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I’m fairing pretty well in this stay at home situation. Because of my job and schedule, I’ve been away from society for a bit for a few years anyway. I think I’m doing well because my better half and I have isolated ourselves pretty much.

And I’m prepared mentally for a long period of isolation with my better half. I’m looking forward to it. Not so sure she is but I’ll try not to drive her crazy for the duration.

But the immediate things that seem so far away are the personal contact with loved ones. Seeing my father and mother inlaw through a window. Not being able to see my children or grandchild or granddog/cat. Not giving my best friends hugs. Not being able to shake hands or hug co-workers.

Those things I’m already starting to long for. But I will pause those things so all stay healthy, that is the goal now. And if we do our part we will save those medical professionals trying to save us.

Godspeed to us all.
Photo by Mike Hartley

For some reason, I feel we might look back at these first few weeks as the good old days. I worry that much harder times are coming. Obviously the financial hit will take a good time to come out of even if normal were restored next week. And we all know that isn’t happening.

But the loss of life is the real loss. The mental stress for some might turn them into a loss. The restructuring of the world and interconnection could be lost. How we survive for a year or longer until a vaccine is available and maintain this distance over that time. I don’t even want to think about that possibility yet. One week at a time.

But many things might be gained. Maybe things will be in a better perspective for us. The real heroes aren’t the guys catching the touchdown passes or the game-winning shot or walk-off home run. The real heroes are the medical, police and fire/EMT’s that go out every day and continue to do their job at huge risk to their own lives every day and earn a mere fraction of professional athletes and do it without the fanfare.

Stop and THINK, do you really need to go to the hospital.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And these medical and other public servant professionals do it every day when there isn’t a crisis like this. Lots of them save lives daily. From catching cancers early on to rescuing someone from a fire. And everything else that the public is faced with every day.

Yes, it’s fun and very entertaining to watch athletes. Yes, we should return to the enjoyment of sports and festivals and concerts. But balance that admiration and respect with the nurse or cop or fireman that lives in your own neighborhood.

I’m really enjoying having meals together again. Just my better half and I that is. Our schedules were such that eating together wasn’t the norm. But now it is and it’s wonderful. It reminds me of the old days (when kids were young) when family meals were a priority. Not everyone running out on their own. Especially Sunday night dinners.

We made a good effort of having family meals together when the kids were growing up. Work schedules sometimes interfered, but one of us was always there and we made an effort to do it as a family as often as possible.

While very different people we sure were together on a lot of things in raising our children.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • My home is going to look nice this year.
  • I overate for the first week at home.
  • I miss playing with children’s toys with my granddaughter.
  • It should worry us all with the number of people buying guns and overstocking on ammo. This might be the first time I take the trigger lock-off and I’m not going to the range.

Today’s Links I thought might be of Interest

Coming soon (Wednesday, March 25) American Red Cross Giving Day. Give blood or money or both.

I hope none of us get this but it’s better to be prepared. CDC on getting your home ready.

Shelter in place cartoons. Don’t forget to laugh in stressful times.

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