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Get out this week

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I have a friend with an addiction problem. He likes to chase the little white ball around beautiful forest bordering lakes and ponds. If he could take his two dogs with him he would be in Golf heaven. I’ve got to admit its a wonderful game and one that is so enticing. First off its very relaxing if you allow it to be. Beautiful surroundings, no interruptions, focusing on a single task.

This is the week for this sport.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I can see the draw. Unfortunately back and shoulder issues have kept me from expanding on that interest. Maybe this coming year. Whatever it is you like outdoors this is a wonderful week in Maryland to GET IT DONE.

I started a post today on the flag. I find myself conflicted when writing about the divisiveness of the day. I liked it more when 3/4 of us seemed to be on the same page. Now its more like a pie cut into eight pieces and they all are a different flavor. So I put that on hold.

Random Thoughts

I love the Roll call from the bleachers at the Yankee games. What a comeback this evening.

Missing my better half.

If your other half says let’s go someplace and you don’t want to go tell her there is a Trump travel ban in effect.

Basketball season. I love it.

As I was securing the scarecrow out front for Halloween, I thought to myself it won’t be long till I’m back out here stringing Xmas lights.

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