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Actually I think they call it “marine fog”, anyway it rolled into Ocean City yesterday morning just after sunrise. I had gone out to take a few shots and suddenly it was soup. I did enjoy the ride with the top down and tunes on just slowly tooling around town. Dreaming a bit of owning a beach place someday by checking homes for sale as I cruised. Watching out for birds on the bay which seem to be all hunkered down with the limited flight distance.

Sun has been up for an hour but its difficult to see from one light to the next. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sun has been up for an hour but its difficult to see from one light to the next.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Watching joggers or bike riders, the occasional Dude crossing the street with surfboard in his hand. I love beach towns. I worry greatly about them if sea level predictions are correct. And I’ve been going along with the other millions of visitors that hit the Maryland and Delaware shores each year enjoying this life. It would be a tragic loss.

Which way to the fish? Photo by Mike Hartley

Which way to the fish?
Photo by Mike Hartley

There is nothing like the beach. To me climbing a mountain is nuts. Yeah you got a view I can’t get, but how long you going to stay there? But the journey and cool temps and thin air and most importantly, lack of lodging makes it something that will never cross my list. Yes I get the accomplishment thing. But give me the sun/sand a good hotel or beach house to rent and I’m in heaven.

Bird activity has been grounded this morning. Photo by Mike Hartley

Bird activity has been grounded this morning.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I bet this Sunday morning it was great down there. A beautiful sunrise, low humidity and breeze to keep it clear and brisk. But I learned on Saturday morning that there was much to appreciate. I wish I lifted my camera a bit more that morning but was doing some mental refreshing also.

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I thought I saw the sun out there today, could it be an illusion. What is real and what is an illusion? I have the illusion of being at the beach today. At least that morning sun today, feels like a beach day. But that won’t be the case in reality for a few more weeks. But it doesn’t keep my mind from wandering into the sand and shore. Or my ears from hearing the sound of the waves. Nor that feeling of sand between my toes.

Sunrise, yeah I know we haven't had one in a while. But I can hope from my past pictures. Photo by Mike Hartley

Past Sunrise, in glorious Ocean City.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Watching the morning pool cleaning and the joggers on the beach and Ocean highway. Mornings are the best at the beach. Everything is fresh again. The footprints in the sand have been washed from the high tide. The boats are just being prepped for the day’s fishing. The trash cans are empty instead of overflowing. The amusement stands/games have restocked their giant stuffed toys. The streets have been cleaned. The traffic is light to none, except for bikes. I love to bike down there and an early morning ride is so peaceful. Well maybe not on biker week or the hot rod week, but all others are pretty good.

I hope time allows for a few weeks down in Bethany and Ocean City this season. And if time doesn’t allow for it, then I’ll just have to manufacturer some.

Why are we spending a gazillion dollars on Sound Barriers when the roads and bridges that they protect local residents from won’t be passable in the near future? Why not take care of the real infrastructure issues instead of aesthetics.

Why are we spending time bashing the two presumptive Presidential candidates when we should be on a search for their replacement in four years and in between that in church praying we survive those four years. And for those not praying to a higher source there is Canada. Just call it, an extended vacation.

It’s a damn shame all this rain in the northeast isn’t over Canada now.

Well, got to get making that Mothers Day breakfast for my better half. Have a great day. I intend to.

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Spent a few days in Ocean City this past week. Only trouble was the weather wasn’t cooperating. Around 60 with wind and rain. Lots of the later two. Crowds were none existent and here is proof. Have you ever seen such a short line at Thrasher’s?  The beach was populated by one or two people for as far as the eye could see and they were in sweats and they didn’t stay there more than a few minutes.

But a good time was had. And now, another work week is upon us. That’s OK, its good to be employed nowadays. Especially at my age and my industry. But I still look forward to the day where I can write and shoot till my heart’s content.

Thrashers Line Photo by Mike Hartley

Thrasher’s Line
Photo by Mike Hartley

This week my goals are go pick up a neutral density filter or two and do some work with the new polarizer I purchased last week. Also to start going through some of the old slides from my parents and doing some scans of them.

Loan figure on beach. Photo by Mike Hartley

Loan figure on beach.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So lets see if I can regain some energy and spirit this week and crank out some work that would be worthy of comment. For the chance for creating something special is a oportunity not to be passed on.

Which are flocking? Photo by Mike Hartley

Which are flocking?
Photo by Mike Hartley

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To warmer days

Can’t remember exactly but I believe I snapped these off the deck at Fager’s Island in Ocean City. I love watching the summer sunset from that vantage point. As I sit here with the chills from some bug that has latched onto me, thoughts of having this position this coming summer already makes me feel better. Cough cough.

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Ocean City Maryland 2

The colder it gets here, the more I think of summer. It was 12 degrees in balmy Woodstock this morning. But 5-6 months from now my toes will be in the sand on the eastern shore of Maryland and all will be right with the world. And yes I’ll get busy doing some winter shooting the next few days but I’m building up the courage to go out in it.