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Get Up – if you please

You never know what you might miss when you’re sleeping in. I heard a lot of interest in getting up early from the crew I’m with but it was a morning walk alone. And that was fine, I can set my own pace, stay out as long as I want and wander where I want. Actually it was a very short window this morning. Weather is moving in and the sun may be seldom seen the today and tomorrow.

Best part of the day.
Photo by Mike Hartley

To me walking up to the beach and getting there before the sunrise is like being the first one out on Christmas morning.

Only a few lucky ones were out this morning.
Photo by Mike Hartley

You know the people you see out early are at peace with themselves. Unless they have been out all night and have a pounding headache and are looking for coffee. Good thing that isn’t me today. And I never have longed for a coffee in my life.

Freighter on the horizon.
Photo by Mike Hartley

There is nothing like getting a chance to develop or refine a skill. Good thing I get a lot of chances, maybe one day they will turn into a skill. But until I start remembering my tripod my long shots won’t be as sharp as I would hope. I also need a longer lens to see this freighter a few miles offshore.

My morning Orange Juice.
Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s good to surround yourself with supportive people. Just make sure they are truthful with you.

Sorry about the different versions of a sunrise. But each second of one is important to me.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Make sure to live each moment as best you can in honor of someone who can’t. And of course for your own sanity.

Random Thoughts of the Day

You know I may have used up all my morning random thoughts in the lines above this.

If we all pitch in now and in the future disasters like the one going on in the Carolina’s will put many people at ease who have lost so much.

Is there such a thing as too relaxed? Oh yeah, that’s called sleep.

If you’re a person like me you never forget losing a pet.

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A busy day-don’t forget to eat

Attending my nieces wedding today. A really nice event. Looking forward to seeing family and friends. And to get a chance to grab a few frames. But you know me, I don’t share many family images here. I’ll see what I can find to add in the next few days. Going to treat myself to eating well this week. Because after next week I’m going on a new plan and get back down to a weight where I can fit in my old wardrobe.

Fresh on the grill.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Almost there
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well, its been a brutal day that I’ll recant sometime later. And I’ll certainly have better post for the coming week than this.

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and it begins

The weekend is upon us and I’m going to make good use of it. A multi-day celebration. To hell with the chores and responsibilities. Well as much as possible at least. I do have a ton of plans and goals that I’m excited about.

Get a good start on the weekend.
Photo by Mike Hartley

No I’m not going fishing, these shots are from a previous haul. They just reminded me of the meal of rockfish that I’d like to have in the very near future as I was going through images I could use today. That fish is some good eating. Maybe a little crab on top of it.

The days catch.
Photo by Mike Hartley

There is nothing like freshly caught fish. We usually go home and grill a bunch up when we come back from a successful day of fishing. Not that we go fishing that often, but when we do, its done right. And with the friends I have that can cook like nobody’s business it’s always a feast to remember.

None of these go to waste.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well, I’m about done with watching storm videos. Not that I don’t sympathize with those people. I’ll be making a donation to the Red Cross shortly myself. And more as the scope of the disaster becomes clear. The loss of life reports became reality today. Something that big and powerful you kind of felt that coming.

The numbers of people staying behind to ride it out seemed to be few but as we all know even a loss of life of a few is a few too many. I’m not sure I’d take that risk myself. I know there are a lot of factors in that decision but it really comes back to one. You can rebuild a house but not a life. Its kind of made me think about what plan I would have if we had to move for something like that.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Hey, its National Truck Drivers appreciation week. Do you part and DON’T CUT OFF TRUCKS on the ROAD. And try to make that a habit.

I think the weather channel has misplaced the symbol that represents the SUN.

You know I’m glad I backed off on writing about politics. I don’t have different beliefs. I will occasionally try to find humor in it and maybe share that but everyone is entitled to their beliefs just as I am. And I’m not interested in trying to influence anyone but will readily share my beliefs if asked. Or if I find someone who can have an actual debate instead of a fight. You remember, when both people would talk, listen and both come out wiser and maybe a thought of how to move ahead together.

I still think I married the prettiest girl in the world. And after almost 38 years she keeps getting more beautiful by the day. I feel like Rudy G there for a moment. Speaking to an audience of ONE.

When you can stack a few positive days together and then a few more, it makes the days you can’t be right with the world, more tolerable and reminds you to look for that window to escape to the positive side again.

When I look back at how many days in my life I spent being depressed it kind of scares me. And I guess it should. Some has been my own weakness by refusing to snap out or get out of difficult situations or turn things around in a timely fashion. Other times have been legit reasons of life and death we all deal with. I know there are more of those ahead. But for some reason I feel I’m in a place better to deal with it now. Wish I had that feeling a lot earlier in life.

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Take the women and children to higher ground

Get the women and children away from the water. That’s right, away from the water for a few days. Let mother nature run her course. Sorry about the weak post but its been a day of different priorities. We were celebrating a friends 60th birthday a few days early because we won’t be together next week.

Get the women and children away from the shore.
Photo by Mike Hartley

All I can say is a great time was had. I don’t have any blood brothers, but I have a few that are closer than that. And when you have that life is very good. We were acknowledging how fast time is going by. Decades of memories together. Many great times.

I’ll do better this Friday. Maybe I’ll try to get a few post together with some wonderful thoughts of inspiration or rants if I watch the news.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Chapstick is good. I have to stop biting my lips.

Some handshakes are special.

A wedding on the horizon this weekend. I get to look into my better half’s eyes and remember the day she said I Do.

