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Spent a few days in Ocean City this past week. Only trouble was the weather wasn’t cooperating. Around 60 with wind and rain. Lots of the later two. Crowds were none existent and here is proof. Have you ever seen such a short line at Thrasher’s?  The beach was populated by one or two people for as far as the eye could see and they were in sweats and they didn’t stay there more than a few minutes.

But a good time was had. And now, another work week is upon us. That’s OK, its good to be employed nowadays. Especially at my age and my industry. But I still look forward to the day where I can write and shoot till my heart’s content.

Thrashers Line Photo by Mike Hartley

Thrasher’s Line
Photo by Mike Hartley

This week my goals are go pick up a neutral density filter or two and do some work with the new polarizer I purchased last week. Also to start going through some of the old slides from my parents and doing some scans of them.

Loan figure on beach. Photo by Mike Hartley

Loan figure on beach.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So lets see if I can regain some energy and spirit this week and crank out some work that would be worthy of comment. For the chance for creating something special is a oportunity not to be passed on.

Which are flocking? Photo by Mike Hartley

Which are flocking?
Photo by Mike Hartley

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