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A great night

My Son got us tickets to the ballgame last night in Baltimore for my birthday a while back. There is no better present than your children wanting to spend time with you. We were both noting how slow baseball is and he made a good point of how they need to speed the game up if they want to attract the younger crowd. At that point, the game was almost 4 hours long and it was in the 8th inning. And he is right but I sat there in the back of my mind thinking how great a game it is where we have time to catch up, talk about important stuff, fatherly advice, and back seat driving and he can’t escape.

But I listen more than I talk now and keep up with what is important to him and what changes in life he is dealing with both personally and professionally. And that is more important than sharing all my old advice. So to me, a long ballgame was a blessing and a real treat. Because it was the time together that was important.

You could hear those O’s bats last night. Photo by Mike Hartley

Well, it’s the last Friday of the summer of 2021. Went by fast this year so I guess I had a good time. And while there are some nice days still ahead, I’m beginning to worry about my least favorite time of year, winter.

I see Gov Hogan is having flags at half-mast today for observation of the 10,000 Marylanders who have died from Covid19. Even though there are some that haven’t died directly of covid but the ramifications from it so I know for a fact that total is higher by at least 2. And I suspect much more experienced hardship that may have lead to their demise. I pause and pray for all those who have departed early.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Every Friday morning I get this recharge of energy when I hear my granddaughters voice coming in the front door. But for some strange reason I’m exshausted at the end of the day when she leaves.
  • My best friends are going to be away next week. I had better warn my better half that I’ll be around more.
  • Music can mend my sole.
  • Preparing for the worst never used to include stocking up on ammo.
  • I pray, but it doesn’t go via the Cathlic church anymore.
  • Nurses and bus drivers are the first of many underpaid professionals that they can’t fill enough positions for and probably won’t for the forseable future.

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Sunday at the ballpark

Went to Camden Yards to celebrate a friends 60th birthday Sunday. What a wonderful time and day it was. First time at the ballpark in maybe 2 seasons. The O’s took the lead for good on a 2 run shot by Chris Davis who was greeted at home by Mark Trumbo. All I know is the organization is on the right direction again towards becoming a top franchise.

Chris Davis crosses home after a 2 run shot in the 4th. Photo by Mike Hartley

Chris Davis crosses home after a 2 run shot in the 4th.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Ate well and enjoyed the action on the field. Also enjoyed the fans in the stands. So many kids. Wish more could afford it.

Out at second. Photo by Mike Hartley

Out at second.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I love afternoon ballgames.

Angles player signing balls and flipping back to fan. Photo by Mike Hartley

Angles player signing balls and flipping back to fan.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve never eaten there but I think I’ll add it to the list of things to do before a game next time.

The Wall Photo by Mike Hartley

The Wall
Photo by Mike Hartley

And leading the charge….

Leading today grounds crew. Photo by Mike Hartley

Leading today grounds crew.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Lets get WET.

My yard could use some support if your not busy. Photo by Mike Hartley

My yard could use some support if you’re not busy.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So another great day enjoying the grand old game. Too bad its lost its translation to the younger generation.

Da Bird Photo by Mike Hartley

Da Bird
Photo by Mike Hartley


Baseball – Chuck Conners & Don Newcombe as youngsters

Ah the beginning of baseball season. I saw the news report of Spring Training opening up with pitchers and catchers reporting. And soon to be followed by many with dreams of playing professional baseball. I always remember my Mom and her spirits increasing with the thought of the baseball flying again. She religiously followed two teams. The Yankees and the Dodgers. She was a big Brooklyn fan when she was young and told me of games there. She said she was so proud to see Jackie Robinson play the game and how horrified she would feel about things people would yell at him.

Montreal Baseball Club International League 1948.

Montreal Baseball Club International League 1948.

This made me think about some baseball memorabilia she had left me, tickets she had of the Brooklyn Dodgers whom she knew a couple of the players. And also a photo of the Dodgers triple A team Montreal Royals. Both are from 1948. The tickets were in an envelope that she had penned a few details. They were Opening Day 4/23/1948 Tickets at Ebbets Field courtesy of pitcher Bud Podbielan. I believe Mom was a close friend to him and his wife. I know I heard her mention that family a few times. I see a clip of their wedding in the same envelope.


scan0002 (1)

There are a few famous faces in this photo that she pointed out to me. One is the actor Chuck Connors. Yep the Rifleman was a baseball player. Look in the back row for the tallest player and that is Chuck Conners. He actually played 1 game the next season for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The other person who went on to become an accomplished major league player was Don Newcombe. Till recently he was the only baseball player to have won Rookie of the year, MVP and Cy Young awards in his career. He is in the back row also and the last player standing on the right. This is the year before he went to the big leagues also.


The other piece of history she left me with of the Dodgers was tickets to Ebbits field on opening day in 1948. There are two of them that are identical. You know why. You sat in a box, you had no seat number. The ones that were open were yours? At least that is what I’m guessing. How bout that ticket price of $2.08. That $.42 cent tax seems a bit high?

Anyway at one time a few years ago I took this along with a few old baseball cards I have of some value to a couple of places to see their worth. At the time those prices were quiet a bit lower than I had seen in the past for the cards and I decided to continue to hold onto them. I was given a few names that would be interested in these pictures/tickets but I never pursued it and I’m glad. I think I’m going to hold onto them, maybe even frame them and pass them along to the kids someday. Kind of like a family baseball history thing. Sometimes things no matter their worth are sometimes worth more because of the history and meaning to some.

My apologies for the absence again. Health and work were both out of control and I’m working on sleeping right which really cuts into the hours of the day. But I’m climbing back on the horse and trying to get productive here and a few other spots again.