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Frosty Friday

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Are you ready for some snow? I could do fine with snow, it’s this brutal cold I could do without. But we braved it and had a family day together. Tried something fun. We went to Dave and Busters. Was a great day with my children. I sometimes think I’m the biggest child in the group. It was a very good time, despite a few food hiccups.

Ellicott City
Photo by Mike Harrtley

Actually I was proud that I pried myself off the horizontal surface to make it to the computer for a post today. I’m going to have to spend some time in the sack recovering from this bug I’ve got before I have to go back to the job that pays the bills. All I know is this is a good reminder to appreciate the simple thing of having your health.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I feel like hell, says a shell of myself.

Boy that was an ugly win tonight for the Terps mens basketball team.

Well, it’s almost time to football out this weekend.

I’m inspired by the courage, beauty and human spirit in many things I read in blogs. And then I watch the news. Well they say its good to have a balance in life.

You don’t know how much like sandpaper tissues are till you go through a box of them.

Well, sneaking in another post before deadline. Good thing days are 24 hours long or I’d miss a lot more post.

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