Lacking a good idea, I started today’s blog. Lacking an ending, I finish today’s blog.

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Primitive Posting

I used to post, a long long time ago. Trouble was I would always have trouble reading what I wrote after a while. And you know why? Because they made post it notes smaller. That made my writing even smaller and more difficult to read. And then came BLOG POST. I was saved. I could write as much useless nonsense as my fingers would tolerate.

Post It Salad
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well let me see if I can make good use of words and images today being given such a wonderful opportunity to move beyond the post it note posting.

Hey look, its shark week again. Just kidding, the real shark is my friends super-charged Vette. But I got one of these toys below and for the first time in almost 4 decades that I have a car that sometimes turns heads. Especially in the summertime with the top down. Of course people could be saying what an ugly ass driving that nice car and I’m sure that is possible but most I think are just looking at the car in approval.

Not so Stealth.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Its nothing special. A totally stock 2016 Mazda Miata. Yes I try to keep it clean and shining, but there are a lot of clean cars on the road. This is the first thing I’ve driven since my 74 Camaro that turned heads. And that Chevy wasn’t stock. The only things they have in common is they are both a great shade of Red, both stick shifts and they both turn heads. But they are different. One was a straight line machine and the other only loves corners. One was loud and obnoxious and one is nice and quiet, unless you’re drifting into a corner. One had lots of bling and the other is understated. One sucked gas like it was crack. The other breezes through the miles with ease.

I try not to be a bonehead. If I see people looking at the snowball stand as I wait for the light to change I’ll give a node or smile if I see people looking. One that says yes, I appreciate this toy I’m tooling around in and yes its FUN. While I still love a muscle car, I’m so glad I got a rag-top that I’ll never own another car that isn’t a rag-top.

Yeah sometimes the tunes might be a little loud. But isn’t everyone but me wearing headphones/earphones anyway? At least it seems that way when I’m driving downtown DC. It’s so nice to get into the drive and feel the road and turns, to feel the breeze, to feel the warmth of the sun, or cool mist in the mornings.

Anyway, it’s the best investment I’ve made for myself. It has given me a lot of happiness over the last few years and I’m enjoying driving again like I did as a youth.

Yeah its WET. Just think though, it could be Wet and Cold.

The corner of Main Street and Ellicott Mills Drive in better days.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

One of these days! Yeah, tomorrow. Well maybe Friday? Definitely Saturday. But in all likelihood Sunday. I’ll be relaxed.

Trying to save a few dollars for relief for our southern neighbors.

I wonder if I can snap 100 frames a day for a month straight? Hell some days I have trouble taking one. Sounds like a good idea to start that challenge to myself. And if I can keep that up, you won’t have to be subjected to so many of my random rants.

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Mish Mash Tuesday

What a foggy commute this morning. At the intersection of Georgia Ave and Colesville Road I was waiting for a light when I looked over and saw this car who had come south on Rt 29 and I guess got confused as to which of 3 lanes to use going in her direction or the 3 lanes going the other direction and decided to use the concrete medium. Trouble is she didn’t have a 4×4 lifted way off the ground to clear the barrier.

Not a good start.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m guessing major under carriage damage of engine and drive-train. I saw she was on the phone, I guess trying to get assistance, she didn’t respond to my waves so she was on her own. I’m wondering if that phone was in her hand when she drove her car onto something that the wheels won’t touch on either side.

Perspective is a wonderful thing. It comes with age and experiences. Being today is 9/11 I’ve been reading about children now in school being taught that as a history lesson. Wow time flies. It just doesn’t seem that long ago. The date was always special to me before 9/11/2001 because it was my Mom’s birthday.

It’s the only one I missed seeing her while she was alive. I had planned taking off early and stopping on the way home and visiting. But events that morning meant my work day was going to stretch well beyond normal time frames. Anyway back to perspective. I learned about Pearl Harbor as history. I had parents that had experienced that event as young adults and it changed and shaped their lives.

But as I read those articles the one thing that was kind of sad to realize was things we took for granted before, our children will never know. I think one example was going to an airport. Wow, what a difference that is in my lifetime. Being able to travel to any nice destination now involves risk. Used to be just pure joy and no worries.

I hope to get my perspective back to more enjoyment and relaxed state of mind during these times that are doing everything to prevent those things.

Cameras everywhere. I’m getting so tired of being monitored. A friend saw me flip one-off the other day. I said I resent being monitored like society does now. Workplace, stores, government facilities, streets, vacation destinations. Be it an official purpose or just fun webcam. Or most likely someone with a phone of video camera taping every waking minute.

Its going to get worse. I believe the UK is even worse than we are here in the states. Yeah I know it’s a changed world. Yeah I know people aren’t good anymore. I’m not naive enough to think crimes like shoplifting didn’t occur when I grew up. I know at times and places you want video. But Jeez are there going to be any limits in the future?

Random Thoughts of the Day

Worst placed advertisement of the day. A PR ad for Myrtle Beach Time and visiting this fall was on WJZ at 6:45pm. I know they are booked into slots in advance but really unique timing with the storm at their doorstep. I don’t think anyone but disaster relief is going to be visiting that part of the US for a while.

I think someone puts crack in my ice cream because I can’t stop eating it.

I’m so happy my children remember my parents who have passed. It makes me proud.

This coming week is full of mystery. How much rain? How much sun? How much fun?

If the Weather channel was a stock it would be booming.

As you can read above, I didn’t get my rest today. I’m all over the place. Better to be someplace than nowhere.