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Shouldn’t the rider be the one wearing the helmet? Sort of like the way this country is going. Everything seems to be ass backwards. Instead of moving ahead we are paralyzed. Instead of taking care of serious problems, we are focused on new ones of our own creation. Instead of getting spending under control, we’re pissing all over the place.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Things lately seem to be very split in perception. And each side thinks the other is totally biased and corrupt and bad for America. I wish I saw a way out of this before now. In some ways freedom of the press is exactly what is being used against each other. Selective news, extreme statements not substantiated with a factual base, personal assaults based on gender or race.

For every Republican that thinks Trump is draining the Washington swamp is a Democrat thinking the swamp is now covering the country. I really don’t see a way, such a divided country can continue. Even if Trump has done something illegal and is impeached then that will galvanize the Republican base that thinks he was unfairly run out-of-town. And this is exactly what our adversaries love to see. A fractured country. An economically weakened country. A country without strong leadership.

It’s really a sin. People on both sides failing to stay fully educated. People not willing to listen to each other. People always having to talk or yell over each other. Hell we might as well line up on two sides and get it over with because I still think its coming to that unless someone who is seen as having everyone’s interest at heart, who is SMART, Articulate, has Character (not a character) and can rally the people without a war to back it up, can save us. Of course no one person can save us and if anyone is proving that right, the character in office now is proving that. For in his own words “I ALONE, can fix this”. Well, you can’t and it’s very evident. It’s a strong team of people under a strong leader and communicator. And you will never wake up to that fact either.

So in the mean time its back to the range and getting my HQL and stocking up for a rainy day. Don’t worry, I look at shooting as a sport. And I hope that day never comes where I look at it as something else.

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Thank you, you idiot

Its going to take all the restraint I have today not to lace this post with foul language. I’m livid as I wake this morning and find the President has now put my life in jeopardy. Thank you very much A-hole. You see I just happen to work for “the media.” And our president (no longer using caps for that until someone else is in office) has just said that I am now part of “the enemy of the American People.” 

A very strong and threatening statement as far as I’m concerned. You see there are a lot of people who take our president very seriously. I know them, I’ve seen them and many of them are easily moved to action. And basically you just put me a war with half of the country. Do you think they are going to stop and ask if I write the articles or tend to their computer systems or print the papers? Hell no.

You want to make up new ground rules of living in this country in peace then I’ll start making up my own like the right to protect myself regardless of what might be the current law. And if some eccentric inspired by you comes after me or my friends just trying to earn a respectable living then we have a serious problem and I’m holding you responsible, and we will meet.

You think by being the loudest and having the largest microphone means you’re the only voice that is going to be heard you are very wrong. You think because you say it, that its, the only truth. Well screw you. I’ve stood up to bullies like you in the past in the business world and I’m not intimidated by you. Bring it on old man because I’m one also and I’ll kick your ass from here to next month. Threaten me. You have to be kidding.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

I had no intention of writing this way this morning. I certainly didn’t want to have this post/blog become politically tainted. I was going to write about my favorite tee-shirt and the word on it. “RESPECT”. Well actually a Derek Jeter tee with the number 2 replacing the S. I was going to write about how respect is earned by actions and words. About how I’ve at least tried to earn the respect of my family friends and co-workers. Not always successfully because of my own failings, but I try constantly to set the right example, to try to do the right things, to have compassion and trust. To work hard, to be a responsible father, to figure out what is wrong and unjust and do the right thing. I was going to edit some more nature photos and post them. A very peaceful post was intended. But no, you got to screw with the first day of the weekend.

As I sit here hoping this venting would calm me a bit, it hasn’t but it has steeled my thoughts on NOT being open to you as a president for 4 years. I won’t have it any longer and thank you for motivating me to help in legal ways to remove you from office so you don’t put any more people at risk of harm.

Now I’ve got to work the rest of the morning trying to calm down and think positively and go about my life being able to greet people with a good morning, a smile and trust. All at the same time looking over my shoulder with no trust, for the person or persons intending harm on me if I happened to be wearing a company tee shirt. Now I have to take those out of the wardrobe to avoid confrontation. Thanks for my new reality A-hole.