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1st Anniversary of TME


This blog was started a year ago today. As you can see it was launched and didn’t get much effort till August. From then on I’ve steadily increased my post to daily, and now multiple times a day. I’ve marveled at the wonders of others blogs. I could get lost in the images/art and writings of others. It’s like a new window to the world. And to my surprise people have discovered mine and started liking/following it.

I didn’t get nearly the content or volume published, I had intended but now its rolling along each day. Yes, I’ve used a lot of previous shooting trying to build a visually pleasing blog. My hope is to really get shooting some quality images that are current. I’m working back through some of my early years shooting and some of my parents shots which are some real treasures that I hope to have up in the spring. So while I may increase the copy written it will always contain many images and videos.

When I look back at my limited writing, it’s a bit embarrassing and I see I have a long way to go but I’m still encouraged enough to continue. Once I tell a few of my professional writing friends I’ve started this, they will probably cringe and grab for their hearts. For they know that the English language and me are sometimes not in sync Or is that English and I? I’ll admit it. I even failed 9th grade English and had to take it over in summer school that year to keep on pace. But hell, even if my talent is writing a witty caption on some of my photographs and that is popular or helps drive exposure of my work, then I’m happy. Hell, I’m happy if a few family and friends like it. I just have to stop writing when I’ve been up for more than 20 hours straight.

I’ve learned, I’m always not going to please all the people. Then again I think I have a good sense of humor that can be entertaining at times. I’m not always politically correct, but who is? And if you show me that person, thanks, that’s one I can avoid. My wife, friends and especially my job will tell you I can be outspoken. My intention is hopefully always though to make things better. And that is part of why I started Threw Mikes Eyez. I’m trying to improve my life and those around me. I’m trying to share what my limited experiences may have taught me and some of the beauty I see in life, and maybe sometimes its ugly side.

You know one of the things I worried a lot about was that my writing was pretty simple. I know the basic thoughts or quotes I might express have probably been said much better in some way a thousand times before. Well you don’t have to worry about any intentional plagiarism because about the most I’ve read in the last 4 decades have been Printing or IT manuals. When you look up “Not well read” in the dictionary my mug shot is there.

I’m just starting to discover there are wonderful tools and designs available and I find my site to be very elementary so far, so I have a world to improve on that front also. Again I’m going to seek opinions and help from some of my more artistically inclined friends. And then there are some Developer types at the job that I’ve been working more with so maybe I can pick up a few tips with them.

I’ve gotten back to work on my first book. For some reason I’m much more hesitant to share my words than my images. While both can have great impact, its written words that are subject to greater varieties of interpretation. I’m trying to use the quotes I write to be more positive in my life. To try to not be a selfish person and have more appreciation for what I do have. To maybe invoke a laugh or thought. But as I start to invest more time I’m going to expand the writing also, opinion, experiences maybe even a poem here and there. Which means taking more risk with the written word and lack of understanding of it. Who knows, you could be quiet unintentionally entertained.

I’ve got to admit I’ve become addicted to this blogging world. I’m starting to just learn what might be possible and that is spurring so many other ideas. And ideas keep me fresh. They keep me focused on creating. They keep me happy, they keep me young.

So I feel blessed to have health and time and energy to do this and hopefully allot more this coming year. It’s tough with a full-time job also, but everyone likes to eat and a roof over ones head and I aim to please.

Major purchases this year include a new lens and some lighting hardware. Oh yeah, a new computer also. Don’t think I’m getting all radical with the expenses. Those 3 items might hit a grand. I haven’t made a cent yet, which doesn’t matter  because hopefully I’m building the experience and portfolio of work that will turn into something that can be built on for profit in the future when either I retire or put out to pasture from my life in Newspapers.

Yeah I bleed INK and always will, no matter how many electronic post I’ll make. I’m what they call a Lifer. But while the bumper sticker below hits me right in the heart, its my writing, photographing, designing and trying to remove that “amateur” word in front of all of those that gets my juices flowing these days.

A bumper sticker I can Support.  Photo by Mike Hartley

A bumper sticker I can Support.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Hope this rambling mess wasn’t too confusing. I’ve been up for 22 hours and when I have to write more than the Quote of the Day, it can get messy.

Thank you,

Mike Hartley

Author: Mike Hartley

With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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  1. I am so proud of you! The hard work you show everyday and the perseverance you have to do what you love is inspiring. 🙂

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