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A great morning to shove off

Don’t you just love it when you wake, you feel good, you know you have a little free time ahead of you and the small stuff that has been dragging you down during the week is shed like a coat? I probably could have stopped at the “you feel good” part because health is the start to any good or bad day. So let’s get to this.

Actually my good start was last night watching the Terps victory with one of my best friends. We celebrated the birth of their first grandchild and caught up with what seemed to be a great absence from each other. They have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy grandchild. When you see a young baby there are few things more innocent and loving in the world. It strips life down to the basics.

Time to shove off on another weekend.
Photo by Mike Hartley

A good afternoon is ahead, I can feel it in my bones.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Funny how you take things like breathing for granted.

Interesting game of chicken going on. Too bad we are playing with people’s lives. Like children, with the CHIP program. That should disgust all of us. For children should never be a bargaining chip.

After the roof collapse at Merriweather Post having lawn seats doesn’t sound to bad.

Lets hope in this mess that some leaders arise. I thought Linsey Graham had lost it recently but he is the only one talking that seems to hit at comprise and the knowledge of what it takes to get it done in the last day or two.

The only thing good about a government shutdown is less traffic to fight.

I’m going to balance out the remainder of my day avoiding politics and enjoying people and life. Who knows, maybe I’ll carry that people and life part through the weekend and beyond.

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Overslept is a word that I don’t think ever would apply to me. If average sleep were totaled up and compared to my actual sleep I’d have a well of time so deep to draw from that I couldn’t use it up if I started now till the day I pass. I don’t oversleep for appointments. I don’t oversleep for the job. I don’t oversleep when I can oversleep.

Geese and color
Photo by Mike Hartley

But today I did sleep for about 8 hours today. That felt like a wealth of sleep and rest. I’d been running on empty this week, a few hours each day. But I’m recharged now with that rest and tonight’s solid rest expected I’ll be fired up and ready to go. Put the camera batteries on charge and hope to fire away tomorrow. It feels like a huge amount of time has passed in picking up the cameras. I could have worked on my motion photography because the chance of me holding a camera still while coughing was less than 0% for the last two weeks.

The meds the healing physician prescribed are working on restoring my physical well-being again, I hope. Just in case I’ll take a tripod if I get coughing. Not sure what I’m going to shoot. I think were visiting my in-laws tomorrow, maybe I’ll see if I can get a few good shots of them together. I need to work on my people shooting.

Well, as you can see I’ve scrambled to pull together a few words and a past photo again. As I said I caught up on some rest, did some chores, watched a game with a best friend and I had a few minutes. So I’ve decided to relax my standards a bit. I’ve used large groups of photos in the past and I have some that I liked that I’m recycling for lack of a more honest term. I hope you don’t mind while I recover and get back in the saddle. I’ll have some fresh things to chew on soon. Thank you for the patience.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Before my last bout with illness, I’ve always underestimated the importance of cough drops. No more, they are gold.

If you’re catching up on sleep the amount of random thoughts you have is stunted.

The Terps looked good in that second half tonight.

No time like now for a snack.

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Heavenly Hump Day

The mid-week barrier that we love to cross. The hurdle that lets us see the finish line. Ah yes, and the WEEKEND. The days I don’t have to log 100 miles back and forth to the job. While not a huge distance it wears on you over the years and decades. And I enjoy driving, but I don’t enjoy that ride much anymore. Some early mornings maybe. Somewhere between the bars closing and the morning drunks getting back out on the road before daybreak is occasionally nice.

I’m so ready for a weekend and getting some time to do some shooting (photography) and some writing. But also some family time and a chance to see my best friends which is long overdue to illness. Going to see if the group would like to take in the auto show again. Been a few years since we have stopped by and seen the new rides. And a few old classics they sprinkle in around the manufactures.

A classic Tail
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

Many props to Sen Jeff Flake and Sen John McCain for their support of a free press in our democracy and against the attacks against it. Yes no man or media organization isn’t without fault from time to time. But a government that perceives itself without fault or only their way or the highway, is delusional in itself.

I had someone take an interest in my growth professionally and it felt great to have that come about again.

I’m trying to get excited about learning again. Never stopped being excited about it but have to start doing it more again. I used to have a much better pace at it.

We might just survive. Only time will tell.

Saw a group I liked had the 40th anniversary of an album they released long ago that seems to have some observations that might apply to today.

Rush – A Farewell to Kings.

When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow?
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise

The hypocrites are slandering
The sacred halls of truth
Ancient nobles showering
Their bitterness on youth
Can’t we find
The minds that made us strong?
Oh can’t we learn
To feel what’s right and what’s wrong? What’s wrong

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise
Whoa can’t we raise our eyes
And make a start?
Can’t we find the minds
To lead us closer to the heart?

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I wonder if I’m the only one fooled by sounds coming from the TV that sound like the alerts I have set to calls or text or news or email for my own devices.

I wonder how long I’ll live.

I wonder if its going to snow.

