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Starchy Saturday

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When I think of starchy, I think of food that sticks to your ribs. Well today I’m sticking to my better half who is under the weather. Its my chance to step up and return the favor she did caring for me last month. Of course I’m nowhere near as talented at it as she is. And we all know how men need much more care because we get sicker and for longer periods. Or is that we are sick and we don’t have periods. Well one of those.

Anyway early signs look like the flu but I’m not sure yet. It would be about time, being she works in the health care industry and we all know they are exposed all day long. Speaking of which I express my props for those who are health workers. You must be beat already and the season isn’t over. My respect and admiration to all those people.

Stick to ME.
Photo by MIke Hartley

But back to being there for someone. I’m not going to dwell on the wonderful job I will do in helping her mend. I’d like to say how important it is to be there for each other as we grow older. I got hit with at few things in my 50’s that came at me hard. I think it shook both of us. It did many good and some wonderful things for us. The first is we got our wills and medical directives all laid out.

It got us a picture into where we stood now but also got us thinking about a number of different futures. It got us talking about retirement and options. About how long we were going to work. When we would start our Social Security. Also the wonderful options available for health care and long-term care. And a few years later we are still talking about that. Of course I’m still a young 60 and healthy today so there is no retirement in sight for at least a handful of years.

But I don’t care because I have the best thing anyone can have. I have a family and friends that care about me. Yeah I love spending time together on the weekends but working during the week just makes me miss everyone and when we do get the chance to be together its all that more special. I feel that each visit is this special treat I’m getting. A oportunity to share and love. As I age I’ve noticed the many hugs I share getting stronger. And words of love, appreciation and thanks being shared more often and very meaningful.

Of course health changes every thought and option people have for the future. It changes how you look at life. Each day I try to remind myself to use it wisely. To appreciate it. To appreciate those you share it with. And maybe do something special big or small each day. But having that one person who has proved they are there for you in sickness and health is a calming thing for my heart. I hope she feels the same.

A little snow

Then the snow started. Took this just before dark tonight. I should go out this evening and try a few frames. It will have to be after the Terps game. Looks like a good snow for photos because it was sticking to the trees. Didn’t get much from the looks of it. Maybe 2-3 inches. In Buffalo it probably wouldn’t even register as measurable snowfall.

Back yard in snow.
Photo by MIke Hartley

Here I’ve let a day of the weekend slip by. Now I’m going have to try to do double timing it on Sunday.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Good thing I don’t think out loud.

It was nice to laugh and to be able to make people laugh and smile today.

Sometimes the best thing isn’t as good as it’s cracked up to be.

Environmental change needed in my office.

I’m so tired I can’t describe it.

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