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Sunday morning

Not the early start I wanted to get but some effort is better than nothing. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Didn’t get a mile away from home before I had to stop and grab a few frames.

Love some Sunday mornings.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Which reminds me the snowball stand must be closing soon so I got to get up there today.

Can’t ask for better weather for the end of October.
Photo by Mike Hartley

A little sunshine goes a long way.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I’d like to see this week flow by as peaceful as this stream.

Natures mirrors.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts

Baseball, what a game. It turns children into men and men into children.

Living is trying harder each day at everything, laughter and elation, gratitude and grace. And of course you got to mix in some love.

Disappointment is people wasting all the gifts they have received.

Get outside before the day slips away.

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Pull up a chair again

People forget there are always at least two sides to every issue, sometimes many more. I’m worried that we have, or are quickly losing out ability to look and listen to those sides. Some people just say it’s this way and don’t allow for discussion. That is a very dangerous position because that immediately cast the other side as the opposition or enemy. When conversation ends war begins.

I find it difficult to find why people fall into this trap. Yes I have my opinions and beliefs. And if you ask some they would say I’m highly opinionated because I’ll offer up a thought on just about anything. And I’m willing to listen intently to your position. But I’m far less inclined to engage only those I know I can have a friendly debate with because otherwise its just too explosive now.

Too bad we can’t sit and have civil conversations anymore.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So maybe we all need to just take a chill pill. Sit and watch the sunrise tomorrow and maybe have a bloody mary to start the day off with.

Lump Crab Bloody Mary from the Crabcake Factory. Yep has shrimp also. 
Photo by MIke Hartley

And no those were not for me. But yes someone at our table.

Random Thoughts

CC in-game 7. My fingers are crossed. Talk about tension.

Really enjoyed grilling out today. I have no idea why, it was alone, nobody to laugh or exchange techniques with. But it was still just so relaxing to do and have the health to be out there. I just felt very lucky.

Maybe we need to start the peace movement now instead of after war starts.

Anniversaries are much more enjoyable if you make every other day of the year special.

Well its not rocket science, we are at a critical point in our history as a nation.

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A hearty good morning

Sorry for the absence, life away from the computer took priority for a few days. Had to get some face time with my children and friends. And it was a crazy but satisfying week at the job that pays the bills for a change of pace. Haven’t had one of those for a while in some regards. I’m always proud of the effort and work I do but it’s seldom seen or appreciated so when it is, its kind of refreshing.

Light and leaves.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Today I’m charged up and full of inspiration. The batteries are charged in me and in the cameras, so out and about I go. And a beautiful day we have for it. I think I’ll stick to the home county. Haven’t done any shooting around here in a bit. Also looking forward to doing some writing and maybe even some etchings.

Life is great when you have your health as well as those around you. But don’t forget about those who aren’t and lend them all the support and love you can.

Random Thoughts

I was inspired by former President Bush’s speech yesterday. And I told my daughter I’m going to start looking for the positives in life and what can be done for the parts of life that need help and fixing. Too much negativity already and I hope no longer to add to it.

It’s a top down day for those of us with rag tops.

Tell a friend how special they are and that you love them if you’re lucky enough to have such close friends that they are family.

I can’t decide if I should put my hammock back out for a few days or not.

Look to the children for inspiration. For you will find honestly, desire for love and affection, compassion and laughter, a focus on the simple but important things.

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Get out this week

I have a friend with an addiction problem. He likes to chase the little white ball around beautiful forest bordering lakes and ponds. If he could take his two dogs with him he would be in Golf heaven. I’ve got to admit its a wonderful game and one that is so enticing. First off its very relaxing if you allow it to be. Beautiful surroundings, no interruptions, focusing on a single task.

This is the week for this sport.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I can see the draw. Unfortunately back and shoulder issues have kept me from expanding on that interest. Maybe this coming year. Whatever it is you like outdoors this is a wonderful week in Maryland to GET IT DONE.

I started a post today on the flag. I find myself conflicted when writing about the divisiveness of the day. I liked it more when 3/4 of us seemed to be on the same page. Now its more like a pie cut into eight pieces and they all are a different flavor. So I put that on hold.

Random Thoughts

I love the Roll call from the bleachers at the Yankee games. What a comeback this evening.

Missing my better half.

If your other half says let’s go someplace and you don’t want to go tell her there is a Trump travel ban in effect.

Basketball season. I love it.

As I was securing the scarecrow out front for Halloween, I thought to myself it won’t be long till I’m back out here stringing Xmas lights.

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Kicking start to the day

And by a kicking start, I mean I’m kicking some things to the curb. De-cluttering life so to say. This will allow for more quality of life and less stress. Well at least that is the thought. The first is TV. That has crept back into my life too much. Moderation of that nonsense is needed. The next item was that Facebook. Getting a little tired of the hostility. Used to check for family and friends who are far away and still do but it can be a mine field that is getting more difficult to navigate through.

