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Attempt at Photo Caption Humor, staying engaged and thoughts

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“We have nothing to fear but, no – Give me freedom or give, no – I have a dream, no – Fore score and, no – Don’t ask your country what, no – Never in the field of human conflict, no – Tear down this wall, no – I did not have sexual relations with, no – This is one small step, no – Friends Romans countrymen, no – I like big buts and I can not lie, Yes – that is the caption, that goes with this picture.”

What an I saying Photo by Mike Hartley

What an I saying
Photo by Mike Hartley

Staying engaged is something I’ve been giving thought to as of late. No not the type of engaged for a wedding. Been engaged/married over 35 years to the woman I love. Didn’t always appreciate it properly along the way but that is another story. The engaged I’m thinking about is with life.

As age takes it price, adjusting to ones body/mind changes and the drive to keep doing battle at the highest level as you have for decades, on a professional, personal and social level is an interesting observation. There seem to be an endless variation and ever-changing engagements as we age.

To give you an example of what I’m rambling about. I’m in my mid to late 50’s. Well when I started the blog it was mid and now its late. But I myself and a large group of friends and family are going through massive changes. Just take professionally. I work in an industry that changed dramatically. Used to be people with decades of service to the same company. Most have either been laid off, bought out or just chose to retire early. I’ve seen some need the challenge to continue to work and have even gotten more challenging jobs than we had which is a tough thing to do. I’ve seen others just look for a bit and they retire. Some have gone on to seek and find less stressful positions because other priorities now rule their lives.

And I’m not saying those who retired decided to disengage. Most of them are very active, keep themselves challenged like they did when they were working with me and inspiring me to do/learn more. But they have changed their focus. Its even made me less worried about retirement because the examples I see are busier than they were when they worked full-time. And I think that is an important trick to accomplish. They also seem much happier than most people.

Then there are those who are at the top of their professional careers. Having worked harder and smarter for decades, they have risen through the crop to dominate and work at a level they climbed that ladder for. It’s hard for them, the challenge of finally getting what and where you wanted. But the energy and dedication still needed to do it right wears on an old frame harder than it ever has.

I myself don’t feel the engagement on the job that pays the bills as much as I do in my own work. Not that I don’t work very hard at my primary job. I just don’t get the enjoyment out of it like I used to and I’ve found my own pursuits more rewarding. Not in terms of money either. For that certainly isn’t the case.

But when I see people disengage, that is when I see problems start. Be it in a relationship, professional job or just living. As I see people age the trick seems to be to keep engaged in something to keep that energy and spirit alive.

Random Thoughts for Monday May 9th 2016

  • How does one justify greed?
  • My day is a success, I contributed to the well-being of two complete strangers.
  • I don’t dislike doctor’s, I just have trouble with some of their suggestions.
  • Once you get in a habit of posting it becomes fairly easy.

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