laugh. She’s going to be 2 years old soon so she’s like a wind-up toy. Sit her down and she’s off. She makes me smile all day long. Even when she is napping with me or my better half.

So it’s a great start to the weekend both weather-wise and attitude-wise. I hope to pick up the cameras in the next few days and get something fresh here to post. I’ve been reading a book on photography and learning a little more about my camera each day. Now I just have to practice and keep learning.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I finally asked myself why am I paying so much for car insurance when I don’t drive the number of miles I used to? My agent is going to be asked that same question on Monday.
  • I’m discovering the joy of reading. Who knew there were things other than technical manuals.
  • Sometimes I dream of what I can do with the 50 hours a week I spend at work and using them on creative and fun interests and of course grandchildren.
  • No matter how tight I get the top on, it seems the Krazy Glue and Gorilla Glue always go bad before the bottle is finished.
  • Working with a broken pair of reading glasses today isn’t optimal.
  • The lies being spread this weekend are a prelude to more violence to come.

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So many choices

Sometimes I sit and smile for a moment when starting to create the blog post for the day. And that smile is because of the “Add title” line at the top of the page. That seems so open and inviting. It’s an invitation for anything and endless possibilities. Most days it’s my first thought of reflection or anger or love or aches or success or maybe just waking up. Other days it’s my last thoughts of the day before I start the night’s work or maybe it’s my lunch break before midnight and a final edit or rewrite takes place.

A lot of days I feel thankful to have the opportunity to express some thoughts and images. Others I use to work out conflicts in my mind or reflect on the feelings of a good day. Maybe the experiences of watching a grandchild during the day, all the way to a man entering his senior years who doesn’t sleep well. I can’t believe I just said that. I feel like I’m just getting started in life in some ways and Father Time is telling me different and I’m feeling cheated.

I think you missed a spot guys. Photo by Mike Hartley

So I take each opportunity each day a little more special now. Constant reminders about the frailty of life either inspire appreciation or carelessness. I’m not saying carelessness in a bad way either. Maybe carefree would have been a better term. Someone in their 90’s going skydiving for the first time comes to mind.

I’m glad that blank title line doesn’t have an intimidation factor that stops some. Long ago I opened my mouth and as the famous quote goes “Better remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” so everyone knows now so there is no hiding it. Which in a way is nice freedom. I read so much well-written stuff and it inspires instead of intimidates now. I see beautiful images and art in others that my senses are challenged to see if someday I could make something like that or better.

Some days I write because it makes me feel good. Some I write to try to make others feel good. Sometimes I write because I’m confused or perplexed. Sometimes I’m writing when I should be sleeping. Maybe to some, it seems like I am sleep writing. But now I’ve run out of time to write so I’ll have to look forward to tomorrow’s excitement.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m working on disproving the theory you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
  • If the freezer weren’t so small I wouldn’t have to eat the ice cream so fast.
  • I’ve shoveled the 3 “S’s” of Winter. Snow, sleet, and slush. I declare winter over.
  • Almost time to remind my local O’s fans that the Yankees will dominate again this year.

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Please clean your ice off

Yesterday my Daughter and family were on their way to our home when a sheet full of ice flew off the SUV in front of them and crashed through the windshield. Thankfully they weren’t hurt. It was lucky she was in the back seat with the baby because there is where it hit hardest, shattered and caved in the window on the passenger side. My Son in law was hit with glass but is good. Thankfully he maintained control and didn’t crash.

Yes, there is no law in this state (Maryland) that mandates you clean your roof off, but just like masks have the common courtesy for others and clean your car or truck or SUV off before heading out, please. I know it’s a pain in the butt. I know it’s difficult to reach. Stop thinking about it and just make it part of your routine in cleaning the vehicle. I’ve sat here today feeling so blessed that didn’t turn out worse and I will probably think about that for days. Maybe everyone needs to have a loved one’s windshield shattered while driving to get this done. Nah, we’ve already proven there are a lot of people in this world who just don’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves. A nasty and sad element of our society.

