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Sunday sleeping and taxes

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Slept in this morning a bit. Did the same thing yesterday. Of course when you crash the am side of the clock, sleeping in is relative. What I do know, is that both days that decision thwarted my plans for some early morning shooting. But the rest was needed. Burning the candle at both ends just leads to a meeting of the wicks.

Being its cold out this morning I didn’t think you would mind another snow shot from early in the am from a few weeks ago.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And I have a bad habit of starting off the work week with a sleep deficit. That probably leads to a lot of useless stress on both my mind and body. Took me to the age of 60 to understand something that simple and try to do something about it. Old habits are hard to change, but I’m working on it.

Though today my excuse as I thought to myself was those warm covers on a cold April morning feel too good to open the other eye so I shut the one I peaked out of and rolled over.

Interesting concept taxes are. If people stopped to think about what they pay in taxes they might just be that more involved in the governments that take them. I’m really surprised we are all so nonchalant about it really. Maybe because we have others doing it and those numbers aren’t in our faces. Sort of like paying with a credit card instead of ticking off $20 bills for a meal. Well anyway we decided to do our own taxes this year. It was something my wife and I started out doing together when we got married.

Those early days were some stressful moments at times. And then one day we started to farm it out. I’m not sure when we did but that lasted for a lot of years. Till this year when we said uncle, at the cost it had risen to. But then I picked up the packets my wife had brought out to the dining room table. Yeah we needed the space.

And I thought to myself and I believe she had the same thought, what did we decide to do? Well we just dove into it. And a few hours later with no blood drawn, voices raised or ill feelings, we were done with the Federal. I know I was surprised. Not at those things though, what surprised me is that we made it in an afternoon. Yep a few hours of work and stress paid off in my mind. And then the states which went even easier.

My guess is we will continue to do them ourselves again. It’s always difficult to figure out when to spend, how much to spend and what services to spend money on. For instance I learned a very important lesson a few years ago when I wasn’t able to cut the yard. Well we had to hire someone for the first time in my lifetime. I’ve always cut the grass. And by always I didn’t ask my kids to help with it. I don’t ask my better half, its something I do.

It drove me nuts after surgeries watching someone else do my yard. Also it drove me nuts to pay for it. At first we used a guy that a lot of the neighbors used and it was what I thought was a fair price. I have a fairly large yard with a nasty hill out back and lots of weed whacker work. Well even at every other week it was a sum I wasn’t comfortable with as I got healthier. So I started back and then another physical setback and we hired it out again. This time to someone who cut the cost in half.

And we kept it to the every other week and I cut it the week in between. That has been a good deal because we enjoy our summers so much more now that we have a weekend every other week that we can do things. I’ll probably continue the service even though I’m healthy enough to do it each week. But if my back pain rears its ugly head, I know I got a backup plan.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Finally a Yankee victory over the O’s on Saturday. I was thinking that I would take an immense amount of abuse if we had been swept at home. And then we get beat in the final today in the 12th inning with the bases loaded and nobody out and we can’t get a run in to tie it or another to win. Such is life, lots of the season left.

Do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you hear it? Yep, it’s coming. Change

I’m getting interested in everything. A lazy mind is a waste of epic proportions.

On a more or less serious note. Sorry I have nothing.

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