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Break a sweat

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Sweating in September, the way it should be. Wishing I was back with my feet in the Atlantic Ocean today but will have to settle for the images. Don’t worry, I’ll run out of beach and water scenes eventually and revert to the season we are in now. Then again I never tire of the textures of water or sand or nature in general. When I was on this trip I thought about what I was shooting more. Nice to have a few extra minutes to do that. But I think it helps me. It certainly allows more time for different perspectives or cropping.

Hell just the time to get out and get a few times to shoot in a single day was pure joy.

Wadder and lots of it.
Photo by Mike Hartley

In some ways I think I should stop just doing the random photography I do and concentrate on topics or disciplines and get stronger technically. But you know me, I’m pressed for time and a little slower and more lazy than I was earlier in my life. So your going to get more of the same till I get more time.

Textures in the sand.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Today was the first day all week that I haven’t shot anything. Well I still have an hour left so let me get to work.

Random Thoughts

Someone might want to think twice before messing with a bunch of dumb jocks. And by the way, I think you missed dishing baseball this weekend. But its only Sunday so you still have time. Then again I wonder if it’s just a diversion to draw attention away from the Health Care issue this week?

I just learned there is football on from 9:30am to 11:30pm today. Good things it’s a nice day out or I would have been sitting on my backside for a long time.

As I started to get stressed about the pending return to work, I thought of my kids and all was well again.

I feel so good when I have a tan.

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