Just a little ice on my trees. Photo by Mike Hartley

Feeling better this fine Sunday so life is good. Of course, that is also true when I’m feeling bad. Like yesterday when I got to see my children but was still in a bit of pain from Friday’s battle with a few inches of frozen tundra. My children and their children are an easy fix for whatever ails me. But what about when I can’t see them and improve my feelings?

I’m doing better at finding those things. The more I do the better I feel. Made them a couple of nice prints and framed them. I started a few other pieces that I need to finish up and give to them and get going on some others. I’ve got a long list of people I’d like to make something for. So I had better get busy and keep at it. Time to do those things are precious so do them right.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m really trying to be smarter about eating but knowing now it takes thought and discipline. But it’s a worthwhile goal.
  • One of my best friends got a new Ford pickup. Now I have a second that can carry my Miata in their truck beds if I need.
  • I rise too early in the day when I have to work all night.
  • It feels good to do some reading. I’ve been catching up on some blogs and a book.

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On the edge

I look at the events in Texas and think to myself that none of us are far from similar situations. We are all dependent on basic utilities for the most part. Yes some of us might have generators but how much fuel do we keep on hand? Just about everyone is on a municipal water supply, except for those of us out in the country living on wells.

How much food do we keep in stock, maybe a few days, a few weeks? Do you have emergency medical supplies? Where would you go if your home was no longer livable? Do you have emergency funds if ATMs are down? How much water do you have stored up? There are a million and one things to think about that we take for granted that are at our disposal in normal circumstances.

Power lines off New Cut Rd. Photo by Mike Hartley

I don’t spend my days or even hours fretting about this stuff but I am adjusting my plan as events around the world and country show what can happen when not prepared. I would say we have been more prepared than most who also live paycheck to paycheck. We keep at least a couple of week’s worth of food and probably could say a month a lot of times with a little conserving. My better half keeps a nice supply of bottled water.

But I have holes in the plan. The small generator I have won’t power much. I don’t have it tied into the panel so the well pump still isn’t powered. I don’t have a really good supply of fuel as a backup. I used to have a pool so water for flushing toilets was there but no longer being I’m filling up that hole in the ground (alias Money pit) so the water becomes more important. So getting my backup power and tied into the panel so water can also be had is the first step.

Power along Carroll Mill Road. Photo by Mike Hartley

I know all these things because I live in the sticks. Well, the sticks surrounded by sprawling suburbs of cities so our power has had some difficult years if not brutal ones with multiple days and sometimes weeks of outages. Most weather-related of course but not always. I’ve lost count of the times it’s gone out for 3-7 days at a time. But knock on wood, we have been on a good roll here in northern Howard County.

Anyway, it was just a thought about being more prepared. I know it’s not cheap. But when those things aren’t available it can be painful and dangerous. In a lot of cases, the generosity of others carries the day through. But what happens if everyone is in the same boat?

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • When you can’t open your car door because it’s frozen shut, it’s hard to think about going anywhere. And I’m cool with that.
  • Any day that starts with bacon grilling, can’t be all bad.
  • Greed erodes morals.
  • Digging through that ice did a number on my back. I don’t mind shoveling snow but that was wrong.
  • I have a taste for BBQ.
  • I vow to get my email inbox under control.


Frozen in time

The last few days I’ve felt kind of frozen in time and thought. Always lots to think about in life but there are times where I just need to pause and regroup. I guess these past few weeks have been a mixture of that. I’ve managed to keep the professional life unaffected but my ability to relax and just create and write wasn’t. I still don’t know what I’m doing or where this post is going. I know I’ve been shorter with people than normal. Apologies to my better half at least and to a dear friend.

And you think its cold where you are. Photo by James Hartley

I know I shouldn’t be like this. Usually, I’m good at kicking what ails me mentally in a day. And in recent years my down days are few and far between thankfully. But the last few weeks I’m good a day and then I’m in suspended animation again. Lost in debilitating thought. I remember the years this was a constant struggle and war. And this period of thought instead of action reminded me of the old days.

