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Yes it was, a happy Thanksgiving

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A great morning to sleep in. Yeah I used to watch the Macy’s parade all the time but today I just felt like catching ZZZ’s. Of course if my Mom was alive I would have had to catch it to discuss with her. She used to do department store display windows for some other big stores back in her day. I could tell she always loved putting together the Xmas displays the most.

I’m feeling relaxed finally. Was a stressful week at the job that pays the bills. But that is probably par for the course for just about everyone. So I won’t bark about that or that cold that is trying to come through the door.

Instead I’ll give thanks to all the wonderful family and friends in my life. I’ll remember those no longer with us. I give thanks to my better half which put on a feast and hosted a wonderful family event.

I was fishing for a plate full of food and I found it.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I was all pumped to watch a few holes of golf between Tiger and Phil but then I read tonight its on pay per view. It reminds me this world is about money and it pisses me off. 9 million for the winner. Big whoop, what the hell is 9 million to these guys? 9 million is the bet they should be making with each other with their own money. If you want to create some drama, make it not only about their pride but about their bank accounts. What would have been the best package is to throw those two in a match where they are putting up 10 million of their own money, winner take all. And the network should donate all the tv revenues to charity. And all the money wagered in Vegas that is made by casinos should be donated to charity. And those guys who I know have a heart deep inside should set the example also and donate winnings to if nothing else by taking the game of golf to everyone. Can you imagine the free publicity and goodwill everyone involved would have been connected with.

Can you imagine the tone that would set? Can you see the example when two of the most popular people in their sport on the back nine of their careers, show us that giving to those in real need during the middle of Thanksgiving weekend. There are people who have lost everything with hurricanes and fires in the most recent examples. But NOOOOO. I mean holy crap, I just looked up on Forbes and both of these guys earned over 40 million do$$ars by mid July this year so far. That’s a half-year? This 9 million isn’t jack squat to these guys. Instead I see greed which is very disappointing.

Guess I should get busy doing my part before I ramble on about others.

Random Thoughts of the Day

To those serving our country out of our country or keeping our homeland and streets safe. I give you my thanks.

This weekend might be one of the best sports weekends of the year.

The more I look for good in life, the happier I am.

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