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Selfish joy

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Today I got another all clear test for my last cancer. Life is good. It’s hard to describe the waiting time before the results. Anything from, it is what it is, to great fear and everything in between. I try not to worry about them. Hell I’ve been getting quarterly, semi-annual to annual checks a year, for what seems to be a decade now. But I do worry.

I’m learning through this time its kind of selfish joy. I should be more concerned with others instead of myself. And when I thought about it hard, I was thinking of others. I worried this time if I got bad news about how to not stress out my children, especially my daughter who is expecting. Yeah it affects me, but I’m more worried about the stress it places on others.

Seemed like a fitting shot for today’s events.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well its water under the bridge because I’m healthy says my smiling doctor. I was even asked to participate in a study that they are doing at UMMC so I agreed being in such good spirits again. Why not help someone else even if you have to bleed a little more.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I was moved by the ceremony today as 41 came back to Washington and that is why I used the picture above.

I wonder if others have that horrible gut wrenching feeling of watching a flag draped coffin, and have had the first hand experience of being on the receiving end of being handed the flag.

Work is getting intense again. I thought I had escaped and I’m getting drawn back in.

I’m feeling blessed today.

I wish I could have done more here today but life’s chores got in the way.

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