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Quote of the Day – think

“Think about how the most boring repetitive task you might have to do each season feels. Now think of not having the health to do it anymore. That task looks a lot different now doesn’t it. It’s something you might yearn to do again. I try to keep thinking like that as I do each one, each season, of each year. Somehow they don’t feel like task anymore.”

Mike Hartley


Quote of the Day – ?

“Is it wrong to follow your own blog?”

Mike Hartley

Just for historical sake I didn’t for the first year but one day I wanted to see what my post looked like in the Reader. I felt kind of vain looking at the first few that appeared in the reader and then I realized I need to start coming up with a few good beginning sentences if I wanted to hook people interest and lead with the best image. Now if I could just come up with good images and words this blogging would be a snap. So it has been a learning experience as all of life is.