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The wheels be turning and the mind is inspired, but the body is not willing. Felt progressively worse throughout the day. Just another reason to not like this season. Seems like a lot of people are taking sick early this season. So instead of pushing it I rested a bit this afternoon. Had planned on going out and shooting this evening, but a few good coughing fits, sore neck and some sneezing changed my mind.

Expensive shoes.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Thinking about a good friend who has landed back in the hospital again. Few things scare me like the thought of returning to a hospital and I’m sure he feels the same way and there isn’t many things on earth that scare that man. Having your health is everything. When you don’t have it the only important thing is fighting for it again. I hope he is able to win again and return home someday.

Next week I finish my shopping. Hope to reduce the stress of the season by getting it out-of-the-way. Really my better half does most of the shopping. And boy does she do a good job. As a matter of fact I think she is all shopped out this weekend after having been out with my Daughter the last two days. I’m amazed at what she accomplishes. Every time I think I’m working hard, I just look at her and think to myself I have a way to go.

OK time to go find some more images to edit.

Random Thoughts

Would I have to rename this section if I only had one thought?

Each day something reminds me of the phrase “you can’t fix stupid.” I just strive to make it so its others reminding me of this instead of myself.

Life ebbs and flows more easily when the water isn’t frozen.

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