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Being the temps are starting to sink in the fine state of Maryland, I was thinking of things to start photographing in my non-existent indoor studio and I ran across a box of old sea shells my Mom had collected at one time. So the idea was born. I’ll shoot some sea shells. And below is my first example.

Shooting shells.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Actually two things came to light yesterday in my photography. I had to take a portrait of myself for the upcoming 20 year club announcement at work. The first mentioned above, I have no studio and even if I did I’m poor at lighting and other basics of portraiture. And I’m really fairly weak at a lot of areas of photography.

So, I’m looking at this in a great way. It just means I have a lot more to learn along the way. I love photography, but it really has been just a hobby as I wandered through life so far. I do take some pride in it no matter though because its something I create. That’s why, when I’m sorting through some older images like this one, I don’t just trash it because of its technical flaws.

It might have been a good idea. It might just be poorly executed. But even that is totally in the eye of the beholder. I love when I’m surprised by an image or words I use sometime that others think might be good and I’m thinking I’ve done far better work and that seems to go without comment sometimes.

I’ve realized that is due to the various taste and even what group of people might even see it that day that responses to work can vary wildly. And you know what, that doesn’t frustrate me at all now. At one time I’d maybe let that change my impression of my work and what works and what I like. No more.

I’m not trying to be arrogant with that last statement, but I’m happy with what makes me happy in creating my work and it’s not dependent on others view of worth or worthlessness. And as I’ve said from the beginning. If I just make one person or my family or a few friends who might read along happy or brighten a day, then its a success to me.

So I’m thinking I had better get busy practicing and taking advantage of these colder temps to do some better work on lighting and studio ideas. Lets see if I can accomplish anything on this weekend.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Hats off to my Uncle Frank Horton who was on the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor on this anniversary of December 7th. He survived that attack. A bomb blew him off the deck into the water. Don’t let your families forget history. Many of the important things we value were fought hard for and many paid a heavy price. War is not a video game.

Wow, just realized that next month will be the 5 year anniversary of starting this. I’m going to have to do one of those cheesy anniversary articles.

Think I’ll try some holiday light photography this year. Been wanting to do that for a bit. I have good intentions of doing it each year, but life has its own time frame. At least I got a list of this stuff so I don’t forget to try.

Great time with my Son this afternoon. Looking forward to time with my Daughter next week.

Ain’t life interesting.

Now I know why he supports the coal industry so well. That is what he wants for Christmas, a lump of coal.

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