And it’s not complete inaction. Each day I haven’t published a post, I’ve started one and created some lengthy ones. But I wasn’t satisfied with them and ran out of time that day. It’s not like I haven’t picked up the camera but what I’ve taken I haven’t been pleased with. And both of those go to my mental state. Well, I’m feeling better tonight so maybe we can string a few good days together and then a few good weeks, and then I’m off on a good roll into spring.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Sometimes I just like listening to instrumental music.
  • I had my first meatball sub in ages last night. I think this evening is round 2.
  • Sometimes I think I do this so my kids will know what I’m thinking.
  • Not knowing what my own father ever thought is torture.
  • Doing something helps me figure it out along the way.

Photography Assignments of the day – this way if I make my goals known I’ve got some more accountability. Or at least guilt myself into keeping some kind of pace going.

  • Frame two-family collages I made for my children.
  • Think about different ways to shoot snow tomorrow.

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Dropping in

Where did I go? I don’t know because I feel like I’ve been working hard here but nothing to show for it. I started a post each of the last two days but wasn’t satisfied with either. They will be seen, they just need more work and thought. So in the meantime, I thought I’d pop in with a picture and some wishes.

Hopefully some melting today before tomorrows new coating of ice here in the great state of Maryland.

A Valentine’s wish. How do you make the happiest man on earth happy? I don’t know about the rest of you happiest men on earth but I’d be overwhelmed if I could spend the remaining time in my life hand in hand with the one that has been by my side the last 4+ decades making me one of the happiest men on earth.

A Political wish. I hope I don’t witness the end of Democracy in my lifetime.

A Weather wish. I would like that polar vortex to move its behind back to where its supposed to be cold.

A Work wish. I hope I can enjoy, savor and appreciate all the tasks and things I do in my job because I’m sure I will miss some of it when I retire in a few years.

A Health wish. If you spend your time in concern for the health of others, if you spend your time helping those you know or don’t know with their health, if you contribute monetarily in any way to improve the life and health of someone, you will be healthy of heart and mind.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Snow is a good thing for figuring out how many animals are marching around your yard while you are sleeping.
  • Adapting = if you can’t sleep take lots of naps.
  • The only kind of ice I like is in a glass on a hot summer day.
  • Before the virus came I never knew there was such a thing as shower optional days.

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Rethink it

There is nothing wrong with rethinking things. As long as you don’t spend your whole life doing it and not acting. For instance, a decade back I thought about writing a book or two or three. I rethought that and decided on blogging for a while to maybe find my writing way first. I’ve been at that for 7 years here and I enjoy it so I’m not going to stop writing in this type of way anytime soon. Plus as you probably have noticed I could use a lot more practice and polish.

But I have rethought the idea of working on books again. This is something I envisioned doing long ago and my mindset was that I had a lot of things I wanted to share with my children that I hadn’t communicated. I got scared because it was just after my first bout with cancer and realized I wasn’t invincible anymore. And I did get to work on it for several months in a part-time way, but then my perspective changed again and I wanted to spend more time with them and people, and writing well can take some time.

Now I’m going to attempt to do both because I started to read what I started to assemble a long time ago. Not sure how I will manage it but if you don’t try you don’t know what you can and can’t do.

Another thing I had to rethink today was how to spend some of my time. I got up early to shovel. I had just about completed my driveway when the trash truck was coming down the street. He slowed and stopped at the house before us and just parked it there and the two guys walked down the street, got the cans and brought them back up, and emptied and returned. The hill beyond me gets very steep. They tried to back the truck up but for every 2 feet, they moved they slid down 3 feet more. I went over with my shovel and handed it to one guy and said I’ll get two more so we all can try to clear some road to get some grip. We tried for 20 minutes and were making progress in inches.

Truck tracks. Photo by Mike Hartley

I then thought about some gravel I have out back so I got the other two guys and we each got a scoop and got some momentum built up and he made it up the street in reverse. I went back in and got my camera with the thought of taking a walk and capturing some snow shots. The first one I took was the spot he was stuck in. Low and behold I crest the hill and there is the trash truck stuck again trying to turn around to get out of the neighborhood.

Snow and ice don’t care how big and bad you are. Photo by Mike Hartley

So instead of taking pictures round two started. Thankfully a county snow plow came in and help out with some clearing on the other side of the truck and some sand till he got straightened out.

