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Where is my sunrise

Well, I was hoping to see the sun this morning for some inspiration but I’ll have faith that it’s buried up behind the clouds just waiting to come out later. So I watched a video I shot of a bike ride on the boardwalk of a sunrise this past summer to get me motivated.

Found a working flash which should help the indoor work. Learning some of the WP tools. Thinking of starting to use Instagram to just force myself to use my iPhone camera more.

I see Ringling Brothers Circus is folding the tents. Probably a good idea given all the competition.

I haven’t driven in a week and I miss it greatly.

Even with cable, a lot of time there isn’t anything good on.

Do you ever wonder where the hours go when you’re doing things you like?

Pain is all relative. If you’re experiencing its one thing. If you’re listening to someone else speak about it, it’s another.

I’ve got a mission around here someplace, I just need to find it.

I made my better half dinner last night. I don’t want to ruin the significance of that event by doing it again too soon.

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Preakness Celebration Balloon Festival at Turf Valley

Do you think the young lady in the pink dress is asking her Dad for a teddy bear? Photo by Mike Hartley

Do you think the young lady in the pink dress is asking her Dad for a teddy bear?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Wow, I thought for sure we would see these balloons skyward Saturday morning but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I believe they said the wind. Meaning I guess some was needed because it felt still to me. But what I know about ballooning could be summed up in one word, NOTHING. I should have gotten my behind out there the other days but work and responsibilities stepped in. But Saturday was a nice tribute to Wounded Warriors early and families were out enjoying the warm spring morning.

I do know balloons make a fairly good photo op and judging by the number of photographers out there it wasn’t getting by many in the area. I took a good number of shots but would like to edit that mess. In the mean time here is a quick video below. Wish they would have flown, it seemed like a beautiful morning. Because there is a limit to the beauty of the balloon on the ground.


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Disappearing act

One of the nice things about living in open spaces and countryside is natures beauty. It’s also one of those things you have to get used to when the countryside comes for a visit. So if you’re visiting my home during the summer, be careful what table you use to sit your drink on. Don’t worry we returned him to the woods a short while later. I only shoot the poisonous kind.

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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise

Just ran across this old video of a few minutes of drive time in my vault of crap. It warmed me up a bit this morning thinking of seeing that sunrise on my way to the ocean. But being we have a snowstorm going on, I find myself wishing it was summer. Wishing I was off. Wishing I was headed to the beach. Then again, without shoveling, creating snow angels and snowmen or spending hours driving in snow and sleet to and from work, I wouldn’t appreciate summer.

And to be technically correct the bridges name is:  William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge. Or as its more commonly known: DaBridge. For example: Can you believe it took me 2 hours just to get to DaBridge? or  DaBridge was backed up all the way to Easton. or  Can you believe what they raised the toll to on DaBridge?

While this was a nice trip over, my wife and I once drove over it at night in the middle of a thunderstorm. We got out of the car a few miles down the road on Rt 50 and looked at the hail damage it caused, hundreds of dimples in the body. But the high wind days are the worst. Especially if your on a bike. But the view is not one to be missed.