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Watch your step

Another beautiful weekend winding down. Another tough week ahead. Like I say there should be balance in life and the job that pays the bills certainly does its part. But I live for weekends and any time that I can take charge and control of what I do and when. Those are the moments you are living.

Slippery steps
Photo by Mike Hartley

Of course doing something you love for a living can be a lot of fun and add to that enjoyment of life. But a lot of us aren’t in that situation so we plod on. Yes there are lots of different levels of satisfaction. I like the type of work I do and have for years. There have been positions and people along the way that I haven’t. But that is for another time and place. Like when I retire.

So we begin another week. I’m thinking I need to get away soon but got some medical stuff to deal with for a few weeks in between work and things being done to the homestead. But I do hope to do some shooting on Monday so my attitude is positive to start the work week out. But I’m sure that Tuesday and Wednesday rain will put a damper on things. Well the flowers need it.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Any day that you get to see and hug your children is a good one. And I had that opportunity on Sunday.

I say “I love you” to my better half as often as I can. And it never seems like enough.

One of my best friends is going to be away on his birthday this week. I will punish him upon his return.

Sometimes I feel like I can be a bit lazy. But then I look at other people and I think otherwise.

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Looks like its going wide right

I’m sorry, I saw this photo and the two uprights in the background and with the upcoming NFL draft, I guess I got thinking a bit too much about football when I titled this photo “Looks like its going wide right.” Yeah I’m tired. And when I get tired I get a bit stupid. Which leads me to the question I get quiet often “are you tired?”

You better be wearing colors like that in the middle of the street.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Was going to try to do some shooting today but chores again took priority. No problem, the house and yard look better and my better half is a big part of that effort.”

So this evening I made a big push and uploaded a few hundred images to my photo site. Lots to go and then it needs to be organized and labeled and put in some smart sense of order for presentation. Its fun getting back to this and I’d really like to complete that in the next month.

Yes I had the top down for a short 20 minute ride today. Yes it is still too cool for my liking.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Dirt is Dirty.

Dirt is heavy.

Dirt goes down a long way.

Dirt with roots is frustrating.

Good things grow in Dirt. So do weeds.

Dirt was a lot more fun when I was young.


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Snow on the porch

When I hear that wind outside like I did on Thursday, I think of winter for some reason. And when I stepped outside that feeling was reinforced. Some warmer weather is on its way, I hope. Even the mid 50’s of today are far too cool for this guy. I know my body reacts to the warmer weather much better than the cold.

There is a bit of white on my porch. (my beard)
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well enough of the snow pic’s, time for some spring action. Life got in the way today and some chores were knocked out instead. But Saturday is another matter all together. I’m going to wear out those cameras tomorrow.

I really choose todays photo based off a discussion I had with an old friend who lives far away. He posted a new picture of himself and I noted how his beard and mine were losing that hair color we started off in life with. And that snow on the porch reminded me of what I’m seeing more and more of.

Another very close friend who also lives down south was complaining about some recent sunburn on the dome. After a trip to the barber this week he knows why when the mirror was held at the right angle. And in full disclosure I have a slight bit of thinning there also. So we have entered the baseball cap era again. We haven’t worn hats this much since we played little league.

Well such is life, I’d rather reach for a hat than not. Really getting old is sweet. First off not everyone is lucky enough to grow old. I think there is a lot of wasted time and effort fighting things like greying hair or beards. If people were more comfortable with themselves there would be a lot less worry.

And a lot less money spent on battling it. And I was just thinking of the cosmetic areas. Let alone what people do to themselves with surgery. Well to each their own. Just don’t spend so much time fighting it and trying to hide it or living in denial that you miss the joy of the experience.

Embrace it, own it, appreciate it.

Random Thoughts of the Day

It’s laughter weekend and its off to a flying start thanks to the Thursday night with the boys.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and got a pair of tennis shoes that weren’t entirely white or black.

The thought of a nap is a tempting idea.

Ledo Hawaiian Pizza – need I say more. Oh yeah, they have great wings also.

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Wednesday wonder

In the home stretch of the work week. One more brutal shift and the reprieve begins. Walking outside in the sun and completely blue sky today has given me hope that spring will be here soon. I think I’ll start off with a sunrise walk and photo session on Thursday. Both the camera batteries and mine are charged to get outside again.

Word is its going to be cooler than today which wasn’t that great. No problem, I will brave the elements and seek out the light. For you can always find beauty, but first I’ve got to put down some weed killer to kill the beast.