It’s always nice to have the right tool for the job when you need it. Photo by Mike Hartley

So a tip of the hat to the county, state and federal employees out and about in all weather all year who provide our essential services.

I know I missed a chance to get some good images but I didn’t mind taking some time to help these guys. Better to help your fellow man than leave them stranded.

Shelter from the storm. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Today I was given some news that gave me great relief.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to dress up. I’m putting on my best sweatsuit.
  • Today I was given some news that made me very sad.
  • My Son’s first dog has a licker problem. She just loves to give face kisses. I’ve noticed she has been depressed since everyone started wearing masks.
  • OK, I’m tired of winter. If you wouldn’t mind hitting the off switch Mother Nature, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Lots of traditions have been broken this year. And yesterday is another one for the books. The Super Bowl party wasn’t in vogue this year due to the pandemic. So many things missed this past year, it’s a list too long for most just to recall. And when you start to you have to stop from becoming severely depressed.

Now there is a formation. Photo by Mike Hartley

Some will be easy to pick back up. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other family celebrations, of course, will immediately go back to normal and maybe be even more special. But there is a lot of other things that might not happen. Will people who have gone to lunch together once in a while resume that? Will those who live distances from one another get on a plane as often to take that trip?

Will people return to the neighborhood bar or maybe as George Thorogood would say “I drink alone” now. Will you pick up the phone to your hoop buddies and get tickets for the coming game or season? Will your choice of where to stay or go on vacation change? Will you return to the county fair or go to fireworks on the 4th?

Will people continue to walk their neighborhoods? Will you go on a 5K walk/run or marathon with thousands of others huffing and puffing. Will we feel comfortable at a concert shoulder to shoulder with tens of thousands of people again? Will the interior space and ventilation at a restaurant now be as important as the food and service?

Just sitting here a few seconds and thinking about it the changes we may have might face and they might be endless. In some ways, they have been there all along. We are just in very lucky times before this one. There are so many things that leave us in very precarious positions. You see new life balances being made. I mean hey, an asteroid could collide with the earth and make how soon you get the vaccine kind of a moot point. So everyone is asking themselves how do I balance sanity and living with dodging daily unseen bullets of a virus and waiting for an annual shot or whenever a new strain appears for another shot?

And then I took a breathe and relaxed and set out to continue doing what I do. And that is adapt. Some of us are good at that and others not so. You can see that in the stress coming out in some. I’m not saying I don’t get stressed. Anyone who is drawing breath is aware that is a risky thing now. But adapting, living, and having a good time while supporting those around you and even strangers if you a fortunate person is my mission.

Everyone seems to be after someone for the pain. Parents are mad at teachers. People are mad at the medical profession and emergency services. People are mad at the government for lack of support. Some are mad they can’t do whatever the hell they wanted whenever they wanted as before. And as a very selfish society here in the states we attack each other instead of pulling together.

Medicine is not an exact science. But we shouldn’t make it political. There will always be new discoveries and new challenges. Look at how long they have been fighting cancer and heart diseases and others. And that will be true in the world of fighting viruses.

One very important change is taking place and both employee and employer agree on something. If your sick STAY YOUR ASS HOME. This wasn’t the norm before this virus but you can bet your ass it’s going to be part of the working future from now on. My better half was laughing at all the times we have worked through being sick. I used to take it as a badge of honor by not taking sick time from work. Those days are history unless you’re working from home.

I’m not saying people won’t work through something they might be fighting and treated for that isn’t contagious. That is what keeps some people going. Doing the thing they may love like life itself. But working with something that might be contagious like a cold or flu or more lethal virus is going to a be a big NO NO.

I had a bout of bronchitis last year. I didn’t want to leave the house with all the people that would look my way if I coughed even with mask on. It made me uncomfortable making others that uncomfortable.

So I don’t have all the answers yet. Hell, I don’t even have all the questions yet. All I know is I evaluate, think, adapt, and act as best I can each day. I take advice, I try to listen to various points. I try to minimize risk and maximize fun.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Work can keep you sharp. But if you overdo it, you will become dull.
  • Why does someone need a cannon to make a baby announcement? What happened to just sharing hugs and screaming and tears of joy with each other? My condolences to the person killed by this recently.
  • I’m inspired and tired.
  • Take a day, any day. Pick a card, any card. Choose what to do, all the time.

