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Stupor bowl Sunday, Low Riding, Feasting

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I’m going to miss participating in the Super Bowl madness this year. Yep, the job that pays the bills will be priority this evening. Such is life. Not a fan of either team so just hope to catch a good game on replay later. We used to have some great feast for these events. Below was a sampling of seafood we had a few years back.

It was nice to be able to attend events like that and I can’t wait till the day returns that my schedule becomes somewhat normal again. But till then it is what it is and of course it keeps the bills paid so life is good.

Muscles, Clams, Mahi Mahi, Cod, Rockfish, Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops

So to all of you feasting and grabbing your mid section, don’t stop now, you still have more than a quarter to go in the game.

A nice tune to start the day off with. The classic from War called “Low Rider.”  Maybe some of you youngsters might be familiar with in the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds.”  For some reason it always puts me in a positive way. Just in carrying myself, my thoughts, focusing. I can get up from that tune and be ready to attack and absorb life. It is also good cruising song while driving. And its inspired me to take a ride yesterday in my low rider. Well it does have a purpose besides burning fossil fuels and leveling the tread. I did have to pick up prescriptions.


Had a wonderful meal at Mathew’s 1600 Friday night. Food, service and a fireplace near us made it a perfect evening for me. Some good friends also making it complete, just as the previous evening was grilling out with the boys. At Mathews I had the Pasta Annapolis which is a trio of shrimp, scallops and crab meat over pasta with a light cream sauce. Also had the Bracheta appetizer which was also very good. Finished off with like an Apple cake/pastry with that comes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and two big shots of whipped cream. Ahhhhhh.

Our friends said the Grouper was very good. One got crab imperial on top and said that combo was great. My better half got a fillet which was very tender and tasty. Yes she gave me a bite. They said their salads were very good. I wish I got the name of our waiter. He was very good and patient. We all got there at different times (only about 10 minutes apart) and it wasn’t packed like we kept anyone else waiting, even though it did fill up well during the evening.

Random Thoughts of the Day

It’s good to spend all your wishes on health for others.

My Son out shot me today. I keep running out of things I’m good at.

Good to see the Terps get a victory today.

I’m sorry I haven’t been following blog post in my reader lately. I’m going to have to go back and do some catch up. I’m sure I’ve missed some good things.

I like this positive environment.

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