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Sun on Skin is a win

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No this isn’t about the harmful effects or medically related in any way. This is more of a spiritual thing with me. I was taking some recycling out and paused for a good while just to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. It’s the first time in a great while I’ve worn shorts outside for any period of time comfortably. A thin short sleeve shirt and no socks.

I would have gotten the flip-flops out but this heat wave is short-lived I hear. And it looks like a stretch of wet weather but we all know weather forecasting beyond 24 hours is like betting in Vegas.

But that warmth today brought back my inspiration for my favorite seasons (anything else but winter). Oh the days where I can wake, pull on a pair of shorts and wander outside, soak up some sun sitting on the porch chair or in the hammock in the afternoon. Oh how I’m looking forward to that.

Come on Sun
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well I guess I can cope a bit longer. I do get another day (Wednesday) to enjoy some warm sun and then I’ll just hope for the best till I can return to where the bodies of water meet the shores.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Well, I hear the closest city (Baltimore) and one I’ve enjoyed going to for decades is the most dangerous city in the country says USA Today. Well, that doesn’t lead to the most comforting feeling.

My favorite leftover food it pizza. At least it was this evening.

I hope the PT I’ve started helps. If the first visit was an indication, I think it will.

There is a lot to do when your better half is under the weather.

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  1. This warm weather feels so good!

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