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Creative juice

I’d like to get the creative juices flowing again. Think I’ll start today with a fruit smoothie. Maybe that will help. But I really have to get busy again. I’ve let a week go by and I haven’t been as productive as I had hoped and that is always disappointing. I’m just too busy with stuff that gets in the way of the creative few minutes that come my way.

Follow the yellow brick road. Photo by Mike Hartley

We wait again for predicted snowfall. Will it be the bust like the last one? Who cares, my better half is making some chili which means any snowfall will be toast anywhere near the house, just from the heat rising from it simmering this afternoon. Got some spicy wings and a few other treats to snack on for the Stupor Bowl.

Then again I should take a walk and some pictures during the snowfall and get some practice at weather shots. I’ll have to dig deep for some motivation to go out in the cold on foot. But why not, I could probably be totally alone on the walk and not need a mask. Of course, I’ll put one in my pocket just in case.

Well, I made it to the front porch so far. Photo by Mike Hartley

One of the first things I thought of when I saw the flakes is the pictures of my grandchildren that I’ll get later today. There are a few new families in the neighborhood with children, maybe I’ll be lucky to see some of them playing or sledding also. I hope to spend some time with the camera in my hands today.

I do like the quiet of my backyard when the snow starts. I just realized to some it may appear I live in a treehouse. Nope, my back yard drops off very fast. Photo by Mike Hartley.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • If I pause before I start to write it usually takes a lot longer than the pause to get going.
  • Do you know how hard it is to get rid of your favorite sweatsuit even if has a hole or two in it?
  • I look out and see snow and I smile, pause and relax. I take a breath and the mind engages again and reminds me to shovel and the smile fades a bit.
  • Taxes are a full-time job.
  • At what age are we allowed to incorporate nap time into our daily activities? And who was the person who outlawed them once we were out of the infant stage?

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Thursday I did a personal restart. The workweek was tough physically and mentally exhausting. The restart wasn’t without issues though. An example: you know when you restart a computer and sometimes it comes back up, hangs, and you have to manually power off and then back on. Well, I sort of had to do the same thing.

Take a seat till summer returns. Photo by Mike Hartley

I was in bed Thursday morning for about 45 minutes when the neighbors across the street had a crew of guys start taking down a few big trees so the sounds of chainsaws and booms of falling wood filled the morning and into the afternoon. After about 4 hours of on and off opening and shutting my eyes, I just got up. I didn’t feel right the rest of the afternoon. A shower maybe gave me 10 good minutes of clarity but the rest of it was a fog. So after dinner, I went to the recliner and started to think of all the things I wanted and needed to do as I polished off a small bowl of ice cream.

And that is when it happened. I think my mind took over and just hit the power off button. I found my finger on the recliner recline button and the leg extension began to rise and then the back started to fall and I’m saying no no I got to get up but it just kept going till I was almost flat. And with no control over my hand, a finger hit the heat button. I squirmed and tried to resist for a minute or two but the chair had hit the power off button on my behind. You know, how a hung computer sometimes struggles to even shut down but then it successfully closes everything and like the ending scene in The Terminator, the red eyes go blank. That is how it felt.

So I woke early Friday on the cool, wet, and breezy east coast of the US before sunrise again. Though that is not a bad thing, I felt refreshed. Getting some proper rest is essential. Yes, I’m telling you to do as I say and not as I do. I’m saying I know the other side and the price the body and mind can pay. And I’m one of the lucky ones who after decades of it still hasn’t keeled over from it.

