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Filling Friday

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Actually I’m still full from Thursday. It was BBQ day for this guy. Had some pulled pork, beef brisket and ribs. Along with some mac and cheese to fill in the gaps. Maybe I’ll try a healthier approach to the diet today. But that sure was some good eating. I’m blessed to be able to eat well. It was nice to share that with someone less well off yesterday.

Brisket. Forgot how many hours (est 12hrs) it was smoked. Photo by Mike Hartley

These guys on TV have nothing on a few of my best friends. The ribs my brother smoked for 6 hours and his dry rub was a feast last night. I’m going to get into cooking more when I have the time.

Sorry about yesterdays rant. I was troubled by that event/shooting. Today is a new day and I’m thinking positively again. Actually made some progress upgrading my basement office and workroom. I got to spend a few minutes with my better half and my daughter called so it was a great day.

Ah, there is that warm feeling on a rainy Friday. Just had to look internally.
Photo by Mike Hartley

You know when you have your health you really are in control of your life. And I mean both physical and mental health. I feel like I’ve made it through some tough times with both and probably should have gotten help, but somehow I’ve come through it. And a lot of it is my mental outlook. I’ve never felt more at peace with myself. I’ve never been more comfortable personally and professionally.

And while the end of my professional career in newspapers is in its last decade or maybe less, it’s always their call, I’m relaxed for a change of pace about the job. Funny how it works. I’ve always been scared of keeping my job throughout my career when most said it was never an issue. Now that I’m near the end and not worried about it, I probably should be, but won’t.

I love being able to string a bunch of good days together now.

Random Thoughts of the Day

The more I read blogs, the more enlightened I am.

If you can hear the rain before you open the door, its one of those days to stay inside.

Going to make a few donations tomorrow.

I made two doctors appointments today that I hate making. Because that means test. And I hate waiting for results of test.

Get your winter coat out and hold on to your hat tomorrow.

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