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Clouds and rain, panic and preparation. Almost time to just sit back and relax though. I always do my wrapping for my better half on Christmas eve. She has everything else prepared for the children. Funny, they are awfully big for children. But the nice thing about that is, no matter how big they get, they are always our children.

I love the excitement they still seem to have about the season. It’s memories of smiles and jubilation, I’ll always hold dear in their youth, but even as adults now, I see twinkle of it. And maybe this is the year I get my wife the right presents. I try to stick to the list but I go off it sometimes and blow it. I also have a backup plan for one gift and a surprise, that even if I did blow another gift I know this one will bring a smile.

The color doors for the season.
Photo by Mike Hartley

That first day of a holiday vacation at Christmas. It’s almost as good as walking out to the beach for the first time each year. That is the way I felt yesterday morning. Well, lets just say that changed and the rest of the day was a wash. Such is life, some go that way. It was especially sad to see so many trying to kill each other on the highways. Saw one accident and at least a dozen other near misses and I was out for an hour and a half. Some of that time in stores.

I’ve done a few special things I’m proud of lately. Sticking up for and making life better for some people. I must commend is one of my best friends, for bringing this out more in me. The importance of donations of time or money or blood  and a whole host of things to make this world a better place. It got me moving in the direction of giving and supporting more things and I thank him for the inspiration. Really all my friends seem to be quiet generous in many ways.

Was doing some more editing and ran across this shot from a friend’s wedding a few years ago. A beautiful day and weekend. You know if you can look at the end of each year of marriage and smile like this they you both are doing well. I just kind of liked it and I’m trying to get more images in the blog so till I take some new ones, you guys get things that are a bit older from time to time. Thank you again for your patience. I try not to repeat any image and I think I’ve done well at that so far. But given my lack of organization and the thousands of images I’ve posted its possible.

Our friends beautiful daughter and her daughter.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I was saddened to see the passing of Dick Enburg yesterday.

Note to world we all haven’t gone Bat Shit Crazy in the U.S.

I started to have trouble remembering  where to find my stuff when I got stuff and its gotten progressively worse with the more stuff I get. If I ever start losing my memory totally I’m going to start getting rid of all my stuff.

Note to world, don’t tell me you don’t have some Bat Shit Crazy people in your country also.

OK yes I’m embarrassed to call myself a photographer when I barely shoot as much as I should. Well, I’ll be comfortable with that Amateur title for a good while longer. Less pressure for sure.

The new printer is about to get a workout. A new pile of paper is about to arrive and I even have a full set of spare inks. Let the PRESSES ROLL. Well you really don’t want a press to move. That would be bad. Now the paper, that flies. Maybe that is why they used to call the guys catching the papers off the conveyor’s flying papers. At least that is what I remember, I could be wrong. I think I may need to put a memory disclaimer on this blog at some point.

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