Over time I’ve learned that with age comes limits. I can’t do the 60-80 hour workweeks I used to put in for decades. If I did I certainly would be alive now. Nowadays I limit it to 4 – 12 hour days and that is it. That is tough enough in my mid 60’s body and mind and given it’s overnight it’s especially difficult some weeks. Limiting it to less than 50 hours is more than enough with the other things I’m trying to accomplish in life.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • My granddaughter is becoming aware of the camera so I’m getting sneakier with it.
  • I’ve been very fortunate in life. Yes, I’ve had some bad in it. But thankfully I’ve had a lot of good also.
  • A salute to Sir Captain Tom Moore the man who raised millions to fight Covid passed of it this week. You have my respect and sympathy for the family.
  • I’ve been very fortunate in my professional life and have been blessed with mostly good people and places to hang the shingle.
  • I have my first injury from my grandchildren. I was stepping over toys and tweaked my knee good. I look forward to many more pains from many more grandchildren.
  • We need to make penalties much steeper for those people trying to scam seniors.

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A smile today

There are few things that you can’t help but smile at. One of them is children or animals playing in the snow. My children sent me some videos of their babies playing outside yesterday in the snow and it still is leaving me with a smile.

Even if they aren’t your own children or grandchildren, you could be watching the local news and see the kids outside during the weather or community segments and listen to the laughter and joy and you have to smile. Maybe your mind wanders back to the day you had a sled in hand.

Your going to need a bigger plow. Centennial HS Photo by Mike Hartley

How soon those days of going to Killer Hill have faded into past glory of all time sled rides. And now I watch the kids laugh and scream and go and go and go with endless energy. It kind of felt like a normal day for a change of pace. Funny how mother nature can get your attention when she wants.

Maybe its a good reminder to still laugh and play and enjoy life.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’ve got to admit I was wrong. I thought there was no way they would finish the football season and they have.
  • I’d love to create enough work to fill a gallery. But I’ll be happy to get some really good pieces to fill my office and a few important people’s walls.
  • If you live your life taking nothing for granted, you are wise beyond your years.
  • Some days staying inside where it’s nice and toasty is a good thing.

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A rocky time

Time can be hard. Time can be cruel. Time can be punishing. I think of the time after surgeries. I think of the time after the death of a loved one. But thankfully time heals and time loves again. I’m letting time be my friend, side by side each minute. An appreciative glance back and forth. A thank you at the end of the day. A warm greeting in the morning. Because the tough times sometimes spur good times.

Beats trying to scale that rock. Photo by Mike Hartley

Can’t hide it – I was watching 60 Minutes and they had a segment on people looking forward to the good times when the Pandemic is passed. But for some, nothing about the future is certain because their families have been forever changed due to Covid deaths. One part struck me when a 15-year-old son was told he was now the man of the family and to take care of it. I got kind of choked up for a second because I remember that being said to me when I was 9 years old and my father had passed.

Several families allowed deeply tragic events to be shared with people. It makes me think how selfish people have become where we can’t take a few seconds to do something to protect each other. Or make some sacrifices without complaining.

Maybe the rich could wait for their place in line for a change of pace. Maybe we could all cooperate and stop pointing fingers. Well, what the hell am I thinking, this isn’t the America I’m seeing now. I think I’ll work hard tomorrow to make it something else.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Any day I can think ahead with a positive outlook is a good day. For instance, even though a full work week is ahead I’m thinking about laughing with friends and family. Well at least over the phone.
  • It’s reported the former president and his legal team parted ways. I guess it’s hard to defend the indefensible.
  • I could read Dilbert cartoons all day.
  • It’s an individual decision but I’m getting the vaccine when I’m eligible. Am I nervous about it, yes? Was I nervous about the first time I had a flu vaccine, yes? And yes I will get it regardless because I don’t want to be so sick I end up in the hospital or dead.

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Spirits are up

I like the days I wake and it just seems like it’s going to be a good day. Mentally refreshed from some good sleep, rising without pain, knowing I don’t have to work today at the job that pays the bills, and having a day with nothing on the schedule except some chores. And after a day of helping watch my granddaughter where I danced, I played, I sang, I teased, I fed, I cleaned and then I picked up. I couldn’t be more relaxed and happy. Nothing like being a kid for a day.

Of course, that cold really makes the thought of stepping outside the front door rather bleak but I can hear my friend now in my ear “embrace the cold” he will utter and chuckle knowing full well how I loath the season of Winter. He also sent me a picture of him firing up his snowblower knowing I have a shovel to use. He is going to get a penalty shot the next time we are together.

