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Sports – Midnight Madness

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The University of Maryland basketball season will kick off with Midnight Madness on Oct 17, 2014 at 8pm. This being the first season in the Big 10 means some old games won’t be on the calendar. Some tee shirts with specific team references like my bright read “Beat DUKE” won’t be needed.

It’s very hard for me to accept this move. I loved the traditions and rivals in the ACC. Even though the deck seemed stacked for anyone to win but us from time to time over the history, we still overcame and were one of the top schools in the conference. Not to mention a original member of the ACC. While I understand the move for financial reasons, it just struck me as sad. And really the ACC was no longer the old ACC anyway, given all the changes, it is still hard to change to another conference and start over.

Just like it was hard to change, when they closed Cole Field house and opened the Comcast Center. You know the students come and go. Allot faster than they used to but that is part of the cycle. This isn’t a cycle. This is taking the train off the track and putting it on a boat. Not really worried that we can’t compete in the Big 10 or that we won’t be one of the top schools at all levels. It’s that tradition is broken.

But as I think about it even the tradition of Midnight Madness is broken. For when I went to the first one and many that followed they used to be say what time??? Maybe MIDNIGHT. Yeah I know most older people didn’t like that time. But that is what it was for, the kids. Now it’s another marketing gig and entertainment extravaganza.

I will stick with College Basketball as my favorite sport though. I love the crowds energy. I like that the players still look at it as a game (even though that is changing also). I like that its a wonderfully exciting playoff system. And while the pro’s play the game at another level, there is something special about watching young adults start to come into their own with abilities and leadership and courage. And strength when faced with adversity.

Good bye ACC, hello Big10

So for the last time for a while I echo the sentiment on this SUV’s license plate…..¬† “DOOKSUX”

MD vs Duke no more Photo by Mike Hartley

MD vs Duke no more
Photo by Mike Hartley

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