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Sun and fun

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Wow, what a great Saturday. Got too much sun but I did find my floppy hat to protect the head and neck tomorrow. And no I wasn’t on any of the boats below. But I have been on the one in the foreground.  Just found this image while sorting around and it did remind me of the day here in Maryland minus the clouds. Such a wonderful spring weekend full of opportunities.

Washing up after a successful day of fishing on the Floridian. Photo by Mike Hartley

Washing up after a successful day of fishing on the Floridian.
Photo by Mike Hartley

In a few weeks we (the brothers) will be fishing for some large rockfish. Those are some wonderful, days rain or shine. But we are pulling for the shine. We are due the shine. There will be serious disgusted glares skyward if there is no shine. So there will be shine.

Speaking of shine. Detailing ones ride every so often (2 years since last job) is a fine way to bring that look you purchased it for back to life. And its fun work.

Going to try to do some shooting this fine Sunday. So off I go.

Random thoughts for Saturday April 16th 2016

  • I’m Driving again. I have returned to a stick shift.
  • You know if you’re looking for the right satisfaction, life is much more rewarding.
  • When you have someone very important to you looking out for your happiness in life, you’re in a good position.
  • I can’t wait to see my children on Sunday.
  • You can learn a lot by trying to start your own business.


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