Wishing it was out now.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Reading news is another one that is going to take a hit. Not that I’m tuning out. In fact I’m going to try to tune into more factual stories on issues and possible solutions. Ones that educate me. Ones that for the best possible ways that I can determine that are truthful and come from experts in those fields. I’m not going to obsess about being up to the minute up to date on the latest tragedy. Not that I won’t pay attention, it just doesn’t need to be constant. It’s too draining.

The couch is my enemy. I spend enough time sitting at computers for work and enjoyment. I don’t need to be on the couch also. So that has inspired the thought that maybe I’ll try to get into shape over the winter that way when March rolls around and I look at the gut and say I got two months before beach season starts and I lose this or people will try to roll me into the water constantly. And I never lose it, so whale rescue is always following me around the beach. So maybe starting this effort in October will help.

Random Thoughts

Here I was thinking I was so busy when I was being selfish and lazy.

I’ve got some friends I’ve got to get back to.

I’m still in shorts today, but its going to be brisk going for that haircut.

I got a flu shot. I don’t know if it will work. I don’t know if it will make me sick. I don’t know any side effects from them. But they say older people should get it. I’ve gone years without it and not got the flu. But I can listen to doctors and my wife’s advice.

I’ve been blessed with some very special times and very special people at a number of very special places to work. Not everyone can say that.

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Another one in the books

I love pets. This little bugger is part of my daughter’s family. And as I go to the barber tomorrow it reminds me of the older men with similar hair as I look at this shot. No it can’t be Sunday NIGHT. You know what follows that. I guess I’m all done for. A fairly good weekend that went way to fast. That’s the way it is when you’re having a good time.

Can I help you?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Multiple competing priorities. I like that phrase. Kind of symbolizes my week past and coming week. And I guess the coming holiday season. But this is OK, it means I’ve set some goals, that I’m working on my health, that I’m gainfully employed, that I’m working on my personal crafts and that I’m spending time with family and friends.

Had a nice run away from any hospital or doctors office for a while. Was a nice break but its test time again. First is a simple one. My eyes, a long overdue and neglected thing the last 5-6 years. To be honest my better half made this appointment for me. I’m afraid if I see well again I might not like the images I’m posting. Well, who can not like the one above. He’s so cute.

So I wish you all a fine start to the week.

Random Thoughts

Happiness can be a learned trait. But the best is when its natural. Finding it is what I wish for people.

I can’t believe the warmest part of Monday will be just after midnight tonight.

Each day has time in it for helping others.

My photo style is whenever I have a minute to shoot and what’s in front or to the side or behind or above or below me at an unknown time of day or night in hot or cold temps.

It probably is obvious but I don’t use Photoshop or Light room in editing my photos. Hell if I did I’d never get to work.

You can learn a lot from teachers if your listening.

Make an effort, find facts, find the truth. The world isn’t about catch phrases from either side.

You know, it feels good to be able to do something like this. Never take the simplest things for granted.

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A little balance

Winters best invention – The Indoor Pool.

In the last few years my better half have been lucky enough to have taken a day in the late fall or early winter to get away for a night and stay at a nice hotel. We might drive a few hours. Its usually in Maryland. These are a wonderful breaks from the pressures of the season. Time to relax, talk, share a good meal, go to bed together, wake up together, have peaceful breakfast, take long walks on trails or the beach, stand and look at water, stand and look at the sun, let life slow back down and if we feel lazy some room service. And the best thing about going off season and odd days you can get some wonderful rates.

We usually only take a night, sometimes two if its been a good year. And that is all we need. Well that’s all we can splurge on and it still works for us. I know its helped our marriage. Sometimes just taking that day together, away from everything normal and looking the other person in the eyes and listening to their thoughts and dreams and issues is very easy when its just you two away from all the distractions. Each time I feel like I fall more in love with her. Each time I’m so thankful I’ve been given this time and ability to do some things like this.

Last year I forgot my swimsuit and I cursed myself. This year that won’t be the case. Nothing like a swim in a nice pool in the middle of winter.

Dreams of water.
Photo by Mike Hartley

On some days I really miss my pool. It gave up the ghost a few years ago. It was a lot of work. Let me repeat that first one, IT WAS A LOT OF WORK. It was a lot of money I didn’t have to maintain it and repair it and upgrade it. And I wouldn’t change a minute or penny of it because it provided the family with a little joy every now and then.

We miss that activity. Kids in and out, wet towels and bathing suits laying around. Endless inflatable rafts to trip me up. You know come to think of it I never fell in by accident in all those years. Talk about amazing luck.

Random Thoughts

My raking today has discovered a new squatter on my property. Well actually he is below ground and tunneling like nobody’s business. I must go in search of solutions because he is making a mess. Went all the way down the edge of my sidewalk and then under it into the garden and then back into the yard for his imitation of a corn maze map. I’m going to have to consult my list of options and get advice from Larry, Moe and Curly of course.

Life is a series of test. Some test get your full attention and you wait to breath easy or have your breath taken away.

Had another nice meal at Town Grill last evening. You know its the kind of place where I was sitting inside and couldn’t remember if I locked my car and didn’t even panic or worry one bit. That is what I like about this part of the county. But even that is changing.

Today was a morning filled with laughter.