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The weekend is about to bloom

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Fall comes to Maryland this weekend. And I’m not ready for it. Those people who smile with anticipation for the fall season forget what comes after that. Then again a few of them relish that season also. Not this kid, I’m going to miss summer and do my best to find it in the off seasons. So in that spirit my friends and I are cooking out tomorrow night. Yep that’s right, were helping the coal industry by burning some.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m awaiting instructions on what meat or seafood we are throwing on it though. Yeah, that’s right, its our Thursday Happy Hours. One of the best nights of the week for me. I get to see my best friends and trade laughs and barbs. A time to unwind and disconnect. Also its the day I get to pick up the camera again so this kid is on cloud 9.

Random Thoughts

Now let me see, why don’t I trust this tax plan. Because I’ve heard the words trickle down before and it feels like someone pissing down my back.

Made some really good crab cakes today.

Nobody can tell me that time doesn’t go by too fast.

If this years physical leads to more than 1 more appointment it might be the last one I get.

The bathrobe and pipe are quiet this evening. RIP HH.

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