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A warm and coal Thursday

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I was rudely woken early today by a friend today. Despite this transgression we decided to meet for lunch and it turned into a long event which was great for the fun side of me but the taskmaster side of me isn’t happy. So I promised to get some things done this evening despite wanting to hit the rack.

Can you smell what I am cooking?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Actually we did get an entertainment center moved from one level to another, which was something that I’ve had on the list for a while just waiting for another set of hands. Really I had a great day overall. Got to put the top down and enjoy some sunshine.

Had some great old bay wings and pizza at Ledo in Normandy. New menu. Went with the old standbys though which were very good.

But as I look at my to do list and realize I haven’t shot a frame I feel like a bit of a failure today. But really it did me and another friend of mine some good.

We met another friend and went tape delay on the Maryland game which killed the good vibe of the day. Yes they laid an egg. But such is life, live to play another day which they have in the real dance.

I’m glad I’m finally comfortable with myself to take a day and relax a bit and not beat myself up over it. And there is time still to knock out a few quick chores. So I’m finding the balance.

It was great to utilize the weather today. Bike riders, runners and people out in their yards. Lots of other convertibles with the tops back also. I’m sure the construction guys working on a few projects near me were loving life today.

I think I’ll challenge myself to really shoot tomorrow despite the sloppy weather prediction. It’s good to practice in all kinds of situations.

I’m cooking again. I got real slack on this over the past few months. I need to give my better half a break. So I’m on a mission to try new things this year and get that grill rolling again. Made some honey garlic boneless pork chops the other night. Going to see what I can whip up tonight.

Sea Food – Eat Food
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

Boy that Maryland loss was hard to watch. Bounce back young’ins. You can do it.

Thankful for the healthy feeling today.

The power to feel like you can change something should always be yours. Even if the only thing you can change is yourself.

I’m about to burst in anticipation of seeing my grandchild again.

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