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Original Writings, Images, Video and Artworks of Mike Hartley

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Music that can stand the test of time, unlike this body of mine.

Music will pulse through my vanes and from my first steps to a cane.

Music makes me feel alive, it makes my hair stand on end like a best friend.

Music is always there when your happy or sad, and no matter which your always glad.

Music never exacts a fee, it always says Welcome to my Home by the Sea

Music inspires musicians from near and far, as well as those of us who play air guitar.

Music moves me to action and emotions, sometimes to tears that would fill oceans.

Music inspires me to dance sometime to my own regret,  me acting the fool on the dance floor is a sure bet.

Music might cause some to say, he look at that old man with the cane, wow he can still head bang.

So Thank You Music for each new track, in both Good Times Bad Times and all the way to the back of the rack.

Mike Hartley


I know I’m no poet, just ask any English teacher I’ve ever had. Or any of my work friends that I’ve embarrassed with past verses. But you know what, I don’t care. I paid for this blog and I’ll post what makes me happy. So be patient, maybe there is a gem in the rough yet to come out of these fingers in the future.