I wonder why I’ve been so lucky to choose and be chosen by my better half.

I used to wonder about my children’s future till I realized long ago they exceeded me and my expectations of them by many miles.

I need to wonder more often about helping others and then do something about it, instead of worrying about the small shit.

I wonder what its like to not wonder.

I wonder a lot now about what retirement could be like. But as always, be careful what you wonder for.

I used to wonder what our President was thinking but that gave me a bad headache, an attitude and seemed to press every asshole button I have.

I wonder if others are as fortunate as I to have such great lifelong friends.

I wonder why small and young children get very sick.

I wonder how some live so long and others so short.

I wonder what my pets think.

I wonder all the time what my children are doing.

I wonder what religion really means.

I used to wonder when I was younger, why I wasn’t paid more, but now I wonder if others will really discover what work is really about like I did.

I wonder what it would be like to be a good musician and be performing live on stage.

I wonder if the roof on Merriweather Post Pavillion will be ready for the graduation and concert seasons.

I used to wonder if the people who I worked with many years enjoyed the experience as much as I did. I think time has answered that one for me in a lot of cases.

I wonder what the future of the truth is.

I wonder if we will be wiser in our choices in elected officials that have so much more control over our lives than we think.

I wonder how many more years my eyes and coordination will last in target shooting so I can continue to at least have one thing better than my Son. I guess I should get used the idea that it one day will pass also. At least he will be a better shot for it.

I wonder if I will stay on Facebook? Because I wonder why I waste the time I do, after I’ve been on it. But then the wonder passes as I smile at the photo of an old friend or family member I just saw.

I wonder if I should be using a ? instead of a . to end these.?.?  At least I’ve removed all wonder if I was any good at English in school.

I wonder if you wonder when will he stop wondering and move onto the next topic. I wonder if I got that context correctly?

Wondering at Sunset
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I wonder why I used up all my Random Thoughts on “wondering” today before I wrote my Random Thoughts.

Women, this issue is yours and yours alone. PLEASE STOP PUTTING ON MAKE-UP and trying to DRIVE at the SAME TIME. Thank you. You may now start listing the thousands of faults men have in your comments section.

Some days post and thoughts and ideas just flow. Other days not so much. I think pressure has a lot to do with it for me at least.

Have a healthy day all, I’ve got about a dozen hours of work ahead so the kid has to run.

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Waiting for snow

When you find someone who has stumbled across the meaning of life and shared it, its worth reading over and over again. And adopting that as part of your own life will enrich you more than you can believe. I read that note from the 27-year-old girl who was dying and it was right on point. It’s unfortunate that it takes something like that to sort out what is important and real in life.

Snow covered roof of barn on Bethany Lane.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m waiting for results. I just started to medicate today and hoping that can kick what is wrong with me to the road. Tomorrow I’m going to work from home and enjoy watching it snow. From the inside of course, I can’t be out in this cold with my hacking. But I’m awaiting the beauty a snow provides. And its quiet that gives the outdoors.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Would you make a deal with someone you don’t trust?

Maybe government workers should work this Monday, the likelihood they will be off next Monday seems pretty good.

We now live in the land of confusion. But I’m trying to sort it out and be the best person I can. That is till I have the unfortunate experience into running into someone who is interested in being the worst person they can. Good thing I’m a Gemini so I can instantly change into my alter ego. Evil lurks under many stones.

Does Stephen Miller look like Joseph Goebbels? And they say history never repeats itself. Oh that right they do say history repeats itself if you don’t learn from it.

Personally I don’t mind Trump playing golf so much, keeps him from making more a cluster F than it already is.

Can you imagine what it felt like to get that announcement that you had a few minutes to live the other day in Hawaii? If not please try because that is what we face each day. Ignoring that reality isn’t healthy. Now who do you want to have access to the football?

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A Day of Rest – for some

A Day of Rest – for some – Sundays have changed a lot since my youth. The expectations, events, chores and yes even work all invade our Sundays now and the pace is just like any other day of the week. Yeah we used to have to cut the yard on Sunday if it rained on Saturday. Yes there is still services on Sunday morning even though I rarely go now. (something I should think about). But stores are open just like any other day of the week for almost every business. Sporting and other events galore.

What happened to that day of rest from my youth? What happened to everything closed on Sundays except essential services and a very FEW 7 days a week enterprises? What happened to that one day a week all your neighbors were home and outside if it was nice weather? What happened to that Sunday dinner with the family that wasn’t rushed, that was specially prepared, that everyone came to? What happened to the family afternoon or evening walk?

Take a break.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well life evolved and change happened and here we are. Not sure entirely better off, but certainly changed. My wife has kept up the Sunday dinner tradition. But with schedules the way they are now I’m surprised if that tradition isn’t gone or abandoned by lots of families. Even during my career at times I’ve been working Sundays. My Mom is probably yelling at me from the highest point she can find about the importance of a day of rest and family.

