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NO it can’t be over

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I look forward to the day where the beginning and end of the week don’t exist except on a calendar. Where I don’t start each week wishing I was working on something else. Of course that wish is tempered with having to earn a living for a few more years so I’m not trying to encourage that unless a winning lotto ticket is given to me at the holidays.

Wishing that everyone had a grand weekend with family like I did. Seeing my children is the best. And next Thanksgiving the family will be larger by one. And that will be a special one.

As you can see I was too lazy to actually head downtown for those shots. They are a little older from a shoot I did while visiting with family one weekend. I promise some new work this week.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve had my fill of sports, after this weekend. Of course a good nights sleep will rekindle the interest again.

I’ve had my fill of stuffing and turkey. But I will probably have that for lunch tomorrow. So I stand corrected.

I’ve let myself down by the lack of shooting I’ve done this weekend. But not discouraged at myself enough not to try harder this week.

I’m one of those guys who looks forward to his wife’s calls.

Big game for the Terps this Wednesday.

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