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Grey or Gray – see today

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Talk about a gr(ea)y day this morning. Fog, mist, cloud deck on the deck. And all day outside I waited for the sun and it’s still crap. See isn’t it better when I complain about the weather than politics? Anyway its a good day to be alive and kicking. I got to see my Daughter this morning before she took off shopping with my better half.

Sun please.
Photo by Mike Hartley

The joy I have about her starting her own family is overwhelming. Maybe its the balance where I can start to enjoy life more and worry less. Something more to be optimistic about. Something that can remind me of the freedom of thought, wonderment and experience that a child has. I look forward to learning that again.

One of my best friends sent me a video of Granddaughter who is visiting this weekend. In it he ask her to say “ma ma” and she says “Da Da”. I’m wondering if he taught her that this morning. She is cute as hell and makes me so much more excited about having our own Grandchild.

I’m hoping for some sunshine after a dreary Friday and Saturday. I’m tired of the damp grey weather. I guess I should enjoy it though while the leaves are still on the trees and the grass is still green. Pretty soon the winter season will be upon us and gray will be the feeling for months.

Lets get a little sun going on Sunday can we.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Link of the Day

Good article on Trust in News organizations.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Gutter cleaning, raking, trimming, moving slate, running pump, measuring for new project and on and on and on it goes. Ain’t life great. I remember looking up from a bed after surgeries thinking about what I wouldn’t give to be outside working again. To let me be healthy enough to enjoy raking. To appreciate the drone of the tractor motor. To not complain about the gutters being clogged and think of it as an opportunity.

That CoolPix P1000 looks like a nice camera.

I’m hungry but don’t feel like cooking again.

The more I read other blogs the more talented people I run into. Kind of intimidating but not going to let it deter me.

A peanut butter sandwich is still better than nothing for dinner.

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