How many of us even take a few hours now, on a weekend to rest. Peoples downtime or days off don’t even fall on weekends for a lot of us. Our structure and ability to connect and relax is changed. And as they say there is no going back. The shift has been completed. Sundays are no longer the day of rest because there is no day of rest. Just less chores or things to check on or errands to run or places to be if you’re lucky, even the days off are packed. Well maybe its a day of rest if your on vacation. But even that is questionable with our habits now days.

So a happy Sunday morning to you all and may as many of you as possible, slip back a few or several decades, relax, go see your parents, have a meal together, talk after and before dinner, step outside and spend a few minutes catching up with your neighbor. (those in the Northeast will be forgiven if they skip that last step of the day because of the temps).  But just rest, recharge your body and spirit to take on the coming week.

Wish I could take my own advice, but the job that pays the bills is on this Sunday for the kid. But the rest of you, kick back, put your feet in the sand and give thanks.

Sand artist
Photo by Mike Hartley

Medical –

As I’ve watched a few friends fight off infections, I wonder if we are so concerned with temporary and immediate relief that we don’t do ourselves more harm with the use of antibiotics too much in our youth. A segment on Channel 13 news this morning shook me a bit over people losing limbs because of infections and made me wonder if this isn’t self-inflicted?

I’m certainly no doctor, even though that is one of my many nicknames. What was inspiring about those people who had faced the loss of multiple limbs was their drive and spirit. And a PT nurse saying their attitudes had 300% to do with their recovery and progress. The human spirit in some people and most, is overwhelming at times. Hats off to these individuals who fight harder that Ali/Frazer each minute of each day.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I like starting Sunday by trying to catch some of CBS Sunday Morning show. But as stated above I’m having trouble making the time to watch a whole episode of it.

Isn’t it wonderful if your able to see people getting more and more beautiful as they age. This requires a special vision that not all have.

I’m in a great mode this morning despite having someone stabbing me in the back last night. Just a bit of trouble sleeping with some back pain that opened my eyes a few times.

I could kiss the person who invented the space heater.

Share your memories, no sense being selfish and taking them all with you to the grave. Who knows whose heart will be warmed or what you may inspire by something tragic.

How many more days till I can step outside in shorts and a tee-shirt?

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Morning Greetings all – I went to bed tired and physically spent. Pushed my sick behind too much yesterday. I didn’t think I had done too much till I got home at 6pm and couldn’t stop coughing, couldn’t breathe and had to lay down for a while. Next thing I know its 4:30am this morning. My chest was much better, I could breathe and had some energy as I woke. Now some energy for me is maybe getting to 30% because I have had nothing now for several days. But each day has had some kind of improvement and I think I’m getting better. So I’m a ray of sunshine this morning.

Sunset on bay in Ocean City
Photo by Mike Hartley

I would have loved to make a post yesterday but I didn’t anticipate having to crash so early. And in an effort to make up for missed time and opportunity I might just throw a few together today.


Being I’m such a disorganized and random individual I thought I’d at least try to present my thoughts and images in a different layout that might be easier for you to follow along and maybe lead to better thoughts about what I’d like to say and the images I might use to illustrate them. Well, at least I’m going to give it a go. Don’t expect anything special for a while. It will be gradual.

Political Crap

Might as well end this now, one way or the other. Do we start to seek the truth and come to a consensus and direction and leadership by both sides working for the good and future, or do we just retreat to our MSNBC/FOX  camps, take up arms and supplies and just get to deciding this argument? It won’t take much to trigger the later, being we’ve migrated to both camps already.

Just as troubling or maybe more so than what the President said, is the two versions. He says he didn’t say that and a Senator who was in the room said he said it repeatedly. That one Senator was a Democrat. As I have read so far this morning, only one Republican Tim Scott, stepped forward and say yes the news reports were basically accurate. Lets just get to the truth with this man can’t we? If he can’t take ownership of what he says, then what the hell is he doing running our country. We don’t need a liar running the country from either party. We need someone we can trust. Integrity is everything.

Well, enough politics for the day, I’ve got to shop for food and ammo. Just kidding, actually shopping for a special birthday celebration. Would be nice if life was like it was before where we weren’t consumed with hostility and concern, to be able to go through a week and not be worn out by the news and conflict. But that was wrong also on my part to be comfortably numb to some serious and underlying problems this country hasn’t come to terms with yet.

Don’t Stress, its only a matter of time. 
Photo by Mike Hartley

Maybe those days are finally upon us.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Life is short. Thats it.

I’m a star when it comes to thinking about eating better. I’m something far less brighter when it come to doing it.

I used to think I had a lot of faults, now I feel much better about myself due to our President.

Irony = Trump signing a MLK proclamation less than 24 hours after his comments on Haiti and African Countries.

Karma = the MLK statue falling on the man wants to be another kind of King, on Monday.

My WP spell check says shithole is not a word. – maybe it will be added this year. Google has it. “an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.”

Maybe today will be better. I’m going to try to make the best of the S-hole I find myself in.