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I must now work harder because I have less than I had Friday morning. Thank you my Brit neighbors. No really, my bad, it just shows me I should be more careful and thoughtful in investments. For this could signal the start a whole new wave of isolationism. And that would be a shame for the world. Because you can always do more together than you can independently. I hope the fact that we all face a tougher path to success doesn’t cause us all into knee jerk reactions.

Farming isn't the only industry heading uphill. Photo by Mike Hartley

We are all heading uphill.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So what to do. With the recent vote in England with the EU my confidence in markets is shaken again. And with Friday’s 600+ point loss, I’m figuring there goes another chunk of retirement. I feel like my 401K is nothing more than another tool for banks to get rich from. But I blindly move forward. Maybe not, maybe this is the event that gets my attention to do something different.

All I know is I better keep working harder and smarter. For if you don’t pay attention to your money, it is soon gone.

And speaking of uphill, we have my favorite NBA team which has fallen on hard times the past few years. They missed out getting the Duke player I wanted them to draft last year but at least they didn’t make the mistake of passing on the second one this year. One of the pieces needed to right this ship. Brandon was the right choice and I think will make great impact for years to come.

A few more years, but maybe the right direction. Photo by Mike Hartley

A few more years, but maybe the right direction.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Now if we could move Russell. I don’t know if that is the right move, but that team chemistry can’t be right. I just hope we start to look respectable (play defense), take better shots (think) and get the right mental attitude (winning) back. Also looking for the coach to set the tone early. Good luck Luke, the FORCE is with you.

Flour Mill Photo by Mike Hartley

Flour Mill
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m started Saturday at the driving range with my Son. The first time in over a year since I took aim with the driver and I had no idea what to expect as I glanced out over the rolling hills at Willow Springs. I made it through the large bucket of balls without the back or other parts of the body breaking down. I was even able to dial in a few shots about half way through the bucket. I’m not sore which is another thing I was hoping to get out of this.

I might consider a round in the near future. I know that sends a shiver through the spine of many groundskeepers. The thought of me hacking their establishments up can’t be anything but a nightmare. If I could just take one of those driving range mats out on the course for the proper lie for each shot I’d be much better.

The second part of the day, my daughter and her husband came down and took us to a great lunch at Glory Days. We were celebrating fathers day a bit late due to all the activities the previous weekend. So I find myself sitting here, a smile a mile wide, thinking about what a blessing my kids have been to me again. I really appreciate their company and time most of all. Yeah the burger and snowball was good. But its stories and laughter that make it fun and memorable. Plus it was great seeing my grand dog.

So as I finish this Uphill post. I use a shot as I walked uphill in Ellicott City a few weeks ago. For there is one day left in this weekend and I see a large hill called Mt Work at the end of Sunday. No problem, I think I’ll run all the way to the base of it.

Past sunny morning in EC. Photo by Mike Hartley

Past sunny morning in EC.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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