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I feel like I’m about to look like one of the Beatles pictures from the late 1960s in another few weeks. Been a long time since I let my hair grow. Of course, this isn’t intentional but I believe my barbershop is closed as most everything is and I probably wouldn’t go anyway.

So away the hair will grow. Or maybe I’ll watch a youtube video of how to become my own barber.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I can hardly believe the lack of leadership at many levels. I can hardly believe the lack of common sense in people. But it is what it is as my old Marine boss would say. So we will continue to do our part and stay at home.

I am encouraged about the company that I work for, their communication and leadership and what appears to be good sound judgment so far. And yes I’ll be working from home a while longer.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The sun came out this afternoon and it felt great on the skin.
  • Instead of worrying about if there will be enough ventilators if you get sick, worry about remembering to do the steps to keep from getting sick.
  • If you think I’m taking medical advice from PT your out of your Vulcan Mind.
  • I told myself I wouldn’t do it but I do find watching some replays of old championships cool to watch.

Random Links of the Day

OK, it’s here in a few minutes. American Red Cross Day of Giving. Help out or give blood.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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