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Morning with Mom and Dad


A brisk but beautiful morning. The sun was in and out of the clouds early. Which seemed to match the place I was in. One minute you had bright sun glistening off the headstones. The next a shadowy silence and the cloudy changing of the guard.

Many were paying respects.
Photo by Mike Hartley

The tour buses were mainly empty. But there were a lot of people here paying respects to loved ones and friends.

Morning Rounds to mainly empty buses.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I try to make a holiday visit every year.

Many sweeping views.
Photo by Mike Hartley

You know you can stand there and your ears hear silence or the rustling of leaves. But if you know someone here your mind is filled with voices.

Thanks to Wreaths Across America.
Photo by Mike Hartley

My Mom used to love wreaths.

Honor Guard
Photo by Mike Hartley

People were very respectful at the changing of the guard. It gals me when the Guard has to admonish someone for bad behavior.

Every once in a while the sun breaks through.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. As the family gathers tomorrow, look through my eyes to see the joy you have left behind. Thank you so much for all you gave me. I miss you.

Always make your parents proud.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Merry Christmas everyone.

Author: Mike Hartley

With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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  1. Beautiful tribute this morning Mike. Merry Christmas

  2. Mike, I have never been to Arlington National Cemetery. I would be honored if you and Kim could take me there someday and see where your family rests.

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