From Tequila Mockingbird in OC. Photo by Mike Hartley

In this PostWhat’s going on – a short thought on a mind of a 2-year-old and mask | Time to Shovel – a short number of options for the next few days of snow. | Random Thoughts of the Day

What’s going on – You know the Marvin Gaye tune “What’s Going On.” Shoot I might be dating myself. That was released in 1971. Anyway, I was kind of thinking that the song title must be going on inside my granddaughter’s mind. She is a March baby so the first year of her life 2019-20 was pretty normal. The only mask she saw was in the hospital after being born. Since her birth, nobody wore a mask. Then last March of 2020 and you have everyone wearing a mask.

What’s going on must be the thought racing through her mind this last year.

Is it a fashion statement? Is it because they don’t want to kiss me? Where did PaPa’s beard go? Is everyone a bank robber now? Are we playing doctor or nurse? Is this some kind of new Peke a boo game? Did you just go to the dentist? Are we playing Cowboys and Indians and robbing the stagecoach? Did Tic Tak’s go out of business and everyone has bad breath? Are you hiding a Hitler mustache? Are you sticking out your tongue as I do behind that mask and you just don’t want me to see it? Are you eating something and don’t want to share it with me? I don’t like that I can hear you talk but not see your mouth move. I don’t like this game. Can we go back to before land?

Time to Shovel – I can’t complain too loudly, it’s been almost 2 years since any significant snowfall came. Of course, Mother Nature doesn’t believe in letting my back work into a shoveling session with just a few inches. She is going to throw us a major task. As of this morning 4-8 inches on Sunday and then another 4-8 inches on Monday. With that amount of snow and cold, it’s going to need some planning, pacing myself, and preparation.

This is only half my driveway. Photo by Mike Hartley

Option 1 – wait for it all to melt and admire the beauty in it. Never done that except for dustings. But really I have nothing to go out for the next few days. Groceries were got by my better half last night and there is heat in the house so what more could we want for? – But this is the least likely to happen.

Option 2 – wait for it to finish snowing and then do it all at once. This is the hardest option on the body because you have to shovel it as you would dirt. Only what fits on the shovel and you have to throw it. On the good side, you aren’t out while it’s still snowing. It’s when you see the most neighbors doing the same thing. It’s also the most dangerous and hardest I believe. Especially if it does start to melt and get heavy. This is not an option because my back is already bad and I don’t want a heart attack.

Option 3 – Incremental clearing. Anything in the range of 8-16 inches they are predicting, this is mandatory if you are using a shovel. One it allows the snowplow option. I can walk behind and push and only lift and throw a lot less. I also enjoy this method for a few other reasons. If you’re ever outside when it’s snowing hard it’s the most beautiful sound of almost nothing you have ever heard. You can hear it snow and nothing else. Typically you might find yourself the only one out shoveling in the middle of a blizzard. You look left, you look right, nobody in sight. The 60+-year-old body jumps into the snow and does a snow angel. You lay looking at the sky, catching a snowflake on your tongue. You check to make sure you haven’t broken anything, you get up and start snowplow operations again with a smile. I’m thinking of getting my back brace out for more support and I’m going to remember to bend and lift with the knees because they are still strong. So this is my current plan of action.

Option 3 – Wait for a friend who teases me with pictures of his snowblower to come do my driveway. Fat chance, he traded in his nice big pickup for a fancy SUV. That is another 2 shots for him when I see him next.

Option 4 – Wait for the family to come and help. Well when it snows that much here, nobody much moves and not the distance that they would have to travel. I know they would help in a flash if I asked but they have their own homes to worry about. When we get older I’ll wait for them. Till then I’m the mule.

Option 5 – Sit here and blog and pray it rains instead.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Any day you think you have a rough day at work, think about the nurses and doctors seeing people pass each day and the effect of that on them. It kind of makes everything else pale in comparison, doesn’t it?
  • It always amazes me how fast an hour goes by, and then a week, and then a month, and so on.
  • Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy.
  • The more I sort through what is important, the thing that comes up most is memories. Old ones and creating new ones.