Photo by Mike Hartley

The Beast
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m blessed to have best brothers, I’m blessed with some very great friends, I’m blessed with many good friends. I wish there were time in life to even make each one of these relationships more special.

You ever search for an answer for a long period of time and it still alludes you?

I guess all those wonderful things being said about Barbara Bush on CNN and MSNBC are Fake News?  Really though, much respect to a very classy and smart woman who struck me to be a very honest and caring person.

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Tuesday traffic

Just chugging along. No, not like in my early 20’s with that huge mug in my hand. Not that kind of chugging. Just chugging the work week and thousand and one task. But I’m glad I took a few minutes on Monday to help a friend who is thinking about making a career change. Strange advice for me to be giving given I’ve spent most of my career at just 2 places.

One for 21 years and one for 20 years. Well I’m about 3 days short of that 20 year anniversary on the second of to be totally accurate.

To the starting gate.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve been blessed with some good advice myself and its good to find someone you trust or a good manager to help you weigh out those tough calls. Changing careers, roles, positions or companies is one of the most stressful things. It affects the quality of your life greatly. They are decisions not to be made lightly.

In retrospect I probably could have been earning more if I had moved around a bit more. But that wasn’t the primary mission all the time. I want to work where I’m valued and the job works for me. That means different things for different people but its something that always isn’t given the right weight.

What good is money, when you don’t have time to spend it or the quality of your overall life sucks.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I miss seeing my better half since they modified my work schedule. That sucks and I’m about to change it.

All I know is dwarfed in comparison to what I don’t know, but I make do and try to learn.

There are few things like getting on the elevator to go to the garage on your last work day of the week. Besides the burnout out of the garage.

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Simple pleasures

I like that feeling I get when I remember that ride home from the hospital after that last surgery a few years back. How fortunate I felt to be outside again, how good the sun felt. I can still remember what it felt like to be in a car and pulling out of a parking garage. And a month later what it felt like to be able to drive again. I still think of that day when the commute gets to me, and it turns the ride around.

Just the chance to be healthy enough to get up and get out is something I have taken for granted for a majority of my life. Its something I respect every day now.

Pleasures like how good a nice home cooked meal is. To be able to take a walk and see a sunset or sunrise. A hug from your child. Being licked in the face by your grand dog. Having a bed to sleep in and a favorite blanket.

I’ve got to get down and try this place. Maybe this weekend.
Photo by Mike Hartley

All I know is I’m a lot more thankful and appreciate each day now. It helps put the small stuff in perspective. It helps with small people also.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I just realized I have a laugh deficiency. I’ll have to work on curing that this week.

There certainly is a lot of puckering going on.

Disappointed in myself for letting a weekend slip by without shooting. I’ve got to make it like my daily workout if I want to accomplish my goals.

Sleeping when its raining, is sweet.

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If you’re bored, you’re just not using your mind

I was just sitting here thinking about how to cram a few more minutes for some creative work today and had this flashback to times when the word boredom was in my vocabulary. I guess I’ve been lucky that I finally realized that taking time to be bored just isn’t living. Wasted living is what bored is. Yes the feeling starts with me at times, but I then refuse to accept it.

Like sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for your appointment that was scheduled to start 45 minutes ago. boredom creeps into me about 20-30 seconds after I find the comfort spot in the chair I’ve chosen to sit my slightly overweight behind in. But I’m smart enough now to finally use my mind. Yeah it took long enough didn’t it. But anyway, I start looking around. What visually stimulates me or catches my eye. One time I sat looking at a water cooler and thinking of how to use that as a photo subject. What I might fill the jug with instead of water. Or paint the jug like an Andy Warhol image and make people wonder what is in the water.

Maybe a conversation will catch my ear and insert a new thought that hadn’t run across the landscape will be born. Maybe a person will walk by and remind me of someone I haven’t seen in a while and remind me to write myself a note to call or write them. Or maybe a scent will whisk by like someone wearing suntan lotion and take my mind to the beach with the toes in the sand.

Boredom takes me down negative roads. It makes me cynical. I find myself if poor posture positions. I find gaps in time with nothing positive accomplished or even thought about. Boredom is the brother of bad things.

So to hell with boredom. Let your mind bloom

Blooming Mind
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m a firm believer that drinking milk is good for one’s body.

Watching my Son and Daughter in-laws dog this weekend was a lot of fun and I’m sad that it’s over.

There is some night and day difference between regular season and playoff basketball. Especially on